The July Everyday Club Report: Pot-House Preaching Produces!


The marijuana dispensary on the Venice Boardwalk was a fixture for many years. Called the Kush House, they offered “medical MaryJane” to just about anyone who needed it. I think the term “medical” is highly doobie-ous.

Case in point: one of our evangelists asked the proprietors if he would be able to buy some hemp because his elbow hurt. They said yes. “How about a headache?” Yes, again. (No, he didn’t buy any.)

We loved to preach there. We made it a point to preach and pray against this place every time we visited. We hoped God would cause this place to go out of business.

The owners didn’t like it.

The guy below is being confronted by two security guards from the Kush house for  delivering a message in front the dispensary. Nearly every time we preached they’d try to intimidate us. Still, we’d preach and pray. When they came with their video cameras, we’d smile and wave, and preach and pray.


We were determined to beseech the Lord to get this place out of there. We persevered, ignoring the threats and trusting the Lord. Guess what happened?

They went of business.

Yep, persistence paid off royally. In our last visit a few weeks ago, the Kush House became the new headquarters for Snap Chat, the Internet sensation for the teen and tween set. (My daughters love using it.)

The moral of the story: Keep on preachin’!

And everyday, if possible.

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