What’s Your E-vangie Tale? Summer 2012


Over thirty people have dipped their toes into the dangerous waters of evangelism by signing up—and showing up—for “Sharing Your Faith…Made Easy!” This is my ten week evangelism training that will make any student the bane of any atheist, agnostic, intellectual or run-of-the-mill relativist—if they do all the work and apply all the principles of Biblical evangelism as taught by Ray Comfort in his seminal teaching “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.” (Listen to it or watch it here.)

I always guarantee them that if they stick with the class and apply what they learn, their lives will change. That’s what happened to me on July 31, 2005 when I first heard Hell’s Best Kept Secret (Read about it here.) I’ve never looked back.

Here’s where you can post your E-vangie Tale, a three sentence paragraph that tells what you experienced while sharing your faith. Example: “I saw an atheist and gave him a tract. He growled at me. I growled back.” You get one point for every E-vangie Tale you write, unlimited. Persevere to the end!


  1. On June 15th, the Friday evening after our first class, my wife Rhonda and I went into “all the world” at Redondo Pier to “preach the gospel to all creation” but only some of them were there. So, with trillion dollar tracts in hand, I approached a small group walking toward me and asked one man, “Did you get one of these?” The others scattered right away, so I continued by showing him that there was a gospel message on the back. “Are you familiar with the gospel message? Do you know what the gospel is? He said that he did not, so I briefly explained that our Creator was absolutely perfect in every way, and that He gave us His holy law to show how high His standards are, and that we have all broken His law. “Have you ever told a lie?” “Yes”, he admitted. “Have you ever taken something that didn’t belong to you?” “Yes, I have.” “Have you ever looked and lusted for someone that was not your spouse?” He smiled and nodded that he had. “Because God is just, He must punish sin. But God loves us, so do you know what He did for us? The Son of God, Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day. If you believe this, turn from your sins, and begin to obey what your read in the bible, God promises to save you from hell. Do you have a bible?” “Yes” “Read some of it everyday, starting with the Gospel, According to John. Thank you for talking with me.”

  2. Nice post, Brother Ron…nice to see you out on the pier today!

    This morning, I went to my physical therapy session, (which I have been attending twice a week for 7 weeks for a pinched nerve in my lower back, so I’m getting to know these folks pretty well), armed with a stack of Trillion Dollar Bills. After my session, I said goodbye to the staff by walking up to each of them, telling them what a great job they did, and “tipped” them with one of these gospel tracTTT bills. They were genuinely appreaciative, and a patient who was watching this gifting looked longingly interested, so I handed her one of the blessed bills, too…her response: “Oh, thank you SO much!!” Lord, please let the seeds I have just planted be watered and take root! 🙂

  3. On my way out of my physical therapy session, (where I had just handed out several Trillion Dollar Bills (TBDs), I saw another therapist working with a baby and his mother on the stairs. Without even thinking about it, I quick-drew some TBDs, bent over, and extended my arm, (at their hand-level), and said, “Did you get one of these?” They instinctively reached for the green bills, took them and looked at them, and exclaimed, “Wow, these are great! Thank you very much!” I then noticed that the baby was smiling at me and reaching out his little hand, so I laid one on him, too, and he sqealed with glee!” Lord Jesus, by Your Spirit, please use these tracts to bring these people to saving faith in You! (And please bless the little toddler, too, and heal his infant Torticollis.) >

  4. Today at Redondo Pier with Eric and his EvangiTeam (5 pts, BTW), I was armed with a BIG stack of the gigante hundred dollar bills (HDBs, or C-notes, a.k.a. Benjamins) when I broke the cardinal rule of, “Never allow someone who has accepted a tracTTT to hand it back to you, (unless they threaten you with deadly force, i.e. gun, knife, etc.)” This old gal said, “You might as well take this back, because I won’t read it.” I’ll never fall for THAT trick again! (I should have gone “armless!”)

  5. Final post of June 22nd, (I PROMISE!)

    I asked a group of people, “Did you get one of these?” While handing out the much coveted “Benjamins,” one lady asked me, “What is it?” I replied, “It’s a Gospel tracTTT!” She immediately grabbed it and exclaimed, “Oh. Thank you very much!” (I doubt she knew what a Gospel tracTTT was, but I think she liked the sound of it. And prayerfully, by now, she definitely knows what a Gospel tracTTT is. 🙂

  6. On 6-15 @ Redondo Pier, I had three more conversations, in which I had the privilege of sharing God’s message of reconciliation, but it was the last one, with a man named Mark, that was really fun. He had a catholic background but was completely open to having his confused understanding of truth corrected. My wife, Rhonda, joined in as we spent an hour with him and I had to get my pocket bible out to address specific concerns.

