The Everyday Club Report: For September


You never know who you will meet when you fulfill your commitment to The Everyday Club. The guy I handed out my tract to below really made my hair stand on end…

Did you read about evangelist D.L. Moody’s commitment to share his faith everyday? It was said at the end of his life that he preached the Gospel to no less than 100 million people. Think it might have to do with his goal to reach at least one person a day? (Read about his commitment here.)

Now’s the time to post your totals for the month of September. You can either post your estimated amounts (Example: you handed out 308 tracts, and talked to 4 people, and only missed a day), or you can just say how faithful you were in your commitment. (For instance, you met your goal 25 days last month) It’s up to you!

Welcome to the fifteen new evangelists who signed up since August: Josh, Misty, Beth, Jeremy, Humir, Doug, Thomas, Angel, Robert, Mark, Gerry, Dale, Ed, Waynedawg and Darryl! Stay faithful!


(Maybe you would like to make a goal, recommit to your original goal or make a new one. The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic commitment you have set for yourself, providing that it’s everyday. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the nearly 90 others who have already signed up by clicking here!) 


  1. Well, Sept was a fabulous month! Especially being able to go to a fall festival and hand out tracts, open air, and do an Ezra Club reading- woo hoo!

    At the festival we handed out about 800 tracts. I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and hopped up on a park bench and used my super-sized curved illusion to a crowd, gave them law and grace and then read Matthew 11 and 12.

    I think the kids, my husband and I handed out about 1000 tracts this month and had several conversations.

    Now, the really good news. After going to the Deeper conference, my husband who had not really been a deliberate tract person or deliberate conversation starter had his Helen-Keller-at-the-water-well experience after listening to Mark Cahill and has been unstoppable! He has handed out at least 1-5 tracts everyday since then and engaged strangers in conversation and has wondered where this aspect of evangelism has been all his life! LOL! He’s raided my bag for tracts and almost left me tractless as he was leaving for work. He’s a tracting machine!

    I would tell you what happened today, but you’ll have to wait until the Oct report. 😉

  2. Missed 2 days in September – arghh!!!

    Total tracts and verbal = 79
    Open-air preached 5 times to about 180 people

  3. IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY?? Didn’t we just turn in our August report last weeK?? This Everyday Club causes each month to end faster than I care.

    Open Air: 3
    One to one: 23
    Groups of people: 20
    Gospel tracts: 230

    See ya next week!

  4. I was unable to meet my goal of either a one 2 one or passing out 10 tracts everyday. I missed one day this month and as I wirte this note I need to go out and pass out some tracts and maybe have a converstaion or two.

    We passed out 3,315 tracts, had 30 one 2 ones, did 20 open-airs, and there were 625 hearers as we preached.

    Like Ray likes to say evangislize like it is your last day on earth and one day you will be right!

    To God be the glory.


  5. I joined mid-month, about Sept 14 or 15. Except for a day I had a car wreck, I met my goal each day for tracts. I indicated that since the wreck, most days I had multiplied my goal in giving out tracts. I didn’t keep track, so I need to do that. My goal is one tract per day to a live person, not just leaving tracts in places, etc. I didn’t do a 1-2-1 which I planned on doing that 1 time per week. Overall, though, I have been reaching out much more than previously.

    I will keep better track of the numbers since starting a new month.

    What I learned since starting is a new approach (for me). My first few days were pretty dismal as I mostly got ghastly stares rather than a response from, “Did you get one of these?”. Most people looked at me like I had the plague and I was trying to transmit it through some dumb looking paper. I changed. I would ask, “Did you get one of these?” yes, they would still stare or try to walk away, I started saying a simple, “It’s a FAKE million dollar bill with THE million dollar question on the back.” Since I started that simple little addition, I have not had one, not ONE rejection. In fact, I got, ooh’s, oh’s, smiles (mostly) and even an “interesting”.

    Thanks, Steve, for the encouragement.
    Thanks everyone for sharing.

  6. Greetings from the Philippines fellow brothers & sisters in Christ!

    My wife and I started and committed to this club in Sept.11 and we thank God for His Grace for the privilege to be a part of this great endeavor. Our report for this September:

    Tracts: 365
    Close/In-air: 2
    1-2-1: 0

    Pray for me and my wife that we will be bolder to do 1-2-1. Help us also to pray that we may be able to bring back the Pure and Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ here in Tacloban. Of the tracts we have given, we gave a bundle of 50 to one of our Christian friend who is an active member of their church that promotes a watered-down gospel (Rick Warren’s gospel).

