mini-vangie: You’re Right/I’m Right


I bumped into two Morman missionaries at Costco. After talking with them awhile they were unconvinced that they would be found guilty on Judgment Day and would go to Hell for eternity. I asked them, “If you die and I’m right, you will have made a horrible error. If I die and you’re right, what will happen to me?”
They answered, “You go to a spirit world and are put into a spirit prison where you have another chance to believe in Jesus.”

So much for the urgency of the Morman gospel.
-Steve Sanchez


  1. I was born and raised Mormon. It’s a very interesting, feel-good religion. Among their doctrines are the ideas that everyone can become a god, Adam was the archangel and marriage lasts into eternity. I have a fondness for that religion, although i strongly disagree with it, and i greatly admire the Mormons strong faith and dedication to their beliefs.

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