The Everyday Club 2009


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I was going to write about something else today until I administrated the comments on this blog… and found no one responded to yesterday’s post asking about your evangelistic goals for the new year. No one left a thing! Really!
I was very disappointed.

Here are some of the conclusions that I can draw from this:

1) Not many people read the posting.
2) Not that many people are sharing their faith.
3) Most haven’t even made an evangelistic goal.
4) Some have made an evangelistic goal but don’t want to share it.
5) Other.

My goal is to hand out…
10 Gospel tracts a day…

…or to share my faith verbally once a day…

…and open air preach as the opportunities arise.

To help me in this endeavor I started a log on January 1, 2009. I write down brief stats to give me an overview of how I’m doing each day so I don’t forget my daily goal. I will post them at the end of every month so all of you can hold me accountable, and also to inspire you to do the same. My friend, “Righteous Richard” Chavarria, has the same goal: to hand out 10 tracts or to share his faith verbally daily. It’s not easy, but it’s a fun challenge.


If you are a person who is an obedient Christian, unafraid to share his/her faith regularly,  I want to help. May I be of assistance? I want you to be a part of the Everyday Club. You will be making a commitment to share your faith on a daily basis, either by handing out one tract a day, speaking with one person a day, or by preaching in the open air daily; it’s your choice. Of course, you can set a higher goal, but it’s entirely up to you. Leave a comment stating that you will be a part of this club, then when I post my monthly results at the end of the month, I’ll include yours also.

Remember, it’s not a vow, it’s a goal! You may fall short of that goal, but at least you’ll have one. Don’t be afraid; have faith.

Now, how hard is it to share your faith daily?

I was leaving our church last Saturday night at 9PM with my 7-year-old and realized I had not handed out even one tract. I want a perfect record in 2009 so I had to do somethiing drastic. “Laurel,” I said to my little girl, “we’re going to Vons to hand out 10 tracts.” We walked in and greeted each person in the grocery store with a “Happy New Year!” and gave them our New Year’s tract. I asked Laurel afterward how long it took. “About 5 minutes,” she answered.

Too many times we wait for an “open door” or “that special person” to come along that God wants us to witness to. The early disciples didn’t wait, they moved! It’s my understanding that Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, which gives us carte blanche to speak anytime, anywhere.

Am I wrong here?

Join the club.

This is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.)


  1. Sorry, Steve. I would have left a goal comment. Really. But, ya see, I just spent the last two days being busy becoming a grandfather for the 2nd time. It was an all-nighter event and the Lord blessed me with my first grandaughter this morning.

    Now to business: I hereby declare, that I will continue in my endevours to give the gospel by tracts or one2one or in groups or by air at least once a day for the year 2009. Sign me up for the Everyday Club.

    DISCLAIMER: Of course, living where I do where rooftop deep snow and minus 3,500 degree weather hinders my efforts 6 months of the year, I will not be able to keep up to the pace that permatan-baked, sunshine spoiled So-Calites run at in their frigid temperatures of 75 degrees, plus. But, hey, I’m not complaining.

  2. Congrats on your new grandbaby! Yahoo! Another evangelist in the making.

    I have to make a correction to your comment. It was 90 degrees yesterday in Redondo Beach; that’s what my wife told me. It’s a little cooler today, thankfully. Around 80.

  3. Steve,

    Count me in.

    Could I offer one other addition? What if we also commit to praying for each other in this endeavor? Maybe you might send each of us a list of the “Everyday Club” roster. Just a thought. God bless this challenge!!

  4. i’m in this for the long haul. i turned 51 this year and i’ve wasted enough time not sharing.

    my goal is to NEVER EVER NOT have a tract upon my person. sometimes in my haste when i run errands, i forget to grab one out my car and ohhhhhhhh how sadly the number of times i missed an opportunity yet the Lord will gently remind me that i should have been ready to witness or give a tract (i so love Him, becuz He never ever condemns me about it).

    the Bible states that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few…i’m asking, “oh Lord of the Harvest help me, my brothers and sisters to be ready to report for duty any time, any place and everybody said…

    to paul- don’t worry about your demographic, it’s not an accident that you live in the colder climate. God is sovereign and whether rain, sleet, snow, sub-zero or 80 degrees He has & will have the Gospel go into all the world. juat be ready brother.

  5. p.s. congrats to granpa paul!

  6. Dear Pastor Steve,

    I would be honored to be a part of the Every Day Club. I will give one at least one tract every day, pray for the person, and look for more opportunities at work and on my day off.

