Going Armless!


The high school kid in line at Rite Aide drugstore didn’t want the giant hundred dollar bill after he found out that it was a “religious” tract, so he tried to hand it back to me. “Sorry,” I said. “I can’t take it back.” He insisted. I refused.

Looking around, he tried offering it to a neighbor of mine who was also standing in the long line. “Don’t take that back from him, Bernice,” I gently warned my neighbor. She smiled knowingly. Frustrated, he held the bill aloft, not knowing what to do with this offensive piece of literature. “You’re going to have to throw it away,” I teased, glancing over at the trash receptacle.

null He hesitated, not wanting to leave his place in line. “And don’t litter,” I reminded him. Another lady standing in line grinned.

He crunched up the tract into a little ball, squeezed it firmly, then… stuffed it into his pocket… to be read at a later time.

(Read the reasons why every evangelist should “Go Armless!” here.)


  1. Interesting thing about these money tracts, even the million dollar tracts, is that the message on the back is worth far more to the receiver than the value of the bill would be if it were real…no matter the astronomical amount!

    And good idea on the one-way-arm-extension-reverse-refusal procedure. But be prepared of possibly being labelled as the “Salvation Armless Brigade”. It could happen.

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