Your Thoughts? MY THOUGHTS on the Radical Street Preacher!


Last week I asked your opinion about the radical street preacher who shouts out the Gospel and berates customers that go into a strip club (see the interview with him by clicking “read the rest of the story” below.)

Below is a video from Fox News that actually shows the confrontation between the preacher and the owner of the strip club. Watch it, then read my thoughts about this guy below.

My thoughts: As Christians, we all know that God’s word never returns empty , but will accomplish the purposes that God has intended for it (Isaiah 55:11). But there is such a thing as tact, courtesy, and being winsome. I don’t think that it is right to call individuals perverts, whores, prostitutes, etc. I do think that it is appropiate to open-air preach the truth of the Gospel in such a way that it is relevant without being obnoxious, even though the message will be offensive. There is also a fine line between harassing an establishment and preaching the Word. The overall message that the preacher is preaching is correct, maybe there should be some adjustment in attitude. What do you think?
Click to watch the interview with the

I want to hear your opinion about this guy. He’s a street preacher who makes me look tame. Is he too radical or right on? It made me sweat just to hear what he does… This 9 minute video is from
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  1. When God Inspired the Founding Fathers to found our great Nation and write our Bill of Rights (which do NOT come from our government or agencies of men – but from God alone) He moved them to place the Freedom of Speech at the top of the list. And so it should be.

    However, for a man to assume or pretend that he has either the ability or the “divine right” to speak for God or Jesus is, perhaps, the WORST form of taking the Name of The Lord in vain.

    Psychologically, this man is a bully who does not have the nerve to confront people on his own, so he wraps his hatred and aggressivness in the false cloak of Jesus and the Bible to do in the Name of God and The Lord what he has not the courage to do on his own. In short he has found a convienient vehicle for his hatred and violent nature.

    It is an inherent part of Christian Doctrine and the Teachings of Lord Jesus to “Judge not that you shall be not judged.” This man is violating the very Bible and The wonderful Faith that it represents which he claims to be promiting by (1) claiming to have the ability and authority to interpret God’s Holy Word as given in the Bible (Christians are supposed to keep our own counsel) and (2) by pretending to speak FOR God and Jesus.

    In all things Christian, I believe that we must ask ourselves – both, “What would Jesus have done?” and “Would Jesus have done this?” Jesus did not Teach through his words alone. Jesus also (and predominantly and most powerfully) taught through His Life and his Actions. I would ask, where in the Bible (except when throwing the money changers out of the Temple – which we could use more of in our own day) WHERE did Jesus call women “whores” and pass such judgments upon them as this man is doing? In FACT, when the village men were sta about to stone a REAL WHORE to death, Jesus stepped in and defended her against them saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (Some accounts suggest that He said, “Let he who has not been with this woman cast the first stone). And they all went home.

    When this “Radical Street Preacher” is “without sin” then perhaps (PERHAPS) he may have earned the right to pass judgment on others. But it is my opinion that he would still be taking The Lord’s Name in Vain by doing so and thereby – NOT be without sin.

    My conclusion: He would do better by spending his time in Prayer for his own Hubris. How can he remove the splinter from the eye of others when he has a beam in his own eye?

    God Bless you.
    God Save America.
    Reverend Bhagavan Friend

  2. Good points! What do the rest of you think? I’ll give my perspective on Monday or Tuesday.

  3. Am I missing something? Because I don’t see the points or agree with the Rev. You said that he said he has the “divine right” to speak for God….he never said that nor did I get the impression that he implied that. And as far as the “without sin” part, well he never said that either. Course, the Reverend may know more about this man than I. This is the first time I have seen or heard of him. I didn’t think him an agressive person or ‘full of hatred’ either. He is very, very frank and to the point……I don’t think you should mistake that for something else.
    The things I like most about him are his boldnes and confidence. I don’t agree with standing on a street corner calling women whores….even if they are….because that’s gonna turn people off and/or intice them to become defensive. He certainly calls it like it is!!
    As for the comments about Joel Olsteen…..I’m not going to go as far as him and say that Joel’s church isn’t Christian or that he is a false teacher…..but I am going to say I somewhat agree with him about Joel. Joel doesn’t preach the bibical gospel!! I watched him on Larry King Live one night and was VERY shocked and dissapointed. Larry straight out asked him if Jesus was the only way to heaven and Joel said “I don’t know about that. I don’t wanna judge anyone….lets let God do that.” Now, any Christian KNOWS that Jesus IS the only way to heaven….but Joel wouldn’t admit that fact. He sidestepped all of Larry’s questions. He woulnd’t even admit that the Hindus in India were going to hell. Anyways…..I lost any faith or respect I had in him as a pastor.
    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this street preacher Steve. Although a tad blunt and perhaps a little rough around the edges….he seems right on to me.

