February 9, 2016
by Steve Sanchez

A Note from the Author

I have been blogging at this site for nearly 10 years. Those who have read it know that it’s main focus has been evangelism up until I moved to Texas to plant a church in 2013. Now that evangelism is just a regular part of my Christian life and not the whole focus, my site has changed to reflect this new perspective. If you are searching for evangelism articles, they are pre-June 2013. With a change of servers, I’m in the process of fixing over 2,000 broken links. Thanks for visiting.

next step

May 24, 2016
by Steve Sanchez

Jerry’s Next Step

JERRY HAD ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT because of a terminal illness, so his wife asked me to visit him at the Veteran’s Hospital so that I could give him the Gospel. I started the conversation by asking him what his next step would be. He pointed upwards.

“Heaven?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Why are you going there, Jerry?”

“Because I’m a good person….”

good person

I gently explained that no one is good enough and asked if he had kept God’s Ten Commandments, which is God’s Moral Law. He understood that he was a liar, a thief, an adulterer-at-heart, a murderer and a blasphemer, that he’d be found guilty on Judgment Day and he’d end up in Hell because of his sin. I vividly described the consequences of his sin and the reality of Hell for all those who would die unforgiven.

“But the good news is this,” I said with a smile, looking Jerry right in the eyes: “You broke God’s Law, yet Jesus paid the fine. God became a man in the person of Jesus—he was fully God and fully man—he paid the price for your sin by dying on a cross. He was buried and on the third day rose again. If you put your trust in him and turn from your sin God will forgive you. Would you like to be forgiven?”


“Then confess your sins to God and tell him you believe in his Son.”

He did and we prayed together. He also agreed to be baptized right then and there in his bed just as his daughter and grand kids came into the room to say goodbye. (Of course, I couldn’t baptize him by full immersion due to his delicate state, so we made do with the next best option.)

jerry baptized

Then I told his wife to read Jerry the four Gospels so he could get to know Jesus; after that, she was to read him the last chapter of Revelation so he would be familiar with his new home.

She said she would.

I told Jerry I’d see him in a few years…in Heaven!

Like anyone who comes to faith in Christ for their salvation, Jerry did nothing to deserve God’s favor. By God’s sovereign grace, in the hearing of the gospel, God enabled Jerry to see himself for the sinner that he is and his need to repent and seek God’s mercy through faith in Jesus alone. God then saw Jerry as if he had never sinned because the penalty for his sins had already been paid for by Jesus on the cross, in his place.

Jerry 1

That is good news. For you. For me. For Jerry at the last hour.

Five days later, Jerry took the next step.


May 17, 2016
by Steve Sanchez

Answered Prayers May Be the Problem

I was grousing to God about my problems the other day and he answered me through a classic devotional I read every morning called “Streams in the Desert.” It was compiled by a missionary’s wife in the early part of the last century as her husband lay dying for seven years. Perhaps this excerpt will speak to your situation as well:

“We do not know what we ought to pray for…” (Rom. 8:26).

Much that bothers us in our Christian experience are really answers to prayers. We pray for patience, and our Father sends those who bug us the most, “because…suffering produces perseverance” (Romans 5:3).

prayer2We pray for unselfishness and God gives us opportunities to sacrifice ourselves by thinking of others and giving up our lives for them (Philippians 2: 3-18)

We pray for strength and humility, and “a messenger of Satan” (2 Corinthians 12:7) is sent to torment us. Or we are asked to do something we think is beneath us, or we are unjustly accused and no one listens to our defense. We then lie on the ground pleading with God to remove that thorn. But he says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (1 Corinthians 12:9)prayer

We pray, “Increase our faith!” (Luke 17:5) and money disappears, our kids get sick or disobedient, or some unknown trial comes along where we have to exercise faith like never before.

We pray for gentleness, and there comes a perfect storm of temptation to be harsh or irritable.

We pray for quietness and immediately, every nerve is tested to the limit so that we may learn that the only peace we have is in Jesus (John 14:27).

We pray to be more loving and God sends us obnoxious, irritating people, letting them say unkind things that cut to the heart. He does this because “love is patient, love is kind…it is not rude…it is not easily angered…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4-5; 7-8)

Yes, we pray to be like Jesus and God’s answer is: “I have tested you in the fiery furnace of affliction” (Isaiah 48:10); “Will your courage endure or your hands be strong?” (Ezekiel 22:14); “Can you drink the cup?” (Matthew 20:22)

The way to peace and victory is to accept every circumstance and every trial, as straight from the hands of a loving Father, and that every one of our problems is lovingly and divinely appointed by Him.

So, pray up or shut up.

Trust God.


May 14, 2016
by Steve Sanchez


Flushing, New York—In response to the boycott of Target stores nationwide from natural born males and females over their new commode policy of free-for-all gender, non-gender, new-gender, LBGTQ-1-2-3 restrooms, executives have introduced minor safety measures.

bathroom cam

“Our new bathroom cams will be affixed inside every stall of every store’s restroom,” said MelAmy Sithkin, Target’s Chief of Trans-Gender Relations and Non-Offending Policy Enforcement.  “This will ensure that every person, no matter how they identify at the moment, can feel safe and secure doing their business privately without the intrusion of perversion masquerading as trans-something-or-other.”

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, the organization that initiated the highly successful boycott, said that this was a step in the right direction. “I’m glad to see that Target is finally responding to normal people’s protests and doing something sane and rational. I know that I will feel more secure knowing that my privacy and dignity are protected under the watchful eye of responsible management.”

(Written by blog’s author.)

May 1, 2016
by Steve Sanchez
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Why “GO” and preach the Gospel?

Because “Go” is 25% of the letters in the words “GOod news.”

Because “Go” is 33% of the letters in the word “GOspel.”go

Because “Go” is 66% of the letters in the word “GOd.”

Here’s an even more compelling figure:

Because “Go” is only 2% of the letters in the excuse “GOlly jeepers! I could never share my faith; evangelism isn’t my gifting; it’s definitely not for me. Get somebody else to do it!”

Coincidentally, Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ said about 2% of Christians actually share their faith.

So, GO!!!