The Next “Origin of Species” Giveaway Date


In the latest issue of WORLD magazine, in a profile of Stephen C. Meyer, director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, a sidebar article talks about the success of the “Origin of Species” book giveaway conducted on 100 University campuses in which 170,000 copies of Darwin’s tome (with a special 50 page introduction by Ray Comfort which also includes the Gospel) was distributed by 1,200 volunteers.

The article stated that “Living Waters will continue to print and distribute its edition across college campuses, but the when and where is secret. Comfort said: ‘Atheists will be trying to find out what universities we’re going to visit and when we’re going to visit them, but they have more chance of flossing the teeth of a lion at the L.A. zoo at feeding time than they have of getting that information.’ ” —From “Flossing a Lion,” by Alisa Harris, WORLD, 12/19/09


  1. Passing out that book does more harm for your ministry than an atheist could ever hope to (not that an atheist would hope to harm your ministry… I certainly don’t).

  2. How is success measured? By the giving away of free books? Then I am sure no one doubted it would be a success.

    The only reason to hide the date is that they are scared of honest discussion. Ray quotes one person unsourced (as is the norm) about resistance, ignoring all the other comments condeming that sort of comment and agreeing that Ray can give stuff away. It’s deliberate spin. I have before and could again go through and point out the dozens and dozens of simple factual errors in Ray’s intro. And I mean Factual errors not “I disagree with science because of my religion” type of things,

    If Living Waters are so proud of the book why have they hidden the PDF?

    Of course we know the reason, and Steve, I know you’ve seen the link so you can’t claim ignorance on the matter. You are just choosing to pretend it doesn’t exist.

    I guess if Living Waters & Ray ignores the issue long enough Dr. Stan Guffey will disappear?

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