Sudden Death: Santa Clause and Rudolph?


Okay. Even I think this Christmas display of Jesus gunning down Santa with a shotgun is a bit much. Am I overreacting here?


  1. This is not funny. This is wrong. I agree with one of the commentators: ‘children see this’. They cannot appreciate the statement behind the “art”. Bad way to depict our Lord despite the lie of Santa Claus. Blasphemous actually.

  2. I totally agree with him that Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa … but really? Jesus with a shotgun killing Santa? I find the thought of that a lot worse than children believing some fat man is going to give them presents if they are good.

  3. Very sad! I see nothing redeeming about this at all. How can this display possibly turn anyone to God? The display does more harm than any commercialization of Christmas involving Santa Claus. I agree with Paul that it is actually blasphemous. Steve, I would suggest you also condemn this so that no one reading your site gets any wrong ideas.

  4. WHAT is this man thinking? Has he not READ the Bible? Does he believe that Jesus would SHOOT his “enemy” rather than “turn the other cheek”?

    His lawn display is just wrong on all counts:
    1) It is both insulting to Christians and blasphemous in God’s eyes.
    2) It is mean-spirited toward little children who believe in Santa.
    3) It portrays a LIE to non-Believers about who our GOD is, and about the seriousness of obeying His 10 Commandments.

    He claims to be a Christian, who is offended by the commercialism of Santa, yet he selfishly insists on promoting his OWN “agenda”, while thoughtlessly trampling on the beliefs and feelings of others.

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