What would you do with this letter?


What is your greatest fear when attempting to tell others that the only way to be saved from Hell is to repent and trust in Jesus Christ?

I recently received an email from The Voice of the Martyrs that included a very disturbing letter sent to a Christian family in the middle east. (See the full letter here.)

What would you do if you received a letter with these words? What if the letter also included a real bullet? Would you tell your children? Would you leave your home? Would you stay and face the consequences?

Here in the States we have tremendous freedom to preach the Gospel; sadly, many are too timid to take advantage of the liberties we enjoy. Most Christians experience a little intimidation—not real persecution—and are out of the game before they even suit up.

What will it take for you, my dear Christian brother or sister, to share your faith regularly? Are you afraid of rolling eyes, a finger gesture, or someone telling you to “Shaadaap!”?

What will it take?

A good first step would be to take my evangelism class, Sharing Your Faith Without Fear. I’m offering a six week class starting May 13, at 7PM, and a one-day crash course on May 22 from 9AM-4PM at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach. I also have free teaching notes available when you leave a comment.


  1. And the linked site asks for money. What a surprise.

    I’m certainly no fan of violence, it also seems that site is using fear of said violence to get cash out of it. While the violence is despicable, using these threats to sell books and get donations is tasteless.

    Two religions dealing in fear. Isn’t it nice to find common ground?

    • Yes. I post about the Voice of the Martyrs because they use their funds to help those hurt or displaced by persecution. As for the other sites you mention, I’m not exactly clear as to who/what you’re referring to. My site never asks for money.

      But thanks for your thoughts. Judging by your voice of disapproval am I correct in assuming that you, too, are an atheist. If so, welcome! 🙂 We love atheists here.

  2. The Voice of the Martyrs has to publicize incidents like these letters to help raise the necessary funds to support our Christian brothers and sisters. The only way they can continue to do the great work that they do is to ask for money. If you take a few minutes to review their financial records, you will see that they are good stewards of the donations that they receive. Thanks.

    You will find their 2008 financial statements at the link listed above.

  3. I would like to join the “Shaadaap” club pastor Steve… we used to stand outside abortion clinics years ago and try to reach hurting women going in to have their unborn children murdered. The worst thing that happened to us was a curse word, 1 finger gesture, and we even had a witch attempt to cast spells on us. A close frind of mine in pro-life leadership did receive a few death threats but nobody ever acted on them. The world does not mind if we preach the gospel most of the time, but when we speak against there sacred cows, that “there is another King, King Jesus”, people don’t like that idea and get angry. Truly the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing.

  4. Steve,

    “Most Christians experience a little intimidation—not real persecution”

    Correct. I’m glad you see that.

    The actual persecution that Christians in the middle east and China (for example) face is so severe and real that to call some of the spats that happen in the States ‘persecution’ does your brothers/sisters in other places a disservice, in my opinion.

    To answer your question (and it’s not uncommon for atheists to face persecution in the middle east either), I would leave. No principle that I hold would be worth the lives of my children (if I had any). Call that cowardice if you like but atheism isn’t a belief that I hold, it’s a description for not being something else, and that ain’t worth fighting for.


  5. Doug: You are now an honorary member of the “Shaadaap! Club.”

    ExPatMatt: I would probably leave, too. I’m not sure what I would do, though.

    What we experience in the States is not even close to what my brothers and sisters experience in other countries. I totally agree. My use of the word “persecution” when posting these “intimidations” is to show that it really ain’t that bad or hard to preach the Gospel.

  6. Azou,

    It appears you have seen too many late night TV evangelists who are only in this tax-exempt “business” of religion fo rthe money. I have noticed that, in the last 2 posts, you are extrtemely concerned with how MUCH money the Ambassador’s Academy and the selling of tracts is profiting Living Waters.

    Most true Christians are not doing this to “make a BUNDLE”.

  7. It’s a trend I’m noticing, Seed. Mrs. Ramos is extremely dedicated to pushing tracts and then you have Mr. Sanchez and Miano providing tips on how to use them. This gets more people buying MORE tracts and so forth. And there’s Mr. Comfort himself, talking to atheists and using their comments for whatever his next book is.

    We have tax information for the company and we know that Ray doing quite good from Living Waters. Darrel Rundus is also quite wealthy from what I hear.

    It’s fine to make a living, but they’re not just making money to survive. They are doing very good business with the faith and doing it with dubious fear tactics. I don’t like people being taken advantage of like that. It may be a a large step up from the Islamic world, but that doesn’t make it seem any less sleazy.

  8. Azou,

    Unless you have seen their homes, cars, and lifestyle, it’s really not fair to jumpt to conclusions about where the money goes. I know for a fact that Ray Comfort is NOT making a bundle from his efforts. He lives in a modest home, in a neighborhood that is far from the mansions and lifestyle of the rich and famous.

    And, as I mentioned in a previous post, there is the cost of shooting, producing and airing each episode of Way of The Master. Also, salaries to be paid to employees at Living Waters, such as those who answer phones and take orders for tracts, or package and ship the orders. These are not people who are raking in a fortune.

    How much does it cost you to replace the ink cartridge in your printer? Have you ever checked the cost of having business cards printed? When you go out of town, and do not stay with relatives, don’t you have to pay for a hotel room and food? The people who choose to attend the Ambassadors Academy need to stay somewhere, and eat, too..

  9. I looked up the word Christian, in a bible dictionary. This is an adherrent of Jesus Christ. He is a disciple, a follower, a believer. This is not merely intellectual belief. It is a radical change in thoughts, and deeds. This person is constantly growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ. One who believes grows to love Christ, and desires to please Him. The love of Christ, and neighbors, compels Christians to share the Gospel. Love is kind-not selfish. God says if we have not love, we have nothing. He also warns us to make our selection sure.

    So, if you are not sharing the Gospel, ask yourself this question. “Who am I serving”? I believe one of the greatest form of worship to God, is to pull the wicked out of the fire! Look at the transformation, and power with which the didciples preached the Gospel in the book of Acts, after they were filled with the Holy Spirit. That same power is still available today, if you repent, pray for it, step out of the boat, and take Steve Sanchez evangelism class! You will never be the same!

  10. Seed, I’d reply to you but Steve is censoring any specific information regarding Living Waters’s finances. Publicly available finance information, mind you. The same has been done to Bathtub as well.

    Sorry we can’t continue this discussion.

  11. Yeah I guess Steve is jealous.

  12. Azou, I have attended the Ambassador’s Academy and I can assure you that no money was made by Living Waters. The hotel alone costs more for 4 nights than they charge participants to attend. This says nothing of all the books, food, training, and other materials that we received. The staff at Living Waters is serving God and doing it with pride. How about you?

  13. Azou,

    I could be more specific, too, particularly regarding Ray Comfort, but it is not my place to post details. Suffice it to say I have seen the evidence of a fruitfull life in Christ and a humble lifestyle.

    • SeedSower: Good points. This is why I don’t allow the posts giving the details. If people want to find those details, they can find them. Ray and Co. are good and honorable and mean a lot to me—and they are my friends. The Bible says a worker is worth his wages. Because of their ministry, my Christian life has changed radically.

      Give all of them a raise, I say! Hallelujah!

  14. Steve,

    “Give them all a raise” and they will need to sell MORe tracts and have MORE Ambassador’s Academy sessions to pay for it ; – D

  15. So what if he’s worth his wages. The point is you let through posts that deliberately attempt to portray Ray as someone sacrificing a lifestyle to do this work, then you delete anything that shows the reality of the situation. It’s got nothing to do with if you think he’s worth it not. It’s about the false pretense people are making to elevate Ray’s status.

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