Tools: The 10 Commandments Penny

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I love giving this pressed penny to people after a succesful Gospel presentation. They accept it readily and leaves quite an impression. They pick it up, squint, and ask if all the commandments are really on there. I say, “Yes. But you have to hold it up to the light.” They don’t understand the joke, but I have a little laugh inside. null After taking them through the 10 Commandments and seeing that they understand that they have broken them, will be found guilty on Judgment Day and will pay for their sin in Hell—and after I give them a clear presentation of the Gospel—I hand them a penny and say, “Here’s a gift for you. It’s a 10 Commandments penny. Remember, you can’t keep the commandments—except in your pocket!”
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One Comment

  1. Wow!! That’s an awesome line: “You can’t keep the commandements, except in your pocket!” 😀

    We use the 10C coin more here in Norway… Does this pressed penny have a gospel message or something like that on the backside as well? If I remember correctly, it doesn’t.. But still, it’s an awesome tool, and a nice “gift” to hand someone after an encounter..

    I guess people won’t “crumble it together” and throw it away so easily..

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