What’s Your E-vangie Tale #24



Paul wrote that God “has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. (2 Corinthians 5:19-20)

Have you been a faithful ambassador? Write your own E-vangie Tale of how God used you to spread His message of salvation.


  1. We had dinner last Saturday with an Indian (subcontinent, from New Delhi) family that noted that their journey to the Savior had started with a “Seven Wonders” booklet sent to them. Our family had spent that very morning hanging them on doors.

    Wow, did it feel good!

  2. As you can see, R.A. Torrey was right about tracts, even those who hang them on door knobs—especially those that are hung on door knobs!

    Good job!

  3. This is from Krissy Worlitz, a new member of the evangelism class:

    Krissy Worlitz Says:

    November 7th, 2007 at 5:48 pm
    Hi everyone! I evangelized for the first time using the Million $ bill and it was a terrifyingly awesome experience. I got to tell a man about the law and his need for Jesus and I was myself. My fear of this man not hearing about his need for a Savior outweighed my fear of speech. Till’ next time-Krissy

  4. It was cold and dark outside and I wanted to stay in the nice warm car as my sweet husband pumped the gas outside but this was my first and only opportunity for the day to hand out a million dollar bill so I grabbed a million from the car and went out to find a person. I found a lady pumping gas and asked her if she got a million dollar bill yet. She said no and I said it is fake but it has an important question on the back. She asked, “What is the question?” and I responded, “If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven or hell?” She hesitantly took the million and I wished her a good evening and waved goodbye as she drove off. Krissy

  5. I made two attempts to give out a Million dollar gospel tract.
    Attempt #1- A pastor. He politley declined saying he was given two and pointed out they was still sitting on his desk from a year ago. Earlier in the conversation the pastor was telling me about how bad his church is doing with attendance and they can’t seem to get anyone new. I thought it was sad that here was a perfect opportunity the pastor was given to restore enthusiasm in the struggling congregation to evangelize for Christ and he wasn’t using it.

    Attempt #2- The lady at the water store reading a bible. I asked her if she has received a million dollar bill yet and she said, “Yes! Every week a priest comes in and hands me a bunch!” I asked if that pastor’s name happened to be Steve and sure enough it was! Well, I tried Steve but you got to her first.


  6. Today was my third day in a row of handing out a million dollar bill. I was in Drug Emporium paying for my merchandise, when I asked the cashier if she had received a million dollar bill yet. She replied that she had, so I ask her if she would be willing to give this 2nd one to someone else, she said she would do that. I forgot to tell her that God heard her say that….
    I feel much more relaxed handing out the million dollar bills now. But, I haven’t been able to ask them the million dollar question yet. I’m still just a work in process!

  7. My wife and I went to our favorite breakfast place and after eating we each pulled out a million dollar bill ready to give it to some one. I wanted to give it to a family, or an elderly couple but the Lord was telling me to talk to the Harley Davison motorcycle guys. I followed God’s lead and asked one of them if he’s got a million dollar bill. He nervously smiled and said no and asked what was it. (the other guy quickly got up and walked away) I asked him the million dollar question and he said I guess heaven. I proceeded in giving him the commandment questions and showed him God’s standard and showed him that he will go to hell because he had broken God’s commandments and the only way he can be forgiven for what we have done is through Christ and repenting of what we did and following Him. At first the guy didn’t want the bill but after all that he took it and thanked me and when I pulled out of the driveway I saw he was reading the message on the back.

  8. This was the most amazing response to a Million dollar question yet- the response from the man was, “No. I would not go to heaven. It’s too late for me. But, I am hoping my kids still may have a chance to ask him in their heart.” I asked him why he thought it was to late from him. The man explained he was raised believing that the only time you can receive Christ is when you are child. After that its too late and you can’t go to heaven. I was sadden to hear this and told him the truth using the million dollar bill. He said he would think about it. I told him now you know the truth and you now have no excuse. He then took the million dollar bill and said he would read it and think about it.

  9. After a good breakfast at our favorite breakfast place my husband and I looked for someone to give a million dollar bill. I only had one so I skipped the big family and I went for a cute senior citizen couple eating pork chops and eggs. I smiled and said did you get your million yet. The gentleman laughed and I handed it to him. Before I left them I said, “It’s fake so don’t spend it but read the million dollar question on the back!” He laughed at spending it somewhere and when I left I saw him looking it over.

  10. This is from Kimi:

    I gave my first million dollar bill on my own this morning, to my hair customer Joyce. Joyce is moving back east and a few friends gathered for coffee at McD’s.

