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Last week I said that a certain author’s article bugged me. Here’s what I wrote: Mike Bechtle, author of “Evangelism for the Rest of Us: Sharing Christ Within Your Personality Style,” has written an article that I’d like you to read and comment on. I’ll let you know my thoughts next week but here’s a hint: I’m totally bugged by the title, “Evangelism for the Rest of Us…” Why? Click here to read the article.

Now here are my comments— First the title: “Evangelism for the Rest of Us.” If you read the back cover of his book, it says, “Witnessing to strangers is fine for extroverts. But what about the rest of us?” This suggests that strangers can only be witnessed to by extroverts! Baloney! With 150,000 people a day dying, there are not enough extroverts to make a difference. Were all the people who shared their faith in the early church extroverts? I can’t say for certain either way, but I suspect not. It boils down to obedience and training. A well-trained introvert can share their faith with strangers when they understand Biblical principles and the power of God.

The problem with the Modern Church these days is that we have lowered the bar so much—we have become Christianity Correct—and are afraid to challenge believers to “walk by faith” for fear of being insensitive, brash, arrogant or prideful (of which I have been called on occasion). People need to let their love for the lost swallow their fears. Compassion and obedience to God’s command to preach the good news to all creation must drive us to trust God when witnessing.

His comments on guilt are rather interesting. I say that if you continue to wax your car while the house next door is on fire and people die because you were too selfish to help, then guilt is the result. How much more if a person’s eternal destiny is at stake.

The last comment I will make is in regards to this sentence: “Teach them how to have relationships, rather than just witnessing techniques.” I can start a relationship in three minutes and give the gospel in five. Others who are introverts have done the same. This goes back to that old relational evangelism approach. While we spend three years nurturing a relationship a person can die in their sins.

Okay. I have said enough…


  1. I tend to agree with the author. It seems like he was writing about me!
    I think the way you evangelize is great for many people, but not all. I come away feeling like I am a failure because I am not as outgoing as some others. I totally understand the guilt he is talking about.

  2. Let your love for the lost swallow your fears! And come out with us as we evangelize. We have a 100% success rate in converting timid Christians to on-fire Christians! :>)

  3. Steve, I think the author makes some good points. I think some of the methods he speaks of are good and I have used them. The point is the using of the million dollar bills is a great discussion starter. I think people need to be shown how easy it is. I was sharing with some Christian friends about my experiences using the tracks and the 10 commandments and they said it was too much ‘in your face.’ We were talking in a restaurant parking lot and I started handing bills to people as they passed by (asking them ‘have you seen one of these?’). Most just took the bills, but a couple stopped to ask about them. After briefly letting them know they were a tract, I asked them if I could ask them a question. All but one person agreed. From there it was easy. I gave my friends the remaining bills I had with me pointing out that I had just given the message to about 20 people and actually shared Christ one on one with a couple of them. I challenged them to share Christ with at least one person.

    I use ‘friendship evangelism’ with people I have an on going relationship with, but I have at some point asked them have they given thought to what happens if they were to die today (or something like that).

    I will be interested in hearing what you have to say.

  4. Good job Mike! You are a great example of how to “straddle” the line between witnessing to strangers and to your friends and family.

  5. Evangelizing takes Holy Boldness just like everything else we do in the name of and for Christ.
    Being a melancholy, black and white – no gray introvert, I find it horribly emotionally difficult to act like a gangbuster and strike up conversation with strangers about the law, heaven and hell. Thank the Lord He takes over. I do not walk away from handing out tracts bubbling over with excitement like Steve. However, I love the Lord and living righteously is the best for people. I want others to go to heaven and live here on Earth according to God’s Word. Even though I am afraid, I finish knowing that it pleases the Lord that I’ve gone out to seek the lost.

  6. And THAT”S the right motivation!

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