The Singer


Just because someone says they are a Christian does not mean that they are a Christian; talk is cheap. Not many Christians know why they are Christians even if they are Christians. This poor guy didn’t really know what he believes, so I explained to him what he should believe. Then he sang a little song. Below, please read some tips on how to deal with people who may be false converts.

Here are four “EV Tips” articles to help with those who may not necessarily be saved:
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  1. I was speaking to a Mormon lady who wasn’t sure if she was going to Heaven or Hell. She thought maybe she was going to either place or somewhere in between. Wow. So, I thought I had a good chance of giving the bad news and the Good news. We got to the bad news and she was obviously aware of her transgressions. She was so sorry that I felt bad at giving her more bad news with more 10 Commandments that she had surely broken and would feel bad about. Well, I went to the good news but she didn’t seem obviously thankful for what Jesus had done for her, but she was still listening. We had to end the conversation on an unspectacular note. I console myself with knowing that she did hear and that I get to see her again to bring it up again, this time I will dwell on a few more of the 10 commandments and the fact that we are judged for our sins…

  2. I was at the car wash battling whether or not to give people tracts and then thought, “these people are perishng”, so I prayed and acted bold because of what was at stake. I was able to give out a few $1000000 bills. I was unable to give out one because one guy handed it back to me after I told him it was gospel tract. I groaned knowing the state of his heart. I did though, talk to someone who went to church regularly, believed in Jesus and tried to live his life doing what Jesus would do. I spoke on not only believing but trusting Jesus with your life. He had repented already, so it was a nice conversation. I think witnessing to other Christians gives them good things to think about regarding sharing their own faith too.

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