What’s Your E-vangie Tale #10


Are you afraid of sharing your faith? Would you prefer to bring your friends to a Harvest Crusade or to a cute little Christian play like all Christians did in the 90’s? Maybe your Pastor will save them…

Or… are you bold and willing to risk! If that is the case, tell your Tale here.


  1. I walked into the frozen yogert store and before ordering handed the girl behind the counter a million bill. She recieved it with a smile, then I asked her if she could answer the million dollar question. She agree’s, so I ask, “if you died right now where do you think you would go, heaven or hell?” She replied, “I’m Jewish so I go to heaven.” I said, “really? Do you think you’ve kept the Ten Commandments?” She looked at me fowl and said, “Are you going to order something?” I said, “yes, can I try the strawberry cookie dough?” She gets me a sample… As I taste it I say, “so have you ever told a lie?” She looks fowl at me again and says, “of course everyone has. Do you want something else?” “Yeah”, I said, “give me a small cup of this flavor.” [it was soooo good!] As she’s getting my zero fat desert I ask, “so have you ever stolen anything?”….. she ignores me….. Talk about an uncomfortable moment, this one was a dewsy. She hands me my yogert and says, “$$$”. I did not feel well proceeding with the message, so I said, “thank you” and left.

    She got to keep the million, and I learned again how pride shuts the door to God’s grace, even to Jews.

  2. This is from Cyndee:
    April 26th, 2007

    Before class I went to Taco Bell for dinner. Gave the cashier a million dollar bill. Sat and ate my crunchy tacos and afterward, there was only one other table with diners. Two 20-something guys with a table full of food. Looked like starving athletes! On my way out, dropped off a couple of million dollar bills at their table with the comment, “Hey guys. Dinner’s on me.” Even through food filled mouths they thanked me!

  3. Today was a “doozy” at work, never left the office. Driving home I knew this would be my only opportunity to give away a million dollar bill for the day. Thankfully, a security guard was at the complex entrance who hadn’t yet received the bill. I parked the car and got out, letting him know I had something for him. He took the million with great interest and I told him to read it. He kept staring at the front of the bill, so I asked him the million dollar question. He wasn’t really tracking with me, so I just asked him to carefully read the back and said that I would be available if he had any questions or wanted to talk about it. I’ll probably see him again in a week.

  4. First time with the group on the Huntington Bch Pier today. Got the opportunity to speak with one man for awhile. He stuck with it all the way until I spoke of eternal judgement, then he was gone. Another fellow was asking questions and seemed interested but then his cell phone rang and he was gone. Nevertheless, it was a good experience!

  5. Today at the Galleria mall I was passing out millions and a security guard stopped me saying, “what you are doing is a form of solicitation and we do not allow it here.” I said, “I’m not selling anything.” He insisted it was a form of solicitaion and forbade me. I humbly complied.

  6. My husband & I went to Coco’s for breakfast today. Our waitress was harried so when we left we gave her a million dollar bill along with her real tip. She wasn’t amused.

    This evening at the grocery store, the cashier wasn’t having a great day until I gave him a million dollar bill. The customer in line behind me really had her eye on the bill so I gave one to her. “What is this?” She was incredulous. I told her it was a gospel tract with the million dollar question on it. She smiled and was *genuinely* thankful. Also gave one to the gal who bagged the groceries.

  7. Last night at work, I did the unthinkable…. I witnessed to my supervisor! AAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

    We were just talking in the lunch room and for some reason he mentioned that he had a dream about heaven. I thought he was pushing me for a minute, but I didn’t care, that was all I needed and I couldn’t back down. After saying a few things I said, “So, if you died today do you think you’de go to heaven or hell?” ……. by the time I gave him the laws and asked him if he thought he’d be innocent or guilty before God, he already had the worried look. When I got to the point of him going to hell, his worried look began even to make me worried. This is my supervisor. “Do you think you’de go to heaven or hell?”I said. His face broke and he said, “Hell”. I said, “does that consern you that if you died right now you’de go to hell?” “No”, he said, “because God needs people to work with the devil too.” I ashured him that would not be the case, and gave him the good news, Christ paying the fine to the judge version. He got the message slam dunk. I don’t care what effect this has at my work, I KNOW I obeyed God.

  8. Right on, Val!

    Driving home from work I wondered who would get my million dollar bill for the day. For a few weeks I’ve been thinking about the people who sell flowers and fruit standing in the medians of the roads. Never got the signals to cooperate or the right place in line when stopped to get their attention. Today I learned something. I was about 4 car lengths away from 2 women and all I did was lower my driver door window and start to get 2 bills ready. Never even made eye contact but one of the women quickly came toward me. When she got to my car, I reached out to give her the million dollar bills and said, “Here! Million dollars bills for both of you.” She liked it and gave one to her friend. They smiled and waved as I drove off with the green light.

  9. In response to a personal challenge, I gave a million dollar bill to a business colleague. In the setting we were in, I was unable to discuss it, but pray that he will read it in God’s timing. Also gave a million to the cashier at the parking lot. Again, circumstances didn’t allow a discussion about it.

  10. Gave a million dollar bill to a valet guy who brought my car to me. He asked what it was and I told him a Gospel tract. “You’re a Christian?” he asked. “Yes,” I answered and he said, “Me too. I’m 7th Day Adventist.” Wow, here we were in a busy area and I wonder how to deal with it. I asked where he went to church; he answered by saying he reads the Bible every day. “Great,” I answered. “What did you read today?” A long roundabout reply about getting off work at 2am from one job and getting up at 6am for the next job. So I just found the starting point on the back of the million dollar bill and told him to start reading from there when he got the chance.

  11. In the elevator at work, on my way downstairs to the cafe, I tried to give a young man a million dollar bill but he refused. I just put it next to my wallet in my hand and continued on my way. At the cafe, after placing my order and preparing to pay, the cashier noticed the bill and commented about it. I had even forgotten it was there. I gave it to him and he got a good chuckle. As I was leaving, he said to me, “Thanks for the tip!”

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