Untrustworthy Atheists


Here’s an article from the March 24, 2006, edition of The Minnesota Daily, which I found from an atheistic science blog called “Science Ouch” (see below).

Here’s my question to you: Do you think that America’s level of trust for atheists has grown or lessened in the 2 1/2 years since this article was written?

Atheists are America’s least trusted group, according to a national survey conducted by University sociology researchers.
null Based on a telephone survey of more than 2,000 households and in-depth interviews with more than 140 people, researchers found that Americans rate atheists below Muslims, recent immigrants, homosexuals and other groups as “sharing their vision of American society.” null Americans are also least willing to let their children marry atheists.

“It tells us about how Americans view religion,” said Penny Edgell, an associate sociology professor and the study’s lead researcher. “Many Americans seem to believe some kind of religious faith is central to being a good American and a good person.” Read the rest by clicking here!


  1. Gosh, you mean that after a century in which atheists murdered over 100 million of their fellow human beings in genocides, this perspective on life doesn’t exactly have a good reputation? (and this # is just outright genocode of those who have been born; it doesn’t even start to count the wars started by atheists, or abortion)

    I’m shocked.

    You mean that after a series of books like Christopher Hitchens’–more or less a novel length ad hominem attack–as well as the proud mockery of “campus atheists” all over the nation–people have gotten the idea that many atheists are just plain mean people?


    On a more intellectual note, the best answer (only, really) that I’ve ever gotten from an atheist about the problem of justifying morality is more or less “the golden rule,” along with some arguments that it’s universal. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t answer the question of WHY the Golden Rule is important. What if you can “do unto others” without the possibility of others doing so unto you?

    As Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others figured out pretty well, sad to say.

  2. Well said, Robert, well said!

  3. Dear pastor Steve, I think it is still very popular these days in society to believe in God because it means they can think of themselves as a good person, but it is the kind of God made up in the indviduals’s mind to be what they wish God to be. If they make God to be what they want him to be, then they are in control,then they can do what they want, when they want. They can believe they are a good person, and therefore they get to go to heaven. End of story right? God loves me, I’m a good person bingo-heaven, no more thought about it, I now can go about my business now making myself happy.
    I can discuss God all day long with them as long as I do not use these key words:SIN, REPENTANCE, HELL, LAW, SUBMISSION. OOhhh, not good words to use. It makes people feel bad inside about themselves, and that is not good, no one wants to think they are a bad person, not good.
    My dearest Pastor Steve, this world needs you, this world needs the truth, and it needs you. GOD Bless you for your commitment to go out there and your bravery! Love, Debra Flores

  4. You know, I was expecting a few comments coming my way from the atheists who link your site. I hope your work isn’t becoming irrelevant to them. :^)

  5. Steve, I went to the cashier and asked if she could break a large bill and then her fellow worker grabbed the bill and openned it up and said in a loud voice, ” Hey, can you break a large bill”. Then she took it and asked he she could have it and I said sure. Then she placed it on the mirror of her cutting station. I then handed a million dollar tract to the clerk. By the way, God bless you as you go into Peets and witness to Briana. Your distroying her conceptions of Christians by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  6. STEVE: I wrote this comment below in response to the “Witness on Wheels” posting but it would not accept my submission. I am going from past postings until it’s accepted…I guess there are still some cracks in the system…atheists at work! -Paul

    Witness On Wheels

    I welcome any opportunity to witness. And, I confess, I sometimes like it more when the Lord brings the opportunity TO me instead of me doing the work looking for it. (OK, so I’m lazy sometimes! ) At the very least, I am ready and willing when the opportunity arises.

    And no better does an opportunity arise when someone in my hearing parameter blasphemes my Savior’s name in worldly irreverant tone. In that moment, a trumpet call to “immediate active duty” blasts in my ear and before I know it I’m butting in saying: “You’re going to meet Him some day”. That’s how I usually start.

    Different factors can bring different reactions. Is the offender an aquaintance or a stranger? Is he talking to me or is he addressing me as part of a group? OR…am I just a passerby as he addresses a person or a group of people?

    In either case, the last thing the offender expects is for someone to step up in defense of the name that he is abusing and explain why it is wrong. The timeframe of such an interruption is usually in short order. That is unless the Holy Spirit places a willingness on the offender’s part to listen as opposed to him fulfilling his desire to unscrew my head from the rest of my body and leave.

    I have had experience in a variety of situations. They have been everything from being told to “fluff off!” (or something like that) to spending an whole hour with a total stranger after calling him up on his use of the Lord’s name in vain and gave him the gospel in a way he had never heard it. He said it made him think seriously about his state and that he would consider everything we talked about. He then said “thanks” for taking the time to talk with him.

    Such is the work of the Lord. If we are not out fishing, sometimes he’ll bring the fish to us. If circumstances allow, we should answer the call to glorify the Name of the Lord by defending it when blasphemed and, by God’s leading, point the offender to the cross.

    It doesn’t hurt to try. At last check, I still got my head screwed on.

  7. Atheist taoist buddist racist sexist who the f*ck cares… why do all of these people need to keep pointing out differences. Everyone may not actually need a somewhat organized political (yes political) belief system in order to have decent morals and acceptable ethics. Be who and what ever you are and believe what you choose – why oh why must everyone preach. The internet soapbox is so tiresome and cliched already.

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