  7. Hey, Steve. I have pretty much the same goal as you explain in this post… although I haven’t put a “number” to it (yet) — like “10 tracts a day… one open-air a day,” etc.

    I’m the founding and senior pastor of a church that’s still in the “new” stages, so I have a lot of other responsibilities. But, regardless, in 2009 I want to be on the streets witnessing every day. That’s the goal. I’d love for it to be open-air preaching every day (you can see some of our stuff on, but I know I need more “practice” at one-on-one witnessing, so I’ve been trying to just get out and strike up conversations with people.

    Anyway, just so you know… there are others out there that want to be less stinkin’ lukewarm and a bit more on fire for God and the mission He’s given us. For a pastor of 15+ years in the ministry, it’s tough learning a new routine but I want to in 2009. ~Greg

  8. I’m in. This’ll be good. I need an accountability group. I tried to witness to one person everyday, but I messed up, so I need a do over. Starting tomorrow, I will 1-to-1, hand out a gospel tract, lay out 5 gospel tracts, or open air (I haven’t open aired yet, and probably wont for awhile, it’s like 30-40 degrees down here in Bama, so everyone’s inside) every day!
    I count lying down 5 tracts = handing out one.

  9. dede:

    Thank you! BTW, this “grandpa” is only two years up on you, just in case you thought I was really old…like a certain Mr Sanchez or someone like that.

  10. I’ll join. I’ve been lax in doing it. I’ve had some health stuff going on, and I’ve let it keep me sidelined (which, come to think of it, is just what the Enemy wants it to do. hmmmm), but I’ll get off my lazy patootie and get out there and hit at least one person a day…it’s a goal! Hold me to it! 😉

  11. I want to join the everyday club along with my two kids. We homeschool at do not always go out everyday. We discussed it and decided to set up our goal this way. Pray together everyday for 10-15 minutes (I will pray longer) specifically for those that we have witnessed to. And for unsaved people as a whole. We will hand out tracks to as many people as we can when we go out of doors. We will talk about the gospel to anyone that will listen.
    We practice sharing our faith already, but this is an awesome way to be accountable! I really think that prayer needs to be incorporated into the Everyday Club. Everything begins in prayer and we need to be prayed up!
    “You may be the answered prayer of someone else crying out to Jesus for their loved ones to be saved.”
    My 10 yr old son was told by his Dad not to tell his friends about Jesus because he won’t have any friends. “Children obey your parents IN the Lord.” My son is obeying His heavenly Father.
    By the way, my kids loved your demonstration of the 10 commands in sign language.
    Maybe we will make Everyday Club T-shirts.
    I will post this on my blog.

  12. I am in. Thanks for offering this to everyone, I also need an accountability group. I will be handing out a tract a day and verbally sharing my faith at least once a week in a one to one encounter. Please pray that God will set up these divine appointments for me.

  13. I feel the heavy hand of conviction on my shoulder, so I’ll respond and say count me in. I lead a Missions Prayer group at my church, so I’ve developed the habit of daily praying for others. I’d be please to add a bunch of Missionaries to the USA to the mix.
    I pledge:
    1) to have tracts with me at all times
    2) to hand out at least 1 tract each day
    3) to share the gospel at least once per day
    4) to open-air preach and/or go with a evangelism team once per
    5) to pray daily for other evangelists & the spread of the gospel

    and not to complain when the temp dips below 50 degrees

  14. Count me in, too.

    I’ve been way too lax in my evangelistic efforts, lately. Way too lax.

  15. I’m very excited to see all the commitments. Wow!

    To Greg: As a Senior Pastor I can see how this will be a great challenge, since you always have to care for the flock.

    As for all the rest of you: God bless you in your goals! On the first of every month I will post “The Everyday Club Statistics.” This is where you can post your successes. Anyone can join any time. Wouldn’t it be great if we got a hindred people?

    Send this link to your evangelistic friends.

    “Do something! Do Something! Do Something! —Spurgeon

  16. to try and give one or more tracts to people each day.

  17. Count me in. I’m in a seminary program and work part time at a bank. I like to carry the money tracks in my front pocket and usually people ask for them….which works pretty sweet. Since my manager seems to be indifferent to the Gospel and likes the happy customers, it works well.

    I pledge to hand out 10 tracts a day or share the Gospel verbally once a day.

    Let’s do it guys!

