1. This is from Diane:

    Diane Says:

    April 12th, 2007 at 8:46 am
    Today as I was getting gas, I handed out one of the bills to the little mini-market attendee (similar to the 7-11’s – do I need to say more?). He was tickled pink. As I left I saw him reading the back. I’ll have to remember to go back there next week and hopefully he’ll be there again.

  2. This is from Cyndee:
    April 12th, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    Last night after work went to Costco in Culver City. I was getting coffee and 2 ladies came up to look at coffee also. I said, “the coffe’s on me” and handed them both a MDB and wished them a good night. They loved it! After checking out, at the door where you show your receipt before leaving the store, I gave a MDB to the employee and said, “You work so hard, I think you deserve a raise.” She was a little cool, I think more interested in the other employee on the other side of the door.

  3. This is also from Cyndee:
    April 12th, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    Went to Radio Shack today to find an IR thing-a-ma-jig. Walking to the store, I came upon a man walking alone, and 2 girls not too far behind. I gave the man the MBD, and as the girls came up, had one of each of them too. Got inside the store and approached an employee, and after a discussion about exactly what I was looking for, the employee said they didn’t carry those “ma jigs.” He was done with me, but I pressed a little, saying, “I’m new to this part of town. Where would you suggest I go to find it?” He gives up Best Buy as a place to check and explains where the nearest one is. Then I said, “Thanks. And even though you didn’t have what I needed, I’m going to give you a million bucks anyway. And here’s one for your friend on the ladder over there too.” They laughed, joked about quitting work and we said good night.

  4. It’s Sunday, April 15th, aka tax day. And it wasn’t a tax today to hand out two million dollar bills to people I knew (I’m getting bolder). I gave them to two friends and said when you don’t feel like a million bucks, pull these out and you will. They asked what they were and I said gospel tracts. They didn’t give them back!

    And yesterday I handed one out to my carpark neighbor. It’s been at least one a day since we started our class!

    I’m looking forward to joining the group this Saturday, and hoping for Sunday too.

  5. I went back to the place where I handed out a million dollar bill at lunch time and she’s got it taped to her cash register so it is prominently displayed! She says everyone loves it and asks about it.

    So, as I was going back to my floor via elevator, there was a Mom and her young son and I handed them their own million dollar bill. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay long as the elevator door opened and I couldn’t hold the other people up from their destination. Hmmm, maybe I should have.

  6. Gave a MDB to the security guard at the complex. “Hey,” she grinned, “are you the one who gave one of these to one of the other guard.” “Yup, that’s me.” She was still grinning when she thanked me and said she was going to put it in her “memory book.” There are still several hours to go before her shift ends, so I know she’s going to read it too. I see her regularly, so I know at some point we’ll talk about it.

  7. Went to work today and never left the office. So on the drive home I was scouring all the other cars and foot traffice wondering who and how I could give away an MDB. Finally, as I was getting awfully close to home, I stopped at an intersection and a couple began to cross from the left to right side. Woo hoo, they are the ones. As they got close to my driver side I called out and waved the MDBs. “Excuse me, these are for you!” The woman came over to me and I gave her two. “There’s a cool message on there, please read it.” She remained a little puzzled, but took the MDBs, rejoined her mate and they continued through the intersection as I drove away.

  8. I carry million dollar bills in my wallet every day, and I have made it a habit if I am spending money then I am giving them a million dollar bill with it and saying read the back.
    I find it real easy and people love it, most of the time it’s a quick transition but people will smile and sometimes ask for more or want to know what it for. They always take it. This way I do it everyday. The grocery store, the 7-11’s, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Cleaners, Starbucks, the Mall, Fry’s, the Movie theater, drive thru windows at the fast food places.
    I have a banquet fundraiser dinner I’ve been invited, guess what’s going in the envelop…with a donation of course.


  9. Today I walked around the little strip mall near work. A pizza man was making a delivery and I said, “Here’s a tip.” Just a few steps later a Subway employee was taking a smoke break and I said the same thing as she took it. A few more steps and a business man walked toward me. “Has anyone ever given you one of these?” I asked. He hestitated and I insisted, “Go ahead, take it.” He did, then let out a hearty laugh. A bit further down a fellow was walking toward me and eating food out of a fast food bag. I had the impression it was someone’s food. I thrust the MDB toward him and he said with a toothless smile, “No, I don’t think so.” I said he really should take it, and dropped it into his food bag and we both kept walking our separate ways.

  10. Well hello Pastor Steve

    As of this Morning, while on my way to harbor UCLA , I stop off at Mc D’s to order a cup of coffee , the attendee was so nice to me that i felt compelled to give my first tract out for the morning. So I did! And to my surprise he really like it and I him that the really value was on the back around the fine print.

    While at Harbor UCLA, I ran into jo ann who is a RN for the hospital and while talking to her about the work that I do I thought that is would be neat to also share with her about the class I’m taking w/pastor Steve and I show her tool of the trade (the bill) and she was impress with the method. And naturally she ask for a bill before I could give it to her.

    The day before yesterday, while at the gas station, a trucker who delivers gas to the station, like my SUV and wish he could afford one, I told him it wasn’t mine and that it belong to the lord, and he was so gracious enough to lease it to me . he simle, then I gave him a bill but he ask for a few extras.

    A few day back I lost my check book and went to Washington Mutual to report it. After only a minute of waiting (Sepulveda blvd branch) I sat down with a young man to explain my situation, to my surprise this young man was so professional and attentive and was able to cure the problem, latter I thank him and express my appreciation for his positive attitude, I told him that he desire a raise and gave him a bill, he really like it ! I think the bills serve two purposes’ we do the lords work and we can even make new friends .

  11. I gave out 4 or 5 millions today just walking down a busy street, around lunch time. It seems to work best with those who are walking toward me. At an intersection waiting to cross the street, one man turned me down. A few moments later a woman came up pressed the WALK button, then turned and looked directly at me, as if waiting for it. Handing it over saying, “Here’s a MDB for you,” she took it and never said a word but began to read it. The light turned green and I said, “It’s time to walk.” There were 2 people who refused it but I still smiled and wished them a nice day. All of this took about 10 minutes!

  12. At the Burger King drive thru I paid for my food with a million, then I preached the quick sermon and paid with real money. Fun.

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