  4. Steve it is a little hard to get a complete picture of this guy and his ministry. One of the questions I asked was he a part of any church or larger ministry where he had someone holding him accountable. I was very uncomfortable with the idea he was calling women ‘whores’ in public (although I have to say his explanation of why they were whores made sense). I think we need to be truthful, but at the same time show respect to those we are trying to reach. My opinion is he is a little too far out.

  5. Hmm…after watching the video….hmmm….gosh it’s hard to say. I guess…..different strokes for different folks?? Some people say this guy might be too agressive and going about it the wrong way…..but we’ve read people say that about you also, Steve. (not that i’m comparing) I guess it’s a good thing God made everyone different….different people need to hear the gospel in different ways.
    Do I agre with standing in front of a strip club night after night with a bull horn, calling people bad names? No!

  6. Good comments Steve!! I completely agree with your analysis and conclusions. In my opinion and understanding, Christ came to dispell fear, not sow it. While any tyrant can make people do his puny will through force, threat, coersion, and intimidation; but those who represent God and Christ should offer the suffering souls of this world a haven and sanctuary from the ways of tyrants – not practice them.

    Steve, you know that I am the first one to stand up FOR Christians and any man or woman who wants to preach or teach the Truth of Christ. And I will be the first to stand against any man or woman who seeks to force another soul to comply with his or her will or wishes or intentions by force of threat or fear or intimidation.

    I have read the Holy Bible ten or fifteen times and I cannot find where Jesus threatened or used threat or intimidation or – for that matter, even fear – to cause anyone to follow him. His was an example of supreme kindness and compassion under all conditions and to all people – even those who hated and persecuted Him. Instead of scaring people into doing His will through Fear, He raised all souls up through His kindness, His compassion and His Presence and showed them the glory of Heaven.

    Should devoute followers of Christ do any less or any differently?

    I say not.

    Great comment and great blog Steve!

    God Bless you,
    God Save America.
    Reverend Bhagavan Friend

  7. Actually, Christ came to do both: He warned people to fear God because they lost sight of who he was and that judgment was coming. He used a whip to clear out the moneychangers; he warned the religious leaders to stop their hypocrisy (remember he called then white-washed tombs, a brood of vipers and more); he told everyone that they were condemned already if they didn’t believe in Him (John 3:18); and in the Sermon on the Mount he made it clear that those who didn’t fool Christ with all their hearts would be in danger of judgment and Hell; that those who were not really saved would be separated at the last Day and thrown into Hell; and those who thought they could be saved by doing good he would say, “Depart from me you worker of inequity; I never knew you,: and there’s a whole lot more that Jesus said that was meant to inspire the fear of God so people would repent and trust in Him by being born again (John 3:3) In fact, the very first word of Jesus’ public ministry was “Repent!”


    The writer of the book of Hebrews says that “it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

    As for me, I will continue to preach warnings so that people will fear the Lord!

  8. Steve:

    I see your point and respect your judgment even though I don’t think that is the best way myself. Each must keep his or her own counsel as best he or she can. It takes many different kinds of soldiers to fight any battle.

    Either way, keep on saying, “in the name of Jesus” at those city events! Don’t let the secular progressives stand in your way.

    Here is an idea, a bit off the subject – but good.

    Since many City Councils have caved into the ACLU and SPs and have stopped having Invocations – how about a “Pray In” at City Council meetings – where folks get up and offer a prayer during the 3 minutes of “free speech” that are allowed to all Citizens?

    God Bless you
    God Save America
    Reverend Bhagavan Friend

  9. I happen to agree with Reverend Friend. For this “street preacher,” to practice the word of God in his own way does nothing more, in my opinion, than give creedance to those he is preaching against. I don’t believe one can yell, accuse, verbally assault, or try to outshout the opposition, and still be observed as a valid representative of the word of God. I believe he brings down the whole of Christian Persons by his actions.

  10. Steve:

    Well, I took your comments seriously and went back and looked diligently again.

    And, while you are certainly right that Jesus admonished people strongly, threw out the money changers from the Temple and confronted the Devil head on. I STILL cannot find one instance of where Christ caused anyone (especially any of his Apostles) to follow him through the methods we have been discussing.

