Why Go? Preaching by Percentages (or Fractions in Action)


By now, readers of this blog know that the evangelist’s call to action is Mark 16:15.

But there are other reasons to go; fractions and percentages tell us why:

25% (or 1/4) of the words Good News is Go!

33% (or 1/3) of the word Gospel is Go!

66% (or 2/3) of the word God is Go!

But here’s an even more compelling figure:

2% (or 1/50) of the excuse Golly jeepers! I could never share my faith, evangelism isn’t my gifting; it’s definitely not for me. Get somebody else to do it!” is Go!

Sadly, 2% is the number of Christians who actually share their faith.

(Another stat: 10 out of 10 die, the majority of them will end up in Hell.)

(See another article of statistics called “Persecution by Percentages” by clicking here.)


  1. Yet 37.5% of Good News is “Goo.”

    Are you a goo person, Steve?

  2. I seem to remember a funny statement from someone that was paraphrased…

    “God hasn’t called me to Iran because I am not in Iran”

    who was that again?

  3. God, once again has made it clear what his will is. Like normal..

  4. BathTub,

    That was me. I’m still not in Iran, thankfully. Want to go?

  5. Oh that was you? I thought it was some hypocrite telling others to go elsewhere while struggling through the hardships of preaching in California, and justifying preaching to the most religious country rather than say the least through torturous logic.

    I’m not the one telling people to “You Go, I’ll stay”.

  6. Oh and if that was an offer to pay for me to go to Iran, sure I’d take it.

  7. You do understand that to go preach the Gospel to preach it. Period.

  8. Steve I’m going to have to grammar police that last sentence, but I truly don’t understand why you don’t go to Iran or to these countries that badly need the gospel. You have nothing to fear from them… literally nothing. The absolute worst thing that any of these oppressive countries could do to you is kill you, and then you would go to heaven as a martyr. Heaven = Much better than this life across the board, so you should be fearless because you believe in God with zero percent doubt. You are trying to turn people to Christ but yet you’re preaching in an already predominantly Christian country, while ignoring the fact that countries with predominantly islamic populations like Iran are bringing more people into their religion rather than yours, either keeping pace or outpacing people recruited. Rather than ignoring the competition to grow you should be challenging and meeting them head on, quite literally you have nothing to fear, and that region needs what your offering more than Los Angeles does in all honesty.

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