Fun w/Millions: Winning Tickets


I interrupted a small raffle at the Farmer’s Market today. Well, it wasn’t really an interruption; I just saw a bunch of people waiting around for their numbers to be drawn so I gave them something to read while they were waiting—million dollar bill gospel tracts. Anytime I see a crowd I hand them out. But, the raffle-meister was upset; I think he knew what they were. I believe he knew that these bills talked about the only way to salvation. I would assume that he didn’t like the fact that what I was handing out spoke of sin, Judgment and Hell. He probably didn’t like the fact that the message on the bill stated that Jesus was the only way to Heaven. Regardless, he spoke very rudely to me. “Get out of here with those; we’re having a raffle.”
I politely ignored him and continued to hand them out.

A woman spotted the bills and got very irritated. “I thought you were told not to hand those out!” I smiled meekly and reminded her that it was my First Ammendment right to hand out literature. She stormed away.

My little girl Laurel was concerned. “I don’t like it when people tell you to go away, Daddy.


  1. Good job Steve!

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