    At first I thought I should give my friend the million dollar bill because I may not see her again but I was embarrassed with everyone watching. Then as we were saying good bye God heard my prayer and I said “oh Joyce by the way, I have a gift for you”, she got excited! Then I said, “My gift is a million dollars for you!”, she laughed and said, “oh that’s great I’ll get to buy whatever I want and I will show it to my granddaughter, thank you!” She put it in her purse and it felt so good that God worked it out!

    Only one million dollar bill so far but I have a feeling God will give me the courage to pass out more!

  11. I was reading recently in Luke 11 – Something I have read before, but this time it stood out to me. 23″He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.

    If I have not been gathering (converts/disciples) in the past – I have been scattering – and I have been against Jesus! I have heeded this, repented and will seek to do His will.

    I know I still feel the tention of starting a conversation with a stranger, but now I will do what I can, and will seek to save the lost.

  12. I blew my chance to give a million to anyone at Sam’s Club so as I drove through the gate to my Mobile Home park I stopped to give the guard a Million and he gave me a big smile when I thanked him for everything he does and handed him a million. I told him there was a million dollar question on the back, read it and next time I will pull over to see what he thought of the back.

  13. I was so tired when I arrived at the Mobile home park where I live but I hadn’t had the opportunity to give someone a Million. I stopped by The Country Store inside our park and gave one to the woman who works there. She knows my wife and I by our space #123. She said “Thank you space 123 for the million dollar bill” and I went home still tired but happy I stuck to my commitment of giving a Million a day.

  14. Testing, testing…one, two, three…please ignore this if this gets posted. Steve knows why.


  15. STEVE:

    I wrote this response below for the “Witness on Wheels” posting and your site would not accept my submission. I am now going through past postings and trying to submit from each until you get it. I guess there are still some cracks in the system….atheists hard at work. – Paul-

    Witness on Wheels

    I welcome any opportunity to witness. And, I confess, I sometimes like it more when the Lord brings the opportunity TO me instead of me doing the work looking for it. (OK, so I’m lazy sometimes! ) At the very least, I am ready and willing when the opportunity arises.

    And no better does an opportunity arise when someone in my hearing parameter blasphemes my Savior’s name in worldly irreverant tone. In that moment, a trumpet call to “immediate active duty” blasts in my ear and before I know it I’m butting in saying: “You’re going to meet Him some day”. That’s how I usually start.

    Different factors can bring different reactions. Is the offender an aquaintance or a stranger? Is he talking to me or is he addressing me as part of a group? OR…am I just a passerby as he addresses a person or a group of people?

    In either case, the last thing the offender expects is for someone to step up in defense of the name that he is abusing and explain why it is wrong. The timeframe of such an interruption is usually in short order. That is unless the Holy Spirit places a willingness on the offender’s part to listen as opposed to him fulfilling his desire to unscrew my head from the rest of my body and leave.

    I have had experience in a variety of situations. They have been everything from being told to “fluff off!” (or something like that) to spending an whole hour with a total stranger after calling him up on his use of the Lord’s name in vain and gave him the gospel in a way he had never heard it. He said it made him think seriously about his state and that he would consider everything we talked about. He then said “thanks” for taking the time to talk with him.

    Such is the work of the Lord. If we are not out fishing, sometimes he’ll bring the fish to us. If circumstances allow, we should answer the call to glorify the Name of the Lord by defending it when blasphemed and, by God’s leading, point the offender to the cross.

    It doesn’t hurt to try. At last check, I still got my head screwed on.

  16. I went to the hour of power for the first time on Friday. I had a great time. I was able to take care of a boy who had a bad nose bleed and witness to his mom. I prayed for the bleeding to stop and it stopped. I gave her a million dollar bill and encouraged her to take her son to the doctor.

  17. Today I went with the group to Santa Monica’s Promenade. I met a Jehova’s Witness and handed him a Million dollar bill and a hundred bill. He willingly took it and read it and offerred me nothing. Normally Jehova Witnesses don’t take stuff from people but this guy stopped to read it. It was great.

  18. I pulled up to the drive thru window at Jack in the Box on Friday and the lady who took my order did an excellent job. I was very impressed. I handed her a million dollar bill and hundred dollar bill with the amount I owed. I complimented her on how well she does her job. She smiled and thanked me.

  19. I went out with the team for the first time and I got to witness to a buddhist. He kept trying to steer me to complex spiritual matters about heaven and hell being inside us but I kept leading the conversation back to God’s law. He decided not to go on talking with me and said goodbye. It truly was God who gave me the calmness and peace and kept the focus of our conservation on His Law.

