What happened “ON THE BOX”


Ray Comfort and the Way of the Master team have a daily evangelism web show called “ON THE BOX.” I had the opportunity to be a guest on the program a few weeks ago.

Frankly, I thought I looked a little uncomfortable. And it’s true, videos do make me appear ten pounds heavier. Really. It’s the video. (My daughter thought I resembled a Beanie Baby next to buff ex-Navy SEAL Chad Williams, and ex-cop Tony Miano). Nevertheless, you might derive some pleasure by watching these two half hour episodes—or, you just may be bored stiff.

If you want to see the second day’s episode, click here:

Video streaming by Ustream


  1. Good stuff! Great job, and a well-done show.

  2. Hey, I watched it too! 🙂

  3. I didn’t see it live – but I watched.
    Rachael watched – so there is 7!

  4. My kids and I watched it too!
    (You’re up to 10 now!)

    My 7 year old daughter likes your
    way of teaching the 10 Commandments
    so much she is going to use them
    in a talent show performance
    to teach them to the audience
    (homeschoolers audience)

  5. I just watched it to right now! good stuff, haha i love your pose in the beginning of the show!

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