July 26, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

I’m Out of the Closet

I’ve got something to confess….

It’s 2017 so I feel comfortable enough to do so. Those who know me well may not be too surprised when I reveal this very personal truth. But, this is the day that I feel emboldened enough to do it, so, please, accept me for who I am; I will not turn back.

With all the current talk about trans-people from transgender to transsexuals, I now will also admit something. Please, don’t be shocked. I was born this way and had these feelings since I was very young. I can never change who I really am.

Yes, I’m trans.

Perhaps you, too, will be honest enough about your true identity to stop denying your feelings and the facts about who you really are. If only enough people would look deep into themselves and see the truth that they are trans as well. And the church should welcome all who identify as such. Continue Reading

July 26, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

Wanna Help Support the Sanchez Family in Texas?

I’m only posting this because some people have asked how they might help out….

The gracious and generous people of Community Church of the Hills supports 2/3 of my salary. The other third comes out of a “Designated Fund” at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach which ends in July of 2018. My wife works as a bus driver for the Johnson City ISD and I start my new bus driving job at the end of August at the Dripping Springs ISD to provide medical benefits for my family.

We have also been beset with numerous financial setbacks and medical issues that have caused some financial strain. Our church is growing very slowly and the reality is that we may always be a small church like 90% of American churches. (Read why it’s all about the numbers here.)

If you’d like to help out, here’s two ways:

#1: You can contribute to my Designated Fund at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach, by sending a check and notating that it is for the “Sanchez Texas Church.” This will hopefully extend my salary beyond July 2018. This is Tax Deductible! Send to:

Hope Chapel
(Attn. Robert Chamberlain)
2420 Pacific Coast Hwy
Hermosa Beach, CA. 90254

#2: If you’d like to help our family directly, (we have experienced a multitude of financial set backs in Texas), you can send a (non-tax-deductible) “love gift” to:

The Sanchez Family
P.O. Box 1441
Johnson City, TX. 78636

Thank you!!!

July 7, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

Can an LGBTQ Person Be a Christian?

On July 6, 2016, my wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary at the Cheesecake Factory in Austin and was waited on by a very gracious and professional server named Trey, who told me that he had good news: that he was getting married soon to his boyfriend. My wife and I said, “Congratulations.”

I wrote a post about the incident and it blew up!  (Read it here.) Though the vast majority of my Christian friends understood what my intent was, there were a few who missed the point entirely. What was my point? To be gracious to a member of the LGBTQ group. Christians for too long have made a big deal of homosexuality as if that was the only sin that mattered and believers have been an absolutely horrible witness in this post-Christian society with their judgmental attitudes, pointy fingers and furrowed brows. I understand that some may not want to say “Congratulations,” but don’t I have that right? That was the point. (By the way, if it should ever happen again, I will probably say, “I wish you well.”)

Flash forward one year. The Facebook app called “On This Day” reminded me of this post from a year ago. Of course, I posted it again. This time though, I tagged a few of my Facebook friends who are LGBTQ. Wow! Not only did I get clobbered by the judgmental Christians again, (no surprise), but also from the community I was trying to be gracious to. They also entirely missed the point, saying I was publicly shaming our server, that I was judgmental, and a few even used some family-unfriendly words and blasphemous memes to make their point.

So much for tolerance and inclusiveness.

I consider myself to be a friend to all. I want Jesus to be reflected in everything I do. Still, I fall short as everyone does, but my over-arching purpose for writing that post and re-posting it, was to demonstrate what I  consider a better way to reach those who disagree with what I believe. I also try to do this with a good dose of humor. I’m not mad at anybody. I hate no one.

The big question, I suppose, is this: Can a person be LGBTQ and a Christian? Continue Reading

July 4, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

America the Beautiful?

See if you can spot the odd one out: earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, terrorism, domestic violence, war, droughts, God’s blessing, cancer.

Of course, “God’s blessing” is the oddity. Yet, there are many who would believe the entire list fits together in perfect harmony. Ignorant people think that the devastating things that are happening to this nation are nothing more than Mother Nature doing its own thing. Hmmm, do you think that “Mother” may be in a bad mood? Continue Reading

July 2, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

The Numbers Game

Pastors say it all the time when assessing their flock. Church members try to avoid sounding braggadocious when speaking about it. Christian leaders warn never to make this your focus.

What am I talking about?

Have you ever heard the phrase: “It’s not about the numbers.”?

I’m here to say it is about the numbers.

Because numbers are souls.

church_numbers 1
I do understand and wholeheartedly agree with Jesus when he declared, …”I will build my church….” I trust him to do this. He brings the people and my focus should not be on how many come each Sunday. Still, numbers matter.

This is what Charles Spurgeon said about it: Continue Reading