Martyrs: They Can’t be Stopped


This is an excerpt from an article written by Tom White, Director of The Voice of the Martyrs:

A few weeks ago, I was in a country where Christians were forced off their property for evangelizing. One man’s arm was cut off. Others were beaten or killed. One hundred twenty of these believers came to a three-day session [that the Voice of the Martyrs] held in a safe area of the valley. None of these men, along with their wives and children, said to us, “Help us get out of here.” We showed them photos of Christians in Asia baptizing at night, meeting richly in their poverty for Bible study around a small lamp. etc. Their questions during these three days centered around, “When we go back in with the Gospel, how can we go undetected, yet be effective?”
null They left the meeting, some taking long bus rides, then walking or riding their new mountain bikes eleven hours back into dangerous zones. Before he left, the evangelist, now with his new plastic arm, said to me, “They didn’t cut off my arm so I could go back and sell tomatoes. God said to me, ‘Stop selling your tomatoes or I will make them all rot. Go back and share the Word.’ So my wife and I went back.” -From The Voice of the Martyrs, Oct. 2006. Get a free one year subscription by clicking here!

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