The Muslim and Me at the DMV


By “Righteous Richard” Chavarria

I had an interesting conversation with a Muslim man after preaching at the Hawthorne Department of Motor Vehicles; he wanted to ask me some questions about my faith.

He said that he didn’t believe the Bible was accurate because in Europe the Bible has 72 books. Also, he explained, the preface of the King James Bible has errors in the interpretation. He also claimed that Jesus is not God, but, a prophet of God; that Jesus did not die on the cross, instead he was taken into Heaven by God; and finally, he did not believe that God can be three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I pointed him to the 10 Commandments and said, “Unless you repent, you too will perish.”

He wished me God’s Blessing and said that he “was envious of me preaching like this.” I wished him God’s blessing, too; we hugged each other and then said good-bye.

Richard preaches most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Hawthorne DMV. See how how it all started here.


  1. Very interesting, Richard. And you hit the nail on the head regarding his need to repent, lest he perish too. But what I find truly amazing is when he told you he is envious of you preaching like this.

    I always wondered: if Muslims are right about Allah (no peace upon him because he does not exist) then why aren’t they peacefully trying to evanglelize to us…well, to use their term…”infidels”?

    I am really impressed with how you handled your non-confrontational confrontation with him. You showed him Jesus in both word and deed. A great witness! Let’s pray for him.

  2. Paul, Many Muslims will admit that they are envious of Christians, but will continue to hold to their beliefs. Praise God that their being envious appears to make them receptive to the Gospel and from what I have heard many are turning to Christ.

  3. For sure, Mike. I have in past witnessed to Muslims who in most cases said they “believe in Jesus too and revere him as a prophet”. In light of that, I have asked if they believe the things this prophet said regarding his diety and his saving purpose in coming to earth. Their overall reaction to the quotes I provided for them to hear were dismissed as untrue. “He never said those things!”

    Knowing Islam is a works based faith I ask “Then what is better?: Eternal reward BECAUSE of you or eternal reward INSPITE of you?” I would speak to them of the purchased redemption for me through grace and the assurance of my place in Heaven after I die, not because of anything I ever did that was good enough to merit it but by what Jesus did for me on the cross, in my stead. I warn them their sin problem needs to be dealt with on THIS side of the grave as Judgement Day, which they do believe will take place, will be too late to say “I’m sorry”.

    Yes, they do stick to their guns. But they seem to have a hard time refuting grace and I am sure they go away thinking “I wish we had something like that to rest on.”

    I pray for opportunties to reach Muslims with the gospel truth. It is so exciting to read and hear of those who are stirred and bothered by God’s Spirit and power to the point of salvation via “Christ and him crucified”!

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