Your Thoughts? MY THOUGHTS on the Radical Street Preacher!


Last week I asked your opinion about the radical street preacher who shouts out the Gospel and berates customers that go into a strip club (see the interview with him by clicking “read the rest of the story” below.)

Below is a video from Fox News that actually shows the confrontation between the preacher and the owner of the strip club. Watch it, then read my thoughts about this guy below.

My thoughts: As Christians, we all know that God’s word never returns empty , but will accomplish the purposes that God has intended for it (Isaiah 55:11). But there is such a thing as tact, courtesy, and being winsome. I don’t think that it is right to call individuals perverts, whores, prostitutes, etc. I do think that it is appropiate to open-air preach the truth of the Gospel in such a way that it is relevant without being obnoxious, even though the message will be offensive. There is also a fine line between harassing an establishment and preaching the Word. The overall message that the preacher is preaching is correct, maybe there should be some adjustment in attitude. What do you think?
Click to watch the interview with the

I want to hear your opinion about this guy. He’s a street preacher who makes me look tame. Is he too radical or right on? It made me sweat just to hear what he does… This 9 minute video is from
Just click the arrow on the screen.


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