The July Everyday Club Report: Pot-House Preaching Produces!


The marijuana dispensary on the Venice Boardwalk was a fixture for many years. Called the Kush House, they offered “medical MaryJane” to just about anyone who needed it. I think the term “medical” is highly doobie-ous.

Case in point: one of our evangelists asked the proprietors if he would be able to buy some hemp because his elbow hurt. They said yes. “How about a headache?” Yes, again. (No, he didn’t buy any.)

We loved to preach there. We made it a point to preach and pray against this place every time we visited. We hoped God would cause this place to go out of business.

The owners didn’t like it.

The guy below is being confronted by two security guards from the Kush house for  delivering a message in front the dispensary. Nearly every time we preached they’d try to intimidate us. Still, we’d preach and pray. When they came with their video cameras, we’d smile and wave, and preach and pray.


We were determined to beseech the Lord to get this place out of there. We persevered, ignoring the threats and trusting the Lord. Guess what happened?

They went of business.

Yep, persistence paid off royally. In our last visit a few weeks ago, the Kush House became the new headquarters for Snap Chat, the Internet sensation for the teen and tween set. (My daughters love using it.)

The moral of the story: Keep on preachin’!

And everyday, if possible.

If you are still a participant in The Everyday Club, post how you did in the comments section.

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  1. In july I didn’t reach my goal, but. I kept leaving n giving out tracts

  2. And I thought that smoking dope was supposed to make a guy kinda mellow. Didn’t seem like those bouncers got the message. :^)

  3. Had a so-so month as illness was a factor! Hopefully in August I will be back on track on a daily basis!

  4. Wow! Praise the Lord!! That is awesome 🙂

  5. I know there were some days that I missed, but I’m striving for a perfect month in August!

  6. If I honestly may ask, what is so super bad about marijuana, anyway?

    Honestly, what’s the huge deal about it?

  7. missed one day – and it hurt my heart!

  8. I missed several day due to a trip to Texas and…. many other things.

  9. I had a great month with only missing my goals on 5 or 6 days. On the 6th, we gave out about 500 tracts at our local fireworks display. I had several conversations. One was with a Jehovah’s Witness for over 2 hours. He got me stirred up to study more about what they believe and teach. They totally twist the Bible with the New World Translation that is conformed to their teachings! I’m ready to see some Jehovah’s Witnesses come to the real Jehovah!

  10. Handed out many tracts and had several one2ones.
    Looking forward to the month of August because community
    colleges open for the fall semester and I’ll have a
    chance to share the gospel there.

  11. It was a great month. Along with passing out more tracts than I have for a while, I had great opportunities to share the gospel. Thank you for your ministry and the ministry of Living Waters.

  12. July was a great month for sharing the Gospel. We took a weekend trip to New Mexico and I was able to share the Gospel with a lot of different people along the way. Aside from the daily tracting when I go out anyplace, I had a door to door salesman come to my door who it turns out used to be a mormon missionary. I got to share the truth with him. I also have had a two week long dialog with a Muslim in Indonesia. At our churches VBS On the Road we got to discuss the trinity with a JW and then after one evening session witness to two mormon missionaries who were walking down the street. We got in one morning of door to door evangelism here in Carrollton, TX!

    I thank God for you, Steve, and look forward to meeting you once you move to TX!

  13. Praise God for that true story Pastor Steve! The month of July was a good month altogether! I missed maybe a couple days in there. I continue to go out weekly with my “Are You Ready?/John 3:36” cross! And now I have purchesed a small PA system so that when I go out to carry the cross I can read Scripture and give the gospel! I plan to try out my new PA tomorrow!! All glory to God!!!

    P.S.—Also the very last day of July I sent out 18 letters to my neighborhood that had a million dollar bill gospel tract in it! I pray for their salvation in Jesus name!!!

  14. I missed a number of days.

  15. The month of July was a very interesting one. I got to see Ray Comfort’s new film Evolution vs. God, which debunks evolution and shows the gospel. So after I watched it, then I met an atheist who was a believer in evolution, and using the film’s methods, I was able to show her that evolution was unscientific, and the God existed. I also told her how she was evil in the sight of God for breaking His commandments, and how she could find eternal life. You can see that video of the interview at:

  16. God has established a weekly opportunity to reach out to the poor with food and the Gospel every Friday. Preached open air 4 times and distribute tracts almost every day.

  17. For July I only missed 3 days. I gave a Big Money tract to one co-worker and a new Joel Osteen tract to another co-worker

    I also was able to hand out a variety of tracts during my Christian Band: “Beloved” Outdoor Show! I handed out Millions, Trillions, and Tony Miano Tracts.

    One day at the Gas Station, I asked for $10 and the gas attendant started saying: “That’s plus tax right?” I was confused. Then he said: “How come no one ever says: “Plus Tip?, Where’s my Tip?”

    So, I gave him the perfect tip, 1 Trillion Dollars! He laughed and I said to make sure and read the message on the back!

  18. For July I missed a number of days due to an injury, a broken foot

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