  18. Count me in.
    I always have a tract or a Ten Commandment coin with me.

    But I confess I really struggle with sharing about my evangelistic endeavors. Though I give the Lord all Gory and Praise and thank Him for using me in all the opportunities, I have a hard time sharing that with people, fearing them thinking that I’m boasting in myself, though I’m not.

    I even give a disclaimer when I do share, like, “Now I’m not boasting, but this is what God had me do today…” or “Please, don’t take this as me boasting because I give all glory to God, but…”

    Why do I feel I have to give a disclaimer? UGH!

    I don’t know, perhaps it is just a complex I have.

    Maybe this “Everyday Club” thing will help!

    None the less, I’m on board.

    Any other suggestions?


  19. Hi Pastor Steve,

    Count me in also.

  20. My daughter, Amy, and I are committed to pass out at least 7 tracts a week and initiate a conversation at least once a month. Thanks for the encouragement!

  21. Rob Cox: I know EXACTLY what you mean. I strggled with that for a long time. But I have come to see that sharing our witness opportunities can be an effective source of ENCOURAGEMENT to brothers and sisters in the faith who would not otherwise think they are made for or capable of witnessing themselves.

    Its not good, obviously, to boast about ourselves. But this kind of boasting boasts about the Lord who, in his power, works thru broken vessels such as we and uses us to help bring in the lost sheep, like we once were, into His fold…forever. If we can impress upon others to do the same, the number of laborers working the harvest increases. All glory goes to our merciful God.

  22. Tom Nance-Ulrich:

    50 degrees??? I pray for such balmy, T-shirt and shorts weather like that! 🙂

  23. Count me in. What kind of guy would want to miss out on a year-long fishing trip? Besides, I don’t even have to fight against the powers and principalities of snowy, frosty, Canadian winters, only my flesh.
    Paul Latour, may you stay on “fire” for God, forever “warmed” by your God-given zeal. I have to admit that I would be tempted to turn a “cold” shoulder to regular evangelizing up there.

  24. Pastor Steve,

    I’m in. And I’ve posted The Everyday Club on my blog, encouraging my readers to join, too.

    I would just like to add a word of caution/encouragement.

    This is NOT and should NOT be a competition among the brethren. I KNOW this is not Steve’s intent. But we are sinful people. If you are going to keep track of your evangelistic efforts, do so for the glory of God and not for the glory of self. And share your evangelistic efforts with humility of heart, always giving the praise, honor, and glory to our great God and King.

    Before you post your stats, here, do a quick check of your own heart.

    Pastor Steve’s idea is a good one. And I hope at year’s end we can give glory to God because tens of thousands of people received/heard the Gospel of our Lord. The only thing that can taint such a noble effort is our own sinful flesh.

    So, I beg of you, if in sharing my stats with you I sound as if I am taking credit or bragging, please love me enough to say so. Spiritually, my efforts will be for not if I receive any of the credit or glory. I only want to serve as an ambassador of my King.

    And please do not let the stats of others be a discouragement to you. Where one lives, the level of experience one possesses, and the circumstances of one’s life will affect one’s stats. Just be obedient, faithful, and loving in every evangelism effort and you can count it as a win, regardless of how the numbers appear on paper.

    Thank you, Pastor Steve, for your leadership and encouragement.

    My goal, effective yesterday, January 17, is the same as Pastor Steve’s and Righteous Richard’s.

  25. Tony: Great words. I’m going to post them as an item on Tuesday! Wonderful reminders and well said!

  26. I’m in. I’m going to set a goal for 1 encounter a day. I look forward to this, and really appreciate the idea. I think you may have something really great here, I’m very excited to be part of the everyday club.
    For His Glory,

  27. Thanks Paul for those encouraging words. The Lord knows my heart, and He’ll know if I was boasting for Him or for myself. Thanks again.

    Lawman (Tony), Yes, thank you for your words as well. I think this “Everday Club” is a GREAT idea, however, we all need to remember Who we are doing it for.

    Thanks for reminding us to check your hearts.

    God Bless.


  28. Steve-I’m in! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday…we were fishing =)

    Keep up the great work! Thanks for the accountability and the edification of His body of believers.

