mini-vangie: Mr. Intensity


There is always a friendly Daily Breeze salesman at the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays offering a free paper and a ten dollar coupon for those who will subscribe. It was a different guy today though; he was focused, unpersonable, a bit rude and… quite frankly, I got a little agitated with him. “Here’s a million dollar bill,” I I handed one to him and also one to each of his female assistants. “Do you want to know the million dollar question?” “No,” he said abruptly. “No?” I asked. “No!” he repeated. I turned to assistant #2, “Would you like to know the million dollar question?” She turned to Mr. Intensity with a Can I find out the question kinda look. She shook her head no. Mr. Intensity said, “Hey look, we’re trying to work here.” “So am I,” I replied. So I asked again if she would like to know the million dollar question, remembering that Jesus interrupted Matthew and Peter when they were working too. “No,” Mr. Intensity said again, “Why don’t you just move along?” I did move along but not before I asked Assistant #3 if she wanted to know the million dollar question. She said no.
-Steve Sanchez


  1. At least they got the tracks and at least you tried. Good job Steve.

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