    To God be all the Glory for all our efforts in spreading the Glorious Gospel!

    In Christ,
    gerry 🙂

  7. Tracts personally handed out estimated 400.
    Tracts left at interesting locations(soda machine bill slots, mall, inside books at a book stores, box stores, etc) 200.

    Now today is first friday at Market square….please pray for me and my group leader. please pray for God to hold back the rain so we can do some fishing tonight.

  8. My goal: Do something

    This month I passed out/left ~200 tracts, participated in Project Ezra and OA’d 4 times, had 16 one2one conversations and stood with my “Are You Ready” cross 6 times. I missed one day. I discovered this month that keeping track of what I’m doing daily helps me to stay focused on the goal so I’m going to keep that up.

  9. Well, I missed a couple of days. Being a stay-at-home mom … I didn’t leave the house a few times so no tracts on those days. But, when I did leave home I tried to make up for it.

    We went to BBQ on the River in Paducah, KY last weekend and our team handed out tracts. Many of them had never handed out a tract before. Ever! It was awesome!

    No open-air. Only 1 one-to-one witnessing encounter. Lots and lots of tracts though. I even hit up windshields one day at Wal-Mart. The baby was a little too cranky to hand out tracts or talk to anyone. All I could think about was getting her to the van and getting her home. But, once I had her strapped in to her cars, she was quiet. So, I grabbed 10 tracts and hit the 10 closest windshields praying the Lord would use them to reach the drivers. 🙂

  10. Missed everyone of my goals.. I just need to get back on the horse and go out no matter who does (or doesn’t) go with me.

    handed out roughly 100 tracts (don’t keep count)
    OA’d (including Project Ezra) 3 times
    Not sure of the one 2 one numbers.

  11. OK, this month was terrible! I missed my goal of doing something for God like ten days out of the month. I won’t bother to list my excuses since if I stood before God and tried to use them, they wouldn’t fly. I have been praying that God will show me how to do something for Him every day and I am sure next month will be better! I didn’t keep track of my number very well, but here is what I do have…

    Tracts Left: 7
    Tracts handed out: 76
    1 to 1 Witness: 1

  12. Open aird 7 times
    tracts handed out ~1000
    One 2 One – 3 I remember
    Missed serveral days but with witnessing on Yoville and farmtown I will do it next month.

  13. I had a rough first 3 quarters of this month but after hearing some testimonies of others i picked up the pace the last week of the month and I found my self witnesssing to somebody everyday almost naturally. Continue to pray that I would not be satisfied with my own well being and my wife’s but be excited about the possiblity of salvation for others.

  14. Personalgoal: 10 tracts a day or 1 personal witness and open air preach when I can. Here’s how I did:

    I missed one day.

    2,420 tracts handed out.

    76 personal witnesses, some in groups.

    11 open airs

    3 inner airs.

  15. I think I joined up mid-month.

    I missed two days but still handed out 26 tracts and witnessed to 24 people.

    Thanks for all the encouragement Steve!

  16. I had 7 ono-to-one this month (at the Youth Detention Center). Read the bible in public 3 times. Handed out about 12 tracts. Dropped tracts at various stores, restuarants and gas stations but did not count the number.

  17. I missed 3 days. Stories of people I talked to on the other 27 days can be found at

    Setting this goal has been one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. I want more Christians to set a goal like this and I hope to encourage and challenge as many as I can to do so.

  18. Ok, I did what I did but I want to do more. Everytime I open air I walk away thinking, O God I want you so much in my life. I never seem to be satisfied with what I do. I just burn for more of God in my life. But here’s what I did.

    1 day 0 tracts, nothing zilch. 🙁
    29 days 1200 plus tracts
    1 personal testimony at Ordinance Meeting 300 plus in attendance.
    9 times Open air preaching and reading Bible for Project Ezra
    (8 times with mic/amp and 1 time without)
    9 1on1 (includes talking to 3 of those people about WOTM)

    All this was done at: Goshen’s First Friday; Marshall County Blueberry Festival; Deeper Conference Outreach Little 5 points Atlanta, Georgia; Apple Festival in Nappanee; South Bend Arts Festival.

    Gave away 1 WOTM book, 3 CD’s Hell’s Best Kept Secret, 2 Bibles (I know not very many at