Why “Sudden Death!” Mondays?


Every now and then people will ask me why I post these morbid Sudden Death! stories on Mondays.

One atheist, perdita, wrote:

I know you’re trying to make a point here, but I dislike these posts. It’s almost as if you’re getting off on these calamities. All these Sudden Death!! people had friends and loved ones that miss them and it seems rather callous to co-opt their pain for your point.

Another frequent atheist contributor, ExPatMat, completely misunderstands the whole concept as evidenced by this comment:

It’s all part of Steve’s coping mechanism, perdita.

You see, he’s terrified of dying (one of the reasons why he’s convinced himself that there’s a God, in fact) and these posts are his catharsis, as if to say; ‘phew, it wasn’t me!’

Of course, he’ll say he’s not scared of death, but that’s only because he’s suppressing his fear in false-righteousness.

Here’s my clarifying explanation:

It gives me no pleasure to report the various sudden deaths that occur throughout the year, but it is my hope that by reading these posts every Monday you will be encouraged to do something to save the lost. As a general rule, I post only the odd and strange deaths to demonstrate that  people can be taken out of this world in a variety of ways. Jonathan Edwards said as much in his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”:

It is no security to wicked people for one moment, that they are in no apparent danger of dying soon. It is no security for the natural man, that he is now healthy, or that he does not foresee how he might suddenly be taken by some accident, though his present circumstances pose no visible danger.

The long and varied history of humanity disproves the assumption that we are not on the very brink of eternity itself, and that our very next step will not be into another world. The unseen and unexpected ways that people suddenly leave this world are too numerous to imagine.

The unconverted walk over the pit of Hell on a rotten bridge, and there are countless places on that bridge that are too weak to bear their weight. These places go unseen. The arrows of death fly unnoticed at high noon; the sharpest eyes cannot spot them.

God has so many unfathomable ways of taking people out of this world and sending them to Hell that He does not need miracles or unnatural causes to do so. His ordinary providence alone is able to destroy the wicked at any moment. All the means by which sinners leave this world are under His control. Those means are so subject to His power and choosing, that it depends no less on His will if God uses them than if He does not.

Your friend, your neighbor, your loved one—that stranger on the street—may not have tomorrow to listen to you present the Gospel. What will you do about it, not next year, but today?

If you have not heard my very humorous sermon based on the video “8 Reasons Why I Don’t Share My Faith,” then please click here to listen. (You can also see the original video these sermons are based on.)


  1. I told you, Perdita, look at Stev suppressing the truth in self-righteousness!

  2. Another “Sudden Death”

    East Tenn. girl dies when lumber falls onto her while sunbathing

    ERWIN, Tenn. (AP) — A northeast Tennessee teenager has died when lumber fell onto her.

    The Unicoi County coroner told The Johnson City Press that 14-year-old Jordan Alexis Dwomick was sunbathing in her family’s backyard Saturday afternoon when some 2-by-10-foot boards toppled. Coroner Ed Herndon said the Unicoi County High School student was found by her parents.

    Herndon said it wasn’t clear what caused four of the boards to fall, saying they had been stacked for several years.

    The newspaper reported emergency medical services officials said the girl died of a broken neck.

    Her funeral will be Thursday evening in the school auditorium.


    Information from: Johnson City Press,

    (Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

  3. To ExPat: I love ya, man. You ought to get your own show! 🙂

  4. My point earlier on was you looked down on one Christian using morbidly shocking images in his art, then immediately in your next post do almost exactly the same thing using morbidly shocking stories on your blog.

  5. Righteousness is being in right standing with God in Christ, doing His will. Self-righteousness is living life your own way, for pleasure and sin and at the expense of care for others. Christians are called to surrender all to God from the heart to where all that’s left is to help others know God. If there were a perfect example of self-righteousness, it may be posting childish copy-cat statements trying to detour people from serving God.

  6. Steve, I didn’t ask why you do these posts. Although I don’t agree with you, I understand your point and where you’re coming from. What I don’t understand is why you need to add exclamation marks to the title. Very, very tacky.

  7. BathTub: The difference? His purpose (the “one I looked down on”) was for no purpose; mine for eternal purposes. Here’s the link he’s referring to folks:

    perdita: I understand. It’s a style thing.

  8. BathTub: The difference? His purpose (the “one I looked down on”) was for no purpose; mine for eternal purposes.

    Does the end always justify the means?

    Christians are called to surrender all to God from the heart to where all that’s left is to help others know God.

    I find this terribly dehumanizing. No pain is too great, no tradgedy too horrible, that it can’t be minimized and used as an evangelical ploy.

