“The Everyday Club” Report: February


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This is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month, and send you an email reminder.)

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  1. Here’s my report:

    Well, I’ll have to wait until 2010 to try for a perfect record. I missed three days in February.

    Here’s the numbers:

    785+ tracts

    48 personal witnessing encounters.

    9 times I preached in the open air to approx. 455+ people.

    10 times stop light preaching to approx. 100+ people

  2. Here’s “Righteous Richard’s report:

    Howdy, we missed 4 days in our goal to hand out 10 tracts or witness to one person every day. We passed out 1,085 tracts; 37 one to one conversations; 6 open-air; and over 490 hearers.

    To God be the glory,


  3. 1 open air

    8 personal witness encounters

    392 gospel tracts

    I would have done better, but I had a dentist appointment. A real, real long dentist appointment. 🙂

  4. I was able to do an half open first time on the subway this Sat. I got to talk about Jesus beautiful sacrifice and people actually listen, with change collegian network..a little scary but when you start to speak wow it’s not that bad especially with other supporting christians by your side. Though afterwards I think my knees were knocking=p..but def. I would try to do it again, I need more practice with that and one on ones. I was also able to witness one on one with a few people. I dropped probably about 50 tracts and was able with God’s help to be able to do some tract outreach on Valentines day as well as handing some out on Sat. and placing tracts on cars. There were some days that were better than others but I really feel like i’m growing.. and I pray that I will continue to live in obedience and also pray that those who have received the message will be changed and come to salvation through Jesus Christ, may He receive the glory forever and ever amen.

  5. I was sick for 3 weeks this month! But my total for February is 47.

  6. I missed the mark one day during February of passing out at least 3 tracts and/or 1 personal witness. I would like to add a goal of doing my first open air during March.

  7. Oh no! I have to be honest! I am so thankful for the reminder sent by Pastor Steve that I actually made a commitment. Now I have to confess that I have fallen short of that commitment.

    Here is the deal, not an excuse, but an explanation. Sometimes, us Pastors, get so caught up in the equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry, that we forget to participate ourselves.

    During February I worked hard to prepare our people to launch a “Neighborhood Invasion.” This is a systematic, house to house, invasion of the neighborhood around our church, with Law to the proud and Grace to the humble.

    One of the things that has been forgotten, in many of our local Churches, is that God had a reason for planting the Church where He did. He wanted those people in those neighborhoods reached. The Church has fallen short and we find often that the people attending our Churches do not live in those neighborhoods. We grow and decide to “Move” to “greener pastures” with a brand new church. We forget who we were planted to serve and reach!

    So far we have found a great unreached Harvest Field within yards of our front door! Our people are use to getting in a van and heading to Fortworth, 90 miles away, and street witnessing. When it comes to knocking on a door right here in Waco, they panic. We want to seek that which is lost, that they might be saved, RIGHT HERE FIRST!

    Here is my confession, I forgot about my personal responsibility to share the Gospel because I got caught up in helping others share.

    Yes, I handed out many tracts, did some 1-2-1s and prayed for open doors, but I forgot about my “Everyday Club” pledge.

    Thanks for the Reminder Brother!

  8. february was a tough month for me. i fell short, of the Glory of God… as usual.

    no open air

    2 individual witnessed- at work

    Gospel tracts – yes (#?)

    had a meeting with a pastor & couple of his flock to talk about starting a basic training course at his church…no responce yet.

  9. Thanks Steve for the story about having to break thru the wall. It seem scary and insurmountable when I’m on my own. It’s a lot easier when I’m with others. So I joined to Hope Hermosa team 5 times in Feb. I missed my goal of giving out tracts & sharing 1-2-1 daily on two days this month. I really haven’t kept track of numbers other than days. Accountablilty is good. Thanks again for this “club”.

  10. I humbly admit that I have not reached my goal. I have been doing a lot of equipping and praying. I’m glad for the accountability.

  11. Well, the second month of 2009 is gone for eternity and here’s how I did.

    Tracts: 1000+
    one-2-one: ~10
    Open-air: 2
    Stoplight preaching: 1
    Days I didn’t reach my goal: ~ 9
    Days missed completely: ~3

    I think I’m going to add praying for the lost at least once a day to my Everyday Club goal.

  12. February was a great month of evangelism (not that there is any other kind). I missed my goal on just one day during the month.

    The Lord was gracious and kind to allow me to open-air many times, distribute tracts, and engage many people in conversation.

    I started fishing at a new pond in February. Cal State University Northridge. My eldest daughter, Michelle, is a student there. So, I go to the campus every Tuesday and Thursday to pick her up from school–arriving a couple of hours early to give me time on campus to talk to the lost. It is a very well-stocked pond and the fish are always biting. I love it!!

    I’ve also started to stop by my local Wal-Mart on the way home from Living Waters. I can go through 100 tracts in about 30 minutes.

    Our new Obama Million Dollar Bill is proving to be a great tool. I took it out for a test drive the other day at Wal-Mart. The line I used to get the tract into people’s hands was this. “Hi! Have you received your hope and change yet today?” Or, “Hey, I’m distributing the stimulus package, today.”

    Everyone laughed and gladly took the tract. Very few rejections. And only one political rejection when a lady huffed and said, “I voted for the other guy.”

  13. Fellow Evangelists,
    I can’t say that I have met my commitment of handing out ten tracts and having at least one conversation with someone about there eternal destination every day. In the month of February I did get the chance to “open air” to groups of teenagers in front of a movie theater at a mall. They were very receptive and listened to what I had to say and they even had some questions. I did meet my commitment every day of the week except Thursdays, because I would be leaving directly from work and going to a W.O.T.M. Basic Training Course. This would make my day from 5:30am to 9:00pm. I would go directly home from class. The class is now completed and I have Thursday evenings free to witness. I was wondering how I was going to accomplish this commitment when I made it. I work with the same people everyday and have witnessed to all of them. I realized the best way to meet my goal is to stop on my way home from work, typically at a strip mall or shopping plaza and walk along the store fronts handing out tracts and talking with people. This only takes 30 minutes or so and I usually hand out more than ten tracts and have more than one conversation. The best part is I go home knowing that I’ve warned someone of the reality of God’s punishment for Law breakers and then tell them of God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ alone. I am so excited coming home from witnessing. Instead of coming home from work tired I come home exhilarated.

    In Christ,
    Jeff Weaver

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