Under Pressure, City Renames Christmas Tree


Attorneys at the Alliance Defense Fund are offering free legal assistance to officials in a small Arizona community who were threatened with a lawsuit over the town’s Christmas tree.

City leaders in Queen Creek have replaced the name “Christmas” with “holiday” on the community tree after a liberal legal group threatened a lawsuit over the use of “Christmas.”
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  1. We’re just as stupid here in Canada.

    All kinds of this offensive Christmas stuff all over the country. In Ottawa, schools put on “festive” concerts (oddly enough at Christmas time). they include all faiths that have a certain celebration at this time of year…except Christmas for fear of offending those of other faiths.

    In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the years long tradition of a giant Christmas tree being lit in a central spot in the city every Christmas is now being promoted as a “Multicultural Tree”.

    And to be fair, it is not immigrants or those of foreign background and different faith groups that are demanding these changes. For the most part they enjoy our Christmas traditions and even take part. They are not offended when someone says the word “Christmas” in a greeting or a song. They encourage it out of respect and friendliness.

    It is the moronic politically correct left wing wing-nuts in power who decide that people of different ethnic background will be offended and therefore do everything in their wing-nut power to do away with what has already been traditionally set in stone and enjoyed.

    I believe there is more to it than meets the eye and it has everything to do with hatred born of wicked hearts. Hatred for anything and anybody that has something to do with…Jesus Christ, Son fo God, Lord and Savior!

  2. On New years day two brothers-Tatsuo, and BJ, and I went to the Rose Bowl USC game to evangelize. We took turns open air preaching to the multitudes, using a mike. While it was my turn, two police officers approached Tatsuo, who was standing next to me. I did not allow that to deter me, but continued loudly, and boldly preaching the gospel of repentance. Only after I finished my message, I got down off the podium, and the cops told us we needed a permit from the city of Pasadena to preach with a mike. Good news was we could still preach without the mike, which we did. As I watched the great outpour of multitudes, I could not help but think “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborors are few”. Many had a beer in one hand, and a cell phone in the other. Many listened, but most seemed oblivious to the fact that there will be a judgment day and another life after this one. I could not help but wonder why there are not more laborors, if our country is 85% christian. The answer to this can very well create a great revival, and harvest!

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