  9. Val,

    It’s a joke. Where’s your sense of humour? 🙂


  10. ExPatt,

    Regading you remark about Steve “surpressing the truth in self-righteousness”, those of who know Pastor Steve personally-and have seen the fruit of his salvation-can truthfully say he is FAR from self-righteous. This may be why Val took the time to explain the difference between being righteous and being self-righteous.

  11. SeeSawofJoy,

    It’s a joke. Where’s your sense of humour? 🙂


  12. Steve,

    It’s a joke! Where’s your… oh, sorry, that’s Matt’s line. 😉

  13. Steve,

    It’s a joke. Where’s your sense of humour? 🙂


    [what? That’s your standard way of avoiding actual discussion, isn’t it? That or ignoring things completely. If it bores you then perhaps you’ll understand how we feel half the time when you use that same get-out-of-jail phrase. Maybe not.]

  14. PS. I though ‘SeeSawofJoy was pretty funny myself.

  15. ExPat,

    Seems your sense of humor is limited to schoolyard name-calling and the response “It’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humor?”

  16. SeedSowerJoy,

    You’re new here, aren’t you? 🙂

    The line; “It’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humor?” is a call-back to all the times that Steve has tried to wriggle out of saying something insulting to the atheists who post here by claiming it was a joke all along (or satire, or parody, or irony, etc,). It’s something of an in-joke, so don’t worry about not ‘getting’ it.

    I don’t remember calling anyone any names though (schoolyard or other), could you refresh my memory? I deliberately had fun with your name because you (like a number of others) seemed to have trouble spelling my name right. Just having a little fun but I apologize if I hurt your feelings.

    However, for you to suggest that my sense of humour is “limited to schoolyard name-calling and the response “It’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humor?”” shows a certain level of hubris on your part, don’t you think? I mean, you know absolutely nothing about me and we’re conversing on the internet (where it’s nigh-on impossible to get an accurate idea of what someone is like based on a few exchanges), so how you think you can possibly draw any kind of conclusion about me or my sense of humour is very interesting.

    Perhaps you should refrain from casting judgment on others until you get to know them a little better? Just a thought.



  17. Sorry about the bad formatting on that last comment – the italics should end after the ‘it’s a joke’ quote.


  18. ExPatMatt,

    No, I’ve been around since E-vangie Tales.

    If I have inadvertantly “had trouble” with your name, it must’ve been a typo, as I always try to leave a person’s name exactly as they have chosen to use it. My previous post “ExPat” was an abbreviated form of ExPatMatt, not a complete change to something I thought was funnier.

  19. SeedSowerJoy,

    If you’ve been around this blog for that long, then you’ve definitely seen the whole “It’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humor?” multiple times, right?

    If not, look for any post where Steve says something negative about atheists, especially within the last 6 months.

    An insult is made about the way we supposedly think, we try to make the point that we don’t think what Steve says we think in that post, and Steve tells us that it was just a joke and where’s our sense of humor.

    That’s it in a nutshell.

  20. SeedSowerJoy,

    Well, if you’ve been around for that long I have no idea why you weren’t able to see what was happening with the “it’s just a joke” line; Steve uses it so frequently I thought it was his catchphrase for a while.

    You initially referred to me as ‘ExPatt’ so I was responding to that. In fact, Steve also frequently drops or adds letters to my name (see the post that started this thread – that’s where it started this time!) and I generally respond in kind by calling him Stev (see my first comment); I’m sure it started out as a typo but it seems to be something of a running joke now and it’s just a bit of fun. I really don’t care how people address me; it’s not as if ExPatMatt is my actual name!

    It was also not that long ago that someone (Val, I think) referred to the Youtuber Thunderf00t as Thistlefoot with, I presume, humourous intent. Again, I responded in kind; calling her Vale (I think) or something like that. Nothing malicious intended – this is ‘evangelism with an edge…and a sense of humour’ remember?



  21. Any misspellings of anyone’s name on my part was totally unintentional, except for abbreviations, of course.

    I repent. I will not write “It’s a joke!” anymore. I will assume that you will discern irony and humor.

  22. I will assume that you will discern irony and humor.

    Unfortunately, Poe’s Law says that we will have a difficult time doing this.

    I’m serious.

  23. But that’s the problem Steve – it is often not clear at all when you are writing with the intention of being funny, when is supposed to be ironic and when it is supposed to be serious; one time you even wrote that you were ‘totally serious’ only to turn around and say it was a joke immediately after!

    I will endeavor to be better at discerning you intentions, humorous or not; we’ll see how it goes.




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