The Shame of Beijing


As the Olympics are winding down, and the memories of the Bird’s Nest, Watercube, and gold, silver, and bronze fade to black, let’s not forget that the Chinese people are not allowed to worship God freely under their brutal, Communist government which is centered in Beijing.

When I travelled there a few years ago on a covert missionary journey to an underground house church (now disbanded, see photo above), I had just learned the evangelistic method espoused in “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” three months prior. I had the privelege of teaching it to the students gathered there. Read my first impressions of this wonderful country with its wonderful, humble people by clicking below. Here are the first few lines of my report:

The house church Pastor described China as a country with no law and no God. “You can have someone killed here for about 300 Yuan ($37.50). Now is a good time to make money, but it’s not very safe…” Click here to read the rest of this 2 part series.

The next year I went again, this time with a greater evangelistic zeal. I witnessed everywhere (which wasn’t too wise since it’s illegal in China), still, I met my Chinese counterpart, trained him in The Way of the Master, and he, too, went crazy sharing the “illegal” gospel. He loved the illusion tracts, and so did all the people around him (image distorted for his protection).

Read the 14 part story starting here and be thankful you live in America where we still have religious freedom for a little while longer!


  1. I actually made a two part series on the olympics in China…

    In it I point out the hypocrisy of the Atheist/Evolutionist worldviews that perpetuate the lack of freedoms, it was amazing to see how paralleled the olympics are with the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

  2. What happened to the church? Did it split into two new ones that the authorities couldn’t catch, I hope?

    (I always hate to hear of churches disbanding!)

  3. Unfortunately, the Public Security Bureau found them and they had to join a 3 Self Church.

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