  29. I am new at this in many ways, I lived in an Inupiaq Eskimo village for 10 years and everybody knew what I was all about – knew my tracks, and knew my i-on-i stuff. Literally everybody. Now that I have been in Florida a little while, I will use this for my focus, starting with the 7 tracks a week and 3 1-2-1’s.
    Being an old guy (3 grown kids, 4 grandkids, 2 on the way, and I still have 2 kids in school) my problem will be staying focused on reporting. :- )
    Thank you and all Glory to God.
    I can’t compare to a name like Righteous Richard, Wretched Mike – I will just cruise along as the arctic dawg.

  30. I’m interested,
    if I were to set a goal, it would be to
    hand out as many tracts on a daily basis, as the Lord leads me to,
    and that I would listen to the Holy Spirit and be led of Him,
    so that I would decrease and that He would increase,
    to learn to share His heart, as He leads me…

  31. This is wild because I worked on my blog this week-end and had a few blog posts scheduled SPECIFICALLY hoping to encourage believers to be deliberate about tracts, not knowing about your challenge last week. The post that I had scheduled to come out today is about Mr. Jenner (I’ve also heard Genor as the last name) the little white haired man from George St. in Australia who handed out 10 tracts per day for 28 years! I saw Tony’s just a few minutes ago which made me check out yours. I think it’s wild that God works the unity in the body of Christ like that! But, it’s somewhat embarrassing because your blog is on my blog so I should have seen it last week but I didn’t. But, truth be told, I don’t read my blog, since I’m the one writing it- you know what I mean.
    Count me in too. There are some days that I don’t leave the house (like when it is -4F) but, He provides phone solicitors and strangers coming to the door when I can’t make it out. LOL! All He asks is for an obedient heart.

  32. This is great. I just read about this on Tony Miano’s blog. I’d like to join.

    God Bless you.

  33. Steve, I Love the site my brother and I tell folks about what you all are doing often. Sooooo encouraging. As far 2009 goes, I’m in as well…

    I resolve to:

    1. Verbally share my faith once each day


    2. Personally hand out or prayerfully place 3 tracts each day.


    P.S. I started teaching WOTM Basic in the fall and we’re now on our second session. Pray for faithful laborers in the “Bible Belt.”

  34. Count me in! I’ve already started a few days ago when I first read your post but didn’t leave a comment to say I would.

  35. Count me in toe hand out one tract or verbally witness to at least 1 person a day!

  36. Steve,
    Thank you for what you are doing. Count me in.

    I resolve to:

    -Verbally share my faith at least once each day and/or distribute at least 3 tracts per day.

  37. Hi Steve,

    After much prayer and time to think about it I can’t seem to get the Everyday club out of my mind. So I’m in. I will try to hand out 2 tracts or have 1 conversation a day. I know its small but it is a start.. Maybe after some time has passed I will do more each day but I’ll start off with two. Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing what happens starting today. 🙂

  38. Awesome everybody!

    I think this is a worthy goal as we strive to do this unto the Lord!

  39. Pastor Steve, I’m in! I’m going to duplicate what you are doing. Thanks!

  40. I just found out about the Everyday club. I would really appreciate the challenge and accountablity of making a committment to share my faith with set goals that I have stated that I want to keep. I share my faith daily by handing out tracts, personal one to one conversations, and more and more often open air too small groups of people. I want to commit to daily hand out 10 gospel tracts and have at least one conversation a day with someone about there eternal destination and commit to continue to open air preach when the opportunity arises.

  41. I will do this on a daily basis.


  42. Went out today with a Sunday school group it was a great time.

  43. WoW, great post and idea. Thank you so much for the courage and encouragement in the evangelism efforts for 2009. My everyday club commitment will be to hand out atleast 5 tracts or talk to one person everyday concerning the faith. Also, I do Christian surveys and I commit to 3 surveys a week.
    Thank you again.
    May God bless your personal commitment and work,
    Pastor Mike Miano
    Tribe of Dan Church and Ministry

  44. Count me in. This will definitely help me practice what I preach. I just started another Way of the Master Basic training course this week and I haven’t been going full steam like I need to be. I would like to hand out around 10 tracks a day, engage in at least 2-3 one-2-one conversations a week and open air 2-3 times a month or as often as the opportunity comes up. I know this sounds light, but if I can meet this goal it will only encourage me to do more. The challenge for me is finding time with job and family to get out in public more. With a wife and 3 teenage girls I have to avoid the mall as much as possible! I need to get them involved more too, so they can help me meet my goals.

  45. Pastor Steve,
    GREAT IDEA! The next time I am asked if I have ever stolen anything I will say, “yes, Pastor Steve’s Every Day Club idea.” I am sending out an e-mail to our team in Waco, Texas and asking them to join.

