What excuses have you heard?


I just preached a sermon to four services over the weekend called “8 Excuses,” based on the popular (and very funny video) “Eight Reasons Why I Don’t Share my Faith.”

The 8 “reasons” are:

8. I might get beat up
7. I won’t make sense
6. I might be made fun of
5. I won’t know how to start
4. I’ll be a bad witness
3. I’ll say the wrong thing
2. I’ll be a religious nut
1. I don’t know enough

I covered the first four excuses¬†and will do the remaining four next weekend when I preach part two. Some other excuses I’ve heard are:

  • “I’m working on my house”
  • “I don’t care”
  • “It’s not my gift”

My question: What other excuses have you heard from Christians on why they don’t share their faith? I want to include a few more to make sure that I cover all the bases.

(As soon as the online version of my sermon is available, I’ll post it!)


  1. With my own ears:

    “That’s not my calling.”

    “Better you than me, pal.”

    “I could never do that.”

    “I don’t want to offend anybody.”

    “What would I say?”

    “I don’t like confrontations.”

    “They might ask questions I wouldn’t know the answer to.”

    “Are you nuts?”

  2. 1. My faith is personal (meaning just between me & God)

    2. I got my ticket to heaven, everyone else needs to get their own

    3. I’m too scared

    4. I’m too busy

    5. I leave that to the Evangelist, my gift is _________

    6. God chooses those who will be saved, so why bother

  3. Steve ! Bro ! You left out the biggest one !

    1. I wait for the leading – wait for the right opportunity ( A pregnant pause is a good one in my humble opinion)

    (Honorable mention: “Some are called to do that” aka “Some have the gift of evangelism”)

    I know people that have been “saved” 20, 30, 40 + years, and never witnessed to anyone other than letting those close to them know that they go to Church and are classifiedd as “Christian” – I’m really not judging people, because I practiced / believed in #1 for decades, and have been a big fat chicken many, many times.

    But the “waiting for the leading” and the “SOME people are called” are some of Satan’s favorite, pet doctrines.

    If you’ve led ONE soul to the Lord, you’ve got the calling, duh !!!! Not to say you shouldn’t witness if you haven’t, but if you’ve led one soul to repentance and saving faith through Jesus Christ, you’ve got the gift !

  4. “I’m waiting for the Lord to lead me to someone.”

  5. “I don’t know how to start.” That’s my one.

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