    Help me out won’t you?

    I am not a betting man. But if I were, I would bet everything I own that preaching and demonstrating the amazing Grace and Love of Christ would save at least 300% more Souls than the methods of the Street Preacher in question.

    God Bless us all.
    God Save America.
    Reverend Bhagavan Friend

  11. Rev.,
    You have to remember, I’m not defending the street preacher’s methods, I think that he is wrong in haranguing customer’s and creating a fuss—he’s not a good Christian example. I am defending the methods of using real fear to bring a sinner to repentance! Proverbs says that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” I’m trying to help people be wise ;>)

  12. Steve:

    Of course you make some good points. I would only argue that what people don’t know in their heads, they already DO know in their hearts. My experience when I was exclusively a Christian (though you may disagree, I am still a Christian as well as what I am now and that, is exclusvely between me and God) but back to the point. When I was exclusively a Christian, I found that what people are longing for the most, is to see Christ’s Love and Compassion DEMONSTRATED in the world via Christians. When the majority of people see this, the crud in their heads stops counting and their hearts take over and respond with a “go toward” motion and emotion.

    Here is my problem with the fear aspect. Fear and pain are very closely related. In fact I am certain that all fear is based in pain of one sort or another – present or future. When the human physical system experiences pain, it has only one response – to contract, to tighten up. That is what a cramp in your calf is all about. Your muscle cramps and it causes pain, so the muscle tightens up more and causes more pain, so it tightens up more, so it causes more pain so it tightens up more…. etc…. Till you jump out of bed and hop around the room like a kangaroo at 3 am!

    It is my experience that people respond the same way to threat (fear of future pain). They tighten up and get a “Spirit cramp” so to speak. You may move some few people to accept Christ by that means. But you are fighting against yourself and the very human nature that God created by doing so. Because, as you have no doubt noticed and documented in your Evangie Tales, the reaction of an overwhelming number of people to threat is to CONTRACT mentally, emotionally, Spiritually and physically. Then you have to kep on driving the Fear Factor home until they either break and accept Christ or, run away. The majority will always run away because God built us to run away from pain whenever possible so that we woud survive.

    But when you present those rarest of qualities – Charis (Divine Unselfish Love) and Compassion – there can be NO reaction in the conscious person but to GO TOWARD the (perceived) source of that Divine Love and Compassion. Of course, there is always the problem of convincing the person that it is God an Christ that they are attracted to and not you – but that is easy to work out.

    This is why over 80% of all people who join a Church (whether Christians or non-Christians) or become converts do so (Initially) because of the friendship (Love and Comradeship) they find there. the principle is – if the people who come to your Church for the first time don’t make friends within the first six weeks – 90% chance is that they will leave.

    Just to put a cap on my “case” let me ask you, who you would be most likely to visit, make friends with and stay with: someone who Loves you more than you can love yourself – or some one who threatens you into coming and into staying?

    I respect your right and choice to do your ministry anyway you see fit and God guides you to do it. But, since we have been talking about the subject, I thought you might be interested in my point of view.

  13. Rev.,

    We are seeing things from two entirely different perspectives and paradigms. May I suggest listening to a very clear, informative and entertaining teaching that literally changed my life? It summarizes everything I do in terms of evangelism, and you will know why “conversion” results don’t bother me. I’m serious… it changed my entire perspective in how I share my faith. It’s called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret,” and you can listen to it online immediately at

    Now that’s the cap!!!

  14. Went and listened. With all due respect – not convinced. My own experience is too strong with regard to what I have said to you. I understand their premise and recognize backsliding and having people fall away from the Faith is a huge problem that frustrates even the most well established Pastors and Ministers.

    Still, in my 63 years, starting with The Reverend Bill Graham up to the present, I must say that I have seen the Power of Divine Love and Compassion prevail over fear in nearly every case.

    Persevere in your work. As I said, it takes many different kinds of Soldiers to fight a battle and win a war. Regardless of our different paradigms and opinions – our mutual war is against Evil and for God.

    Great dialog.

    Hey! Where is everyone else. You don’t have to be an expert (are there any such?). Jump on in and express your heartfelt ideas and opinions.

    God Bless you and yours.
    God Save America
    Reverend Bhagavan Friend

  15. Regarding Larry preaching at Redner’s club, he is doing it scripturally! I have preached with him many times!

  16. All right! That is one tough act!

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