    Love you Bro!

  46. Great idea. I commit to share at lease one gospel tract or verbally witness at least once everyday. I also commit to sending an MDB to every post office box in my town (2560 boxes–52 down, a lot to go!). (The mailing idea I stole from Tony Miano.)

  47. I’m in Steve!
    SuperBowl Outreach was great – on the box for 3 days (obviously not continuously. Thousands Trying to get videos organized and posted on Fishers 4 Men blog. NEVER would have gotten on the box without Steve “the Pusher” and your training and encouragement.


  48. Praise God for giving us the tools to seek and save that which is lost. In line with this idea, I hope I found the “Everyday Club” blog.

  49. Count me In. My goal is to hand out tracts everyday and witness one to one at least once a week.

  50. Count me in too!

    I don’t have a computer at home but I can definitely update daily mon – fri at work and I commit to handing out 3 tracks DAILY.

  51. Count me in. My goal for half a year now has been an average of once a day, catching up when I fall behind, but lately God has been impressing on me the need to keep witnessing as part of my everyday routine rather than falling behind and going on a witnessing “binge”, which becomes harder to do the longer I wait. The last few weeks I have been more consistent and it seems to be much easier and more natural. My goal is a 1-2-1 conversation or 10 tracts daily.

  52. 1 down 2 to go today

  53. Hi! I want to join the Everyday Club! As God leads…I will hand out tracts
    every day! (I just recently started handing out tracts every day!) I give people the Million Dollar Tracts from and the What If? tracts from! I’m awaiting more tracts to come in the mail from! I also left a Biblical Evangelism Message on my Voicemail for people to hear when they call me and leave a message! 🙂
    Pray for Wisdom! Boldness! Thanks!! 🙂 Be encouraged everyone! You can do it! I usually tell people who I give the Million Dollar Tracts to …(store clerks,etc.)…Keep up the good work and “Thanks A Million”and I hand them the Million Dollar Tract!
    Always remember that Winning Souls is Wise! Have a great day!!!!!! 🙂
    I love you all!!! xxxoooxxx

  54. Wow, Everyone’s goal is so big. I will commit to 1 gospel tract a day, to go out with the group once a month and to learn(even if I don’t use it) the open air preaching speech.

  55. I don’t exactly know why…But I haven’t even taken the personal goal of evangelism seriously. So, I don’t know why I have been so critical of my youth group up until this point. I commit today through out the year to either pass out one tract or share the gospel with one person daily.

    I am excited to put this in writing. Its real encouragement and accoutability to stay true to this word.

    Thanks all and God Bless!!

  56. I’d like to join. How do I report back?

  57. Hi Justin,

    I post this on the first of every month. State your goal then and here. I send you an email reminder the day the post appears.

    That’s it. You’re in!

  58. I’m in. What a great idea to keep us focused.


  59. Count me in! I need the accountability. Whenever I have passed out tracts it has always only been with people at my Church. I haven’t done it much on my own I think the group and the accountability will help. I will commit to passing out 1000 tracts this year with at least 10 percent being handed out person to person. I will witness as the opportunity arises. I like this idea and pray that it will help people to come to true repentance and a saving relationship with Christ!

    I have also created a website to track my progress. I plan on sharing it with my pastor and hopefully with his permission other church members to help motivate them as well.

  60. OK ALREADY STEVE I’LL DO IT!!! Heres my goal plain and simple… to witness to 1 person everyday or, 7 people a week. Add to that a minimum of 2 tracts put in peoples hands every day. May sound like a lot but you know what Steve I haven’t yet told you how much easier it is since I have been learning the way of the master and ohhh the joy that comes with it! zI hadn’t anticipated that!

    In His service,.


  61. Steve,

    Love your blog. Here’s my goal. At least 1 tract given to a person a day or 1 face to face witness.

    I am 34 years old and hadn’t shared my faith at all until earlier last year. I praise God for the people He put in my path to help me learn to share my faith using the law and the gospel.

  62. Thank you for doing this Steve and yes, I’d love to join!
    My goals are:
    1. To hand out at least one tract a day
    2. To finish getting dressed in the am by filling my pockets with tracts.
    3. To buy a coffee/day for the person behind me in the drive-through. Give the employee two tracts – one for him/her and one for the person I bought the coffee for (Fish with Trish idea). I love it and have done it each day since I came back from the Academy.
    4. To find a fishing pond.
    5. To teach what I’ve learned to other Christians!
    6. To 1-2-1 once/week
    Thanks for the idea of keeping a log. I’ll start that today!

