The Wall of Faith


Here’s some encouragement for those who are members of “The Everyday Club.”

Most mornings when I awake I think, I have to do it again. That is, I have to go out of my comfort zone and share my faith with someone, most likely a stranger. I don’t always want to do it, in fact, sometimes I don’t want to do it all because it takes effort. Yesterday’s opportunities disappear; my evangelistic successes are always history. Still, because of my goal to witness everyday, tomorrow always comes. It’s here today, already.

Everytime I have to walk through a wall of faith.  It seems impenetrable, insurpassable, solid and difficult. But with God, I can pass through it. I must pass through it. I will pass through it. I make a choice each time to do it.

It isn’t very easy. But once I take that first step—putting my toe in the Jordan, my smooth stone in the sling… once I take up my mat—God meets me. The wall crashes down with nary a blast from the ram’s horn.

And another lost soul makes a choice for eternity.

Walk through the wall.

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