Tools: The Smart Card


The first time I met Ray Comfort he showed me his office and pointed to the tiniest desk you ever saw in your life; it was the size of a T.V. dinner table. With a smile he pointed to it and said, “That’s Kirk’s desk!” I laughed as he then led me to his desk, pulled open a drawer, and drew out The Smart Card.
null“Put your finger in the center and hold it there for fifteen seconds; if it turns a bright red then you are a good person and you will go to Heaven.” Being the sucker that I am I did just that, it didn’t turn bright red and Ray said, “Everyone does it— they all put their finger on it!” And they do!

This is a great way to break the ice, get a quick laugh… then share the Gospel. (They no longer have the “Low Tech” red spot Smart Card. It’s now high tech with reflective images—and it works great! TAKE A LOOK AND ORDER SOME HERE!


  1. In times that I do not have much money I tape one of these to the back of a clip board and have people take the test by putting their thumb on the back of my clip board. it is one that you can put papers inside of The card looks like it is part of the clip board. Then I tell them it must be broken when they fail and tell them they will have to take the verbal old fashion test. Then I walk them through the good test.

    These are great tracts.

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