  7. 6-22-12 @ Redondo Pier, good to meet fb friend Jason Gallagher, and a short visit with new friend, Phil Kovach. I saw Phil smiling and handing out large $100 tracts like they were real money, so much so that when I arrived a bit late, almost no one wanted my trillion dollar tracts… =). Good work everyone, the pier was saturated with the gospel last evening. I did have a nice chat with a young woman and her daughter. They are richer today, two trillion $$ richer…praying God opens their eyes.

  8. Spoke with a family of four, all taking photos of each other with the beach behind them. They also already had the $100 tracts, so I smiled and told them not to spend it all at once. That began a short exchange and the dad said “Thank you”.

  9. While waiting for my wife to pick me up, a taxi pulled up right next to where I was standing, so I gave him a trillion dollar tract, and explained that the only true path to eternal life was revealed on the back. In his thick Indian accent, he expressed his genuine appreciation and began reading intently as we parted ways.

  10. At the grocery store while speaking with the cashier she smiled while telling me the price of my order I used that as an opportunity to hand her a trillion dollar bill and asked if it would handle the bill we both smiled as I told her to check out back.

  11. On my way out of Walmart 6-24-12 I prepared myself for the dollar giveaway by having the Trillion Dollar bill in my hand and I had to give it to the first person who was walking toward me, it was a young worker bringing in the baskets, I smiled and said did you get one of these yet and he reached out with a smile and took it and said “real money” I said “yes” and forgot what else to say after that and went on to my car and it made me a little braver wanting to try again.

  12. After much deliberation, I have decided that I will be missing our class tonight…today is my birthday, and I will be meeting family members in Newport (Balboa Island) for pizza. (I hope I don’t lose any points…maybe I can make up the class, Pastor Steve?)

    My Evangitale: Yesterday, I was at Ralph’s El Segundo, when a lady came up to me and ask me if a blood donor had saved my life. (I was wearing my “Blood Donor” t-shirt with the pseudo American Red Cross, and Matt 26:28 in fine print.) I said, “Why yes, a Blood Donor did save my life!” She asked if it was a bone marrow transplant, and I said, “No, it was the blood of Jesus Christ, my Savior, that saved my life for all eternity.” She said, “Oh…uh, thank you,” smiled nervously and continued to push her cart down the aisle. I was asleep at the switch because I wished I had a tract at the ready to give to her! I was not going to let her get away, so I pulled a TDB out of my wallet, circled around the aisle to look for her, but never found her again. So, I gave the TDB as a “tip” to the nice lady who helped me check out. She was quite pleased to receive the gift, and turned it over and began reading the back of the bill. I escaped out the front door with my groceries.

  13. This week we past out around 45 of the trillion dollars tracts; some to people we knew and some to people we didn’t. This was a huge step for us. Most recipients thought is was cool. Three started to try to give it back, but I acted like I didn’t see their actions or hear their words, as I bid farewell. Today was rather victorious as I passed tracts out to two rough and tough men who have low regard for me due to past misunderstandings. I humorously said to them, “Remember who it was that gave you your first trillion dollar bill. May you receive wealth beyond understanding.” They received it with apprehension, but as I was walking away I saw them both reading the back. May God speak to their hearts in ways I can not.

  14. On Thursday I managed to hand someone a track boldly while engaged in a conversation I quickly changed the subject so I can exit the conversation lol

  15. Friday was much better no conversations but I handed out 5 gospel tracts I felt great!

  16. Sat. I handed out a gospel tract @Sams Club I don’t knw why I freeze up sometimes I had so many more in my purse to give but it didn’t happen to be a big day for me.

  17. Right after the class July 21st I realized my tank was empty and have only $3.00 in cash (my new debit card was still on the way) so I paid the $3.00 for gas to the cashier and told him I don’t have enough money for gas but I have a Trillion Dollar bill for you. He just smile. My first seed 🙂

  18. I saw my friend recently, and gave her one of tracts.
    She was very surprised, because she didn’t know that I have changed so much compare to three years ago.
    She received it and I explained it in Japanese.

  19. Me and my mom went to value+ and my mom handed out three tracts and i handed out 2!

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