  63. Sign me up for 5 tracts or a one-to-one every day

  64. Steve,

    What an awesome idea! I’m going to send your challenge to all of my friends.

    My goal is to hand out 5 tracts, leave 10 tracts, or one-to-one every day. I hope God grows me immensely through this!

  65. I’m joining…I’m resident manager of a hotel (and yes there are tracts in all the rooms:) so sometimes it’s hard for me to get out, BUT..I’ve already committed to always having tracts with me and I leave some wherever I go and try to do one on one when I’m out. I’m also committed to doing Open Air at least once a month.

  66. I’m in, I am in a relatively rural area though…

    My Goals are:

    1.) 5 tracts a day
    2.) 1 to 1 weekly (if not daily)
    3.) I’ve never open aired, but will in August with Ambassadors Academy 🙂
    4.) and of course leave tracts where-ever I go

    where do we “report” in?

  67. I will try and hand out 1 tract or witness one time a day and go out fishing atleast 1 time a week and open air preach 1 time a week.

  68. Count me in…

    1 tract per day in somebody’s hand or One2One or preach.
    OA at least once per week.

  69. I appologize for not posting the results of my commitment to the Every Day Club. I did not forget about posting my results I just did not get to it in time. My over all totals for the month were pretty good but I did not share my faith on 6 days out of the 31. I started strong this month but toward the end of the month there seamed to be alot of things come up to distract me and take up my time. I did finish the month on a postive note with some ” Open air preaching ” in Orlando Florida on the 31st. I joined Donnie Legg and Wes Tyler of Crosswalk Evagelism and Rob and Jason from Bringthenioz Evangelism team at the Magic play off game aginst the Calvaliers. I hope to meet you at the Acadamy this month.
    In Christ; Jeff Weaver

  70. Pastor Steve,
    It is an honor and privlidge to commit to sharing the Gospel of our Lord to at least 1 person per day. And hand out at least 1 tract per day. I will also commit to 2 evangelistic group events per month, i.e. mall tract table, Market St – San Francisco, or street witnessing at any other down town venue.
    All for the glory of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

  71. Pusher…nice to see you continue to live up to the moniker…God willing I will share my faith as often as I can, in a consistent and God honoring way! I appreciate all you did for our team last week and look forward to a long relationship of encouragement and some war stories. Don and i are going to San Jose this Saturday night for open air/tracting. Please pray that God puts open hearts and minds in front of us…BIC, Jim

  72. Hey Steve! Sign me up! I will do one of the following every day. leave one tract, hand out one tract, have a one on one or open air.

  73. Pastor Steve,
    Thanks for your labor of love this past week, what an encouragement. My prayer is that I would purpose to look for an one2one encounter weekly. That once a week I would pray for my fellow workers and their families. Please pray that God will direct me to a fishing place where I could start doing open-air at least once a month.

  74. Steve-o,
    Count me in for at least 2 tracts or a one to one every day. I will also open air whenever the opportunity arises.

  75. Hey Paster Steve!

    God bless you, brother! I really appreciate you, your website and the helpful insight I get from it. I want you to know that I’m a closet participant in the Everyday Club. Setting a goal has been very helpful. The goal is 5 tracts a day, a 1-2-1 or an open-air. I had one day where all I intended was to hand out tracts which led to a 1-2-1 when the man who I handed a tract to couldn’t read the print. That in turn led to an open-air because there were so many young men looking on as we went through the good person test. The man who went through the good person test turned into a fierce heckler during the open-air. It was an incredible experience. Praise the Lord!

  76. hi Steve!
    Just found out about the everyday club- count me in! My goal is to “do something” every day –for me it is mostly giving folks gospel literature/audio tracts or having a 1 on 1 conversation. What a helpful challenge this is- thanks for hosting this!

  77. Met you at AAAcademy Class 9 in April. Did my first OA at the local DMV in May. Been handing out tracts and 1-on1 witnessing in Spanish and English at a local park every Sunday since May. So…I need to do more than random 1-on-1s between Sundays. So I will:
    1- Hand out 5 tracts a day.
    2- Do one 1-on-1 per week (Sundays don’t count)
    3- Continue to witness and hand out tracts on Sundays (weather permitting, I’m in CO)
    4- Train a Christian in WOTM. Don’t know how often since these doggies are harder to catch than an atheist at an SBC Convention.