  20. This is from Emily Jones:

    November 17th, 2007 at 9:51 am

    “Hey lets give it to the butcher. But where is he going to put it? I don’t know, but lets just give it to him.’’
    That’s how it all started as Sarah, Easton, Eden and I roamed through the aisles at Ralph’s Supermarket.
    It was 10pm right after evangelism class when my cousins and I were with my father at Ralph’s. He was looking for underarm deodorant and a toothbrush and we were roaming the isles looking for someone to give the million-dollar bill to.
    Then Sarah and Eden came to a butcher finishing up his night’s work. We all agreed to give him the million-dollar bill, but that was all we were going to do. However, after Sarah gave it to him and we started to walk away, before we had gone far we turned back with our minds made up to actually ask him the questions the WDJD way. We did fairly well, and the man said at the end that he tried not to think about hell. We told him he should think about it a little more because it is so important that he knows it’s a real place.
    -Emily Jones

  21. I gave a million dollar bill out at the car wash to a guy who was a Christian and presented the WDJD message any way to him to make sure he knew what it meant to be saved. He was so excited by it that he asked for a few to give his workers and went over to give it to them. He dragged me to them and said that his workers need to hear this but he doesn’t know how to present the gospel in this way yet. So I ended up sharing the whole message with a Mexican worker who understood and spoke English. He said he understood what I was saying but did not want to repent and turn to Christ just yet, he was enjoying his life as it was. I told him that he has no way of knowing when judgement day is coming and when that day comes before he decides to repent, Christ will reject him and he will go to hell.

  22. This is from Dodie Carter:

    I was coming out of Traders Joe’s Culver City CA there was a young lady standing there. She asked me to support the ACLU with a small contribution.

    I told her no, I told her the ACLU is working hard to take away all the rights and freedom of Christian in America . I handed her a Million dollar bill.

    She told me she was an Atheist and did not want the bill. I told her if she was truly and atheist, she would probably live in Russia and not in America

    because America was founded on Christian values and why would you want to be around Christian who believe in God and Jesus. She took the million dollar bill.

    As I was driving out of the parking lot, I attempted to pass one of the million dollars bill to the attendant. He said no. I cannot accept money I would get in trouble.

    I insisted to him it was a gospel tract, but he did not understand. Oh well, I was able to meet my quota anyway, (pass out at least one million dollar bill a day.)

  23. Time to play catch up on evangietales! I went to the Hour of Power and Steve and I handed out a bunch of million dollar bills in the elevators. We estimated we reached 150 people. One of them was a lady who gave a detailed description of who I was to security and I was escorted out of the mall by multiple guards for handing out million dollar bills. I was honored to be kicked out of the mall for doing Christ work.

  24. I went to the Huntington Pier with the evangelism group on Saturday. I handed out a Million Dollar bill to a guy and I asked him the million dollar question, “If you were to die today would you go to heaven or hell?” His reply was I do not want to go to heaven because there isn’t a soul I will know there. That response blew me away. I was speechless.

    I got to talk with another man who said his children are angels therefore he will be going to heaven. He also told me God changes and the ten commandments are irrevalent today. I told him God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and His word remains the same and that includes the commandments.

  25. I asked a lady today at Sam’s club rejected the Million Dollar bill I offerred her after I asked her the Million dollar question. She said, “I don’t believe in hell.” gave it back and would not talk anymore.

  26. My wife got sick and we ended in a hospital. There was a homeless man who had no money and I gave him a couple of dollars for bus fare. The nurses thanked me and I gave them million dollar bills and went through the law with them. They said thanks for taking care of the guy and my actions spoke loudly.

  27. I have had a headache for 3 weeks. I haven’t given out a lot this last week but I did give out a hundred dollar bill (does that count?) to a cashier at Albertsons. She was so excited about finding all the heads in the bill that it took a moment for her to finish ringing our groceries up. When we left she was still trying to find all the heads. I like giving out the hundred dollar bills because of the detail of the law and Christ.

  28. My wife and I took a walk on thanksgiving and I wished another couple happy thanksgiving said here is a million for each of you. They smiled and took it. I think it is important to have those ice breakers before you offer a million. They are most likely to take it.

  29. I gave a million dollar bill to a believer disguising herself as a non believer. I took her through the WDJD and she told me she was a believer and she knew that she had repented from her sins. She then asked me for more so she can send some to her father and also give them out.

