What’s Your Evangelistic Goal for the New Year?


I ran this post a year ago on the forum of the School of Biblical Evangelism, a ministry of the Way of the Master. Recently, a 70-year-old man in Mexico who recently joined the school, re-discovered this post and made it active again. Read his testimony below.

My original post from a year ago:
I am recommiting for yet another year to sharing my faith everyday with at least one person or handing out ten Gospel tracts, and hope to make this my goal for the rest of my life. This my
goal and sometimes I fall short of that goal, but I have kept it up for the last 5 years and am amazed at what God continues to do.

Do you have an evangelistic goal of your own? What is your commitment in sharing the good news? If you don’t set a goal, you will reach it everytime. I will be encouraged to hear what you share…

Now read this man’s comments:

I am a missionary in full-time prison ministry based in central Mexico, that is, in Aguascalientes.  I ordered 500 of the million dollar bill tracts in Spanish, which I received right after Christmas and before New Year’s.  Almost everywhere that I do business here in Mexico now, I give out tracts to the person who is waiting on me and sometimes some of their co-workers as well.  Some thought that the tract was real and tried to give it back to me!  I’ve had to explain that there are no million dollar bills, but that there is a message on the back of the tract which is very important and worth more than a million dollars.  Sometimes when they see the front of the tract, they say “No hablo inglés” (I don’t speak English).  I’ve had to tell them that the message on the back of the tract is in Spanish. 

The tract has also given me many opportunities to share the Law and the Gospel with people using the interview techniques on the WOTM and Living Water videos.  I am now registered to begin the school online.  Here in Mexico, many pastors believe that this is the year of the harvest!  We need to quit being afraid of sharing the Gospel with Roman Catholics here!  They are much more receptive now to hear the Gospel than we Evangelicals are to give it to them!  I will celebrate my 70th birthday in March, so I know that my time in this body on planet earth is running out!  Therefore, I need to live each day like I don’t have another day left.  This motivates me even more to share the Law and the Gospel with people!  I need to find out how I can get the material shipped to me directly here in Mexico.

By the way, some pastors, including mine, think that the picture on the million dollar bill looks like Pancho Villa!



  1. I’m enjoying the “Happy New Year 2009” tracts and have handed out 30 or so. I think I’m on my 4th packet, starting today. No one has refused one yet when I politely ask, “May I give you a Happy New Year card?”

  2. Count me in on passing out a track and trying to witness each day. My second goal is to reach ten tracks and actually witness each day. I live in Alberta, Canada. I love your 10 commandments in 5 minutes. Way to go!
    At first I thought that setting a goal was like getting over excited, but after thinking about it, what an awesome idea.

  3. I apologize to all of you. Recently, I have to honestly admit, I have not witnessed as much as I have in the past. I do want to continue to do this committment because I know how important it is.

    I don’t want to continue being in a dry spell when it comes to the Church’s most important work, that of Evangelism. It is our personnal goal to continue to Evangelize and if you don’t go out for a week or two, don’t get use to not going out and witnessing because before you know it, it could be a month and so on. So get back in the saddle and get out and Witness while we still can.

    Oscar Broome Jr

  4. How do I “officially” sign up?

  5. I would like to join up I go out witnessing about once a week , I would like to increase that.

  6. i pledge to give out at least 5 tracks a day or share the gospel with one person.

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