  78. I am in too. I will commit to at least 5 tracts a day. I live 18 minutes from town so I will start with this. God bless you for doing this. I need this very much so thank you so much for the motivation.

  79. Count me in. I commit to hand out at least one tract per day.

  80. Steve,
    I just saw this this morning, I know….a bit late BUT, the Lord has convicted me as well here. I too Homeschool and we do not go out but a couple of times a week (not counting Church on Sundays). BUT I do commit to handing out tracts with my children and husband and sharing the glorious Gospel with as many as we can as often as we can! Thank you Brother for your commitment to the Lord and for the motivation to get out there and ‘Do something!!’

  81. I want to get in on this, too! If you don’t set goals, how do you know when you get there, right?

    Like Matthew West’s new Song “The Motions” – I don’t wanna go through the motions, I don’t wanna go one more day without Your all consuming passion inside of me. I don’t wanna spend my whole life asking, “What if I had given everything, instead of going through the motions?” This is my new mantra!

    I pray that God will give me divine appointments to share the gospel through a tract, one2one or open-air with at least 5 people each day.

    I live in cold climate about 6-8 months of the year – so this is big! But I have a BIG GOD!! Praise Him for what He can do through a nobody trying to tell everybody about a Somebody that can save anybody!

  82. Sign me up for at least one tract per day, and more on the weekends 🙂

  83. Hi Pastor Steve. I’d like to join your everyday club. I will commit to handing out at least 5 tract a day or share my faith with someone once a day.

  84. Hi Pastor Steve,

    please sign up for the club.


    Thanks. Doug

  85. Hey Pastor Steve I’m in! I have committed myself to getting a tract out at least once a day (handing to someone or laying out for someone to find.

    -Thomas Moore

  86. Okay, I will join!

    My goal is at least 5 tracts a day. One-to-one at least once a week. Open-air as the opportunity presents itself.

  87. Ok I will join. My goal is getting 4 tracts a day. On the weekends and evening I have free I get more passed out.
    As of the weekend starting on wed night(26th August) to Tuesday night( Sept 1st). I have handed out about 125 tracts with about 19 rejects.

  88. Steve, I have fallen off the horse. While I have been busy trying to start up some evangelistic outreaches at my church, I think it time to readjust my goal and attempt to get back on again. Here goes. I will share the Gospel with another at least one daily either by a track or one-to-one.

  89. I live in a RV park and I do RV repair for a living, I was just called by the managers of the park and was told that I can not hand out tracts ect, they never said anything for about this for about 4 months… so is this considered rejection and also how would you all respond to this shut down. Personally, I feel like rebelling and giving out even more tracts, but I do have to eat…
    I will not stop ministering to my customers who I feel God has provided to me to minister to and also to work for, but what do you think…
    Any feedback will be appreciated, short note, we will be heading south in about 1-3 weeks… Mark

  90. Hi Mark,
    I would ask the managers about why they have a problem with you passing out tracts, then gently give them the Gospel. Since they are your employers, you would do well to do what they say. You can still share the gospel verbally with your customers, though.

    I hope to meet you soon someday!

    God bless,

    Pastor Steve

  91. Greetings in the Lord to everyone!

    This is my first time to visit this site through Facebook. I’m deeply encouraged by your posts here.

    3 or 4 months ago, I personally made my own Gospel tract using the Law and Grace method. I finally got to print it just this Thursday for 450 pcs from my wife’s friend Printing Shop. My wife’s friend is a Jehovah’s Witness. And the good thing about her business was she was conducting ‘bible study’ before from different religious sects for spiritual enlightenment. That day, my wife and I got to talk with her to ask her permission that I want to share the Gospel in their workplace. She granted us her permission so as long that there will be no discussion about religion. I assuringly told her that my message will only take 20 minutes. Then she agreed on it and asked us to come back quarter to six, before closing hours.

    That night, there were about 9 people, including my wife’s friend. The ‘field’ contained one Jehovah’s Witness, and 8 Catholics where one was a male homosexual. My presentation took a bit longer, for another 15-20 minutes. But the good thing is, God granted me an extension for almost an hour just by answering their questions. So I did not only deliver to them the Gospel message, but I get the opportunity to teach them about regeneration, purgatory, catholic traditions, baptism and sacraments, the catholic’s 10 commandments and even their boss asked me about Jesus. Just before the session ended, we each handed them the Gospel tract.

