Your Thoughts: Assaulted by Gay Pride


What do you think?

A very zealous evangelist went to a Chicago gay pride parade and unfurled a banner that said: Lied, Stolen, Lusted? Homosexual, Fornicator, Drunkard? Repent and call on the Lord Jesus to Escape Hell.

And this was the result: “…before it was all over I was basically molested, they handled me in vile ways, tried to pull my pants off (thank God I wear a belt.), they tried to burn my banner, steal my banner, my banner and I were soaked with various alchoholic drinks that were hurled at me. They spit and threw something. They bent and tried to steal my banner pole.” Read his blog entry and see the banner here.

What is your opinion regarding this type of evangelistic method? Was this a wise idea? Would you do it?

I’ll give you my opinion on Friday.


  1. First off, Steve, I honestly probably would not attempt to open air preach to this group. Although, I would be willing to hand out tracks and talk to individuals. For some reason I think the message would get lost in the riot that resulted in an attempt to speak to the entire group.

    Does this mean we should never open air preach? No, we just need to deliver the message clearly and not attack the audience. Instead speak the truth with compassion. Also you need to have a plan B, in case you lose the crowd.

    Was it wise for this guy to deliver the message this was to this group? In looking back, probably not.

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