  30. The guy at the fast food place reached over the counter and grabbed my pocket taking out my million dollar bill and said Oh you’ve got some twenties in your pocket I’ll take some. I said no they are million dollar bills with a million dollar question on the back. What the guy didn’t realize is my instinctive military reaction when he grabbed my pocket was make a fist and punch him in order to protect my private space. God, by His grace, prevented my fist from going to his face. I encouraged the guy to read the back before I left.

  31. 12.7.07 7:23PM – Just got back from going out to the Galleria for the “Hour of Power.” This time my choice, last time…. well, the whole class went. I probably wouldn’t have chosen to go… bucckk-awww (Chicken sound)

    I was gladdened by the way people received the new “Will your ‘good’ outweigh your ‘bad'” tracts. I like they way it presents the truth straight forward – not “tricks.” Don’t get me wrong – I like the million $ and the BIG 100 dollar bill. I spoke to a few people as they would read the front. One gentleman read it and asked said: “I sure hope so.” I encouraged him to read the inside and take the test.

    I told people: “Here is a test/quiz for you from Hope Chapel.” Not a single person refused. I also gave out some of the “Starstruck Conscience” tracts to the baristas at Starbucks.

    I will make a better attempt to go out with the team more often. (Steve, I appreciate your gentle reminders) Yes, I will schedule it and make the commitment. Tonight, I also tried to get more natural with people. I just started talking with them. “How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?” was how I started a conversation. And I never once told people they had a God-shaped hole in their hearts.

    See y’all soon,

    Jerry Zellot

  32. On Saturday I handed a Christian lady a gospel tract and she said, “Oh, I don’t need one, I am already a Christian.” I replied, “Oh, thats great! Keep that one and here are a few more to give to your friends who need to read it.” She accepted them and we said goodbye.

  33. This is from Myrna Ypil:

    Sunday night at work, while I was witnessing to 1 of my patient’s sons, he told me that his wife left him alone so he could pray for his dad. While he was praying he told his dad, “GOD is here with us tonight.” Then right after he said that, he saw me go inside the room.

    I said hi and handed him the million dollar tract. I let him read it, and then talked to him about what it was all about. Toward the end of our conversation, he was very thankful coz then he realized how sinful he was based on the standard of the 10 commandments. He realized he’s hell bound instead of heaven. And that he needed to repent and change his ways. What I didn’t realize is that GOD was giving me a divine appointment with this young man. He told me he was in prison for 2 years and that someone had talked to him about the gospel. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He told me he didn’t think he was really saved at that time. He said that after he got out, when everything went good, he was back to his old self. He wasn’t going to church anymore and spending time with Him. He was so touched by what I was telling him that night that he said. “GOD is in you. He was using you.” Then he said, “I felt the chills.” He was right; the Holy Spirit was the one talking to him through me. You know why? Coz I noticed it was the smoothest and easiest witnessing I’ve ever done by far. In fact, I wasn’t just witnessing but at the same time I was giving him the word and providing him words of encouragement. GOD was showing me how to do it. He was trying to tell me that he is there with me to help me all along. Usually when I talk to someone at work about the gospel, I get interrupted by someone or just something. But that night I got to finish everything. Then security knocked and asked if someone else could come in.

    Before he left, he told me that he is keeping that tract in his wallet to remind him of me and of what transpired tonight. The night he was saved. He also said that he will tell his wife of what just happened as soon as he gets home.

    By the way, he was a catholic.

  34. As I was leaving work, I was contemplating our last evangelizm class. I was thinking I should hand out a million $ bill, then it hit me – I already had! I have gotten into the habit of handing them out by habit. I will definately keep this up. I pray the Lord will lead someone to me that needs the savior. I pray you all will seek to save the lost too!

    Jerry Zellot

  35. After completing Steve’s class, I find the fear of handing out tracts publicly is gone. Now I keep tracts in my purse and in my car. I still need practice with starting a conversation with others, so I’m looking forward to going out with his team again!

  36. Well, it’s been a few weeks since taking Pastor Steve’s class: “How to share your faith w/o fear.” I think I only made one full week of handing out a tract for a full week. However, the week after the class I did hand out a tract every day for afull week. I haven’t missed too many days fater that, either. (And for ZERO points!) Each time I have missed an opportunity to hand out a tract, I mentally “kick” myself. I may not be ready to preach on a corner yet, but I can hand out tracts! I can “DO SOMETHING X3” !


    I just got back today from Las Vegas where I attended the Consumer Electronice Show. I handed out million dollar bills to Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Germans, Italians, French, Scottish, Greek and other nationalities. Yes, I handed out over 100 million dollar bills. (a record for me) I was never refused. Each person took it and read it with interest. I pray the Lord will reap a harvest of the seeds that were planted. To Him be all the glory!


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