Open Air: The Village Atheist


We are going to Huntington Beach this Saturday (click here for details) to experience a little of what you will see in this 6 minute video. Ray Comfort takes on this crazy, angry, silly atheist as he preaches in the open air. Talk about fun…


  1. Great video and a good example of how to use a heckler to get the message out to others. I doubt Ray won any points with the guy, but look at the crowd listening. Ray delivered the message clearly and others surely heard it.

  2. That is exactly the point! Get the interviewee so mad that he attracts a crowd who will hear the message!

  3. Ray did great. I would have given up. Course that is what the guy wanted.

    But is is typical work of the sinner. To babble on hoping you will get off track. I had a guy who I don’t believe is solidly saved do that last night. Everytime we started to talk about spiritual issues he would get off on something else. Not mean like that guy but just not wanting to talk about it.

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