    What a privilege and opportunity that God has given us that day, and who would know that the tract they worked on they will be bringing it home.

    To this day, my wife and I have handed out 40 tracts and after reading your article about this endeavor, count us in for accountability and most of all for the Lamb’s reward for His suffering.

    Thank you and God bless your ministry. Ephesians 6:23,24

    in Christ,
    gerry and maricel

    PS. To the Lawman: Thanks for your reminder.
    PPS. My wife’s friend who own the Print Shop asked us to hold a regular one hour twice a month Bible Study for them. Help us pray that these lost souls will come to the full knowledge of the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  92. I’m pretty new to the website, but saw The Everyday Club challenge right away. I have been looking at it and then moving on to something else. Very easy to NOT commit. Today, I commit.

    I am going to start small with:
    1. Handing out at least 1 tract per day (to a live person).
    2. Having a one on one with at least 1 person per week.
    3. Open air preach at least once before the end of the year.

    Number 3 would not even be a fleeting thought except I keep coming back to Pastor Steve’s and Tony Miano’s websites and links off of those, and getting fired up. I live in a small Texas town, not too far from Austin (about 30 miles north). Haven’t stepped out yet, but will soon.

  93. Hi I’m Pastor Ed and I’ve been following you all post and Jeff Reiman post for about three months. I’ve been witnessing and doing tracts about 4-5 days week. I’m jumping in.

    10 tracts a day
    or 1 conversation for Christ daily.

    4His Glory

    Pastor Ed (Chicago)

  94. Ok Steve – I’m in.

    I’ll be honest with you (and everyone that reads this now) I didn’t sign up to commit to this when you first posted it. I thought, “I give out more than a dozen tracts a week on any given week. Yes, most of them are on the weekend, but that averages out to more than at ‘least one a day’.”

    But your recent post “A fully consecrated man” convicted me to take up the challange.

    There are many times I drive straight home after work (and seeing dozens of people on the way) and walked into my house drained from work and settled into a comfy chair.

    I could have stopped on the way home, jumped out of the truck and handed folks some tracts and engaged them in eternal conversations. Why do I need to wait until the weekend to witness when there are plenty of people going to hell during the week?

    Thanks for the post!


  95. My evangelistic goal is to share the gospel with at least one person or pass out 3 tracts per day. And I will begin open air preaching when the opportunity arises this year and I will also stay committed to Project Ezra.

    Darryl Bradford from Detroit, MI

  96. I am in!!! I think this site is great I plan on passing out at least five tracts a day to get started!!

  97. I just recieved new Million dollar tracts and 10 Commandment coins. I am taking an Evangalism class , and I “need” to be held accountable to witness. I am going commit to witnessing to one person per day and handing out tracts when opportunity comes my way! SWEET!!

  98. Praise God! I was so encourage by your works in Christ. You did a lot of evangelistic meetings in every situation arises.. Praise the Lord!.. Same as your goal, I also aiming 700 soul for Christ every month by doing Personal Evangelsim in some University and hospital ministry were I love to do it for the glory of God…This is my heart to do the will of GOD who called me to do the works of Evangelist.. AMEN!

  99. I’ve very excited and nervous at the same time, but I’m going to commit to passing out 5 tracks a day or 1 -2 -1 encounter. I can do all things through Christ! Thanks!

  100. Thank you brother for this website you are an inspiration for me to go and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m going to commit to passing out 10 tracts a day or share my faith with someone. I also will preach open air everytime the opportunity arises. I’m nervous but I know that with Christ by my side I will do it. Thanks a million!

  101. Hello Brother Steve !

    Count me in. My mother recently passed away and a friend of mine ( fall out of tree dave from 3 min to live cd ) suggested I pass out tracks to honor her home going. I put the tracts in the funeral bulletin’s so the people not only heard the gospel but they recieved a copy to take home!
    I’m going to commit to passing out 10 tracts or sharing my faith with someone. Time is running out we have to reach as many people as possible!


  102. My goal is to hand out at least one tract a day and share the full gospel message in a conversation with someone at least once a week.

  103. Hey I’m in how do i join?

  104. Count me in! But how do I join? My goal is to continue what I learned in the workshop: hand out at least 1 track a day and hopefully share the gospel at least once a week using the WDJD method. I handed out three tracks today. I told this cashier at Whole Foods that he needs to repent and trust in Jesus if he is to go to heaven.

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