“The Origin of Species” at USC


By the time you read this, our team will be finished handing out 2,600 books written by that famous Imagineer, Charles Darwin on the campus of the University of Southern California. Of course, there is a special 50 page introduction to “The Origin of Species” written by Ray Comfort detailing the foolishness of Darwin’s theory and how it influenced Hitler to do his evil work. Also included is the the Law and Gospel.

170,000 of these books are to be handed out at 100 of the top universities in the U.S. today instead of the original date of November 19th. Atheists got wind of our plan and organized massive groups of people on Facebook and other places to oppose this effort. The Pope of atheism, Richard Dawkins even encouraged students to rip out the first 50 pages! So a couple of months ago, Ray Comfort changed the date to a day earlier, but didn’t publicize it. In fact, only members of the giveaway knew about the changed date.

How will this all turn out? Tune in tomorrow. Or listen to WretchedRadio right now!


  1. “A couple of months ago”, preacher?

    Oh, really?

    (squints, trying to remember)

    Cameron’s stupid YouTube video was posted in September, I think.


    Yup. “Origin into Schools” was posted on September 14th and “Kirk Cameron – Origin into Schools” on September 21st, both on WayoftheMaster’s YouTube channel. And it says November 19, 2009, both in Cameron’s script and in a video notation. (White letters on red background – nice touch.)

    (counts on fingers)

    By my reckoning, “a couple of months ago” would be mid-September 2009.

    Are you saying, Mister PreacherMan, that your fellow preacher man has been, ahem, a little loose with the Ninth Commandment for two months?

  2. Actually no one lied. The original date was really Nov. 19. When they found our there was organized opposition, they simply changed the date without telling anyone except those who were on the task force. It was a brilliant tactical move. Ya think?

  3. Steve, I think that was Weemaryanne’s point. That “brilliant tactical move” (to avoid any opposition) was a lie by omission; you still acted as if Nov 19 was the date, while knowing that the date had been changed, but knowingly didn’t announce it.

    That’s a lie by omission.

    To be honest, I personally find the avoidance of opposition to be more damaging to the reputation of the people involved than the lie by omission, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. Tactical moves are for battlefields. We’re talking college campuses. You don’t educate by lying. And when you learned there was opposition, why you should have rejoiced! – teach the controversy, let the students hear both sides, remember?

    You people don’t even believe your own words. Nobody else should, either.

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