The Everyday Club Report or June: Midway


The year is half over. How are you doing with your everyday commitment?

I hope this simple, stark reminder to stay faithful finds its home in your heart.

If not you, who?

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  1. June was a great month! I think I missed maybe 2 to 3 days overall. The biggest thing was I got to go to a big festival and hand out a lot of tracts and I was able to get at least one, 1-2-1. The evangelist friend I was with got a lot more 1-2-1’s but overall it was a good time of proclaiming the gospel! Also I continue to get the majority of my 1-2-1’s on the chat website Omegle. I have actually had several people now repent and come to Christ and asking good questions about what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I pray that July is an even greater month of proclaiming!! The first weekend of July I will be going to a conference on biblical discernment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with many speakers one being Paul Washer. The conference will end with everyone being invited to go out a preach the gospel in the Tulsa area. Pray that much fruit of repentance and salvation in Jesus alone comes from this! God bless!!!

  2. Had a good month but will put forth an extra effort in July not to miss one day!!

  3. I made my goal of handing out at least 10 tracts a day or sharing one to one and open air preaching when I can… except for missing 2 or three days.

    Aiming for perfection in July!

  4. I will make a effort not to let a day go by with out confronting Christians about their misguided beliefs.

  5. I have to admit, it has been a tough year. On June 15, my family moved from our home of 15 years after a heart breaking lost fight with the lender. But, with new neighbors have come new opportunities to share the Gospel Truth. Keep your eyes on the prize of life and keep fighting the good fight. I missed about 5 days last month. But, God has answered my prayer and showed us fruit from our labors. I’ve witnessed several coming to repentance and faith! Daily handing out tracts has become routine, so I don’t count that activity. My heart yearns to meet and speak with someone new every day. Thanks for the accountability, brother Steve!

    • Thank you for your faithfulness despite affliction. It’s easy to give up when adversity comes our way. The man of faith stays in the game and perseveres to the end. I am praying for you Eric!

    • That’s great Eric that handing out tracts has become a daily routine for you! Praying that would happen for me in Jesus name!!!

  6. I had a great June, partly because I was on vacation in California from Wyoming. We took our 4 grandchildren to Disneyland, Knotts, Seaworld etc and took one day to be at the Santa Monica Pier area. I was hoping the WOTM would have been there. But during the 10 days we were there we handed out about 100 tracts.

  7. My Everyday goal is to do something evangelistic. In June 2012, I missed 4 days. Glory to God in the highest. He whom we trust will be with us to the very end. “…There is no other name given to man by which we must be saved..”. The Nazarene Christ Jesus, my Lord and savior. Repent and believe the Gospel.

  8. I believe that my goal to pass out at least 5 tracts per day was complete. I open-air preached 2 nights – hoping to do more in July – Sola gratia . . .

  9. My goal this year was to do something evangelistic everyday. I missed two or three days in June. I had several 1-2-1 talks and handed out a lot of tracts.

  10. June was a really poor month for me. I started well but it tailed off badly. Every week on our church’s outreach night it rained so outreach was cancelled. Very few callers to my work premises and most of them I had already given tracts/witnessed to.
    But with God’s grace July will be much better.

  11. This was a really slow month for me. I ran out of tracts before the end of June! I just bought some more. This month I’m going to hand out alot of tracts at a 4th of July celebration.

    Pastor Steve, do I have to get a permit to OAP, and use amplification at a 4th of July parade?

  12. Not a good month for us.
    We ran out of tracts. Couldn’t print any either because of ink issues.
    I could not do any “good person test” with phone marketers, they all refused to take the test.

    Nicole was able to mail 9 junk -mail- envelops with gospel tracts in them!

  13. I fulfilled my commitment but I desire to talk One2One with more people on a regular basis and no only leave tracts around 🙂

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