Catholic Traffic


Last Friday I had a hankerin’ to head down my block and wait outside the Catholic Church.
null It was nearly 1:00pm and I wanted to hand out Million-Dollar bill Gospel-Tracts to the faithful exiting the hallowed halls after their traditional Good Friday Service. My reasoning was this: For those who truly know the Lord, they would be blessed to read the Gospel message after worshiping Him; to those who don’t, it would be a vivid reminder of what awaits them if they should trample His pearls underfoot.

Grabbing a huge stack of the bills, I scurried down the hill, and waited.

I asked a family rushing into the service what time it was going to end. “It should end about 1pm,” Mom replied.

Another lady was running very late, but I caught her before she disappeared inside the cavernous sanctuary. “What time is the service over?” I inquired.

“Oh. I think it’s a three hour service today.” She headed in.

A man was leaving the service. “Is it almost over?” I queried.

“Yeah. A few more minutes.”

I looked at my watch. Hmmmm… 1:10. I have an appointment at 1:30; I can’t wait much longer. I put the three-inch stack of tracts into my pocket. A woman was leaving the service, so I asked her if it was almost over.


People flitted in and out for the next ten minutes. I thought for a moment that I was standing in front of a Protestant church!

Time to go; it was now 1:20. One last peek into the sanctuary— full house.

I left disappointed that I couldn’t hand out masses of millions to the masses after mass. Man, if they want to get serious about reaching people with the Gospel, they sure had better shorten their services.

Didn’t these people have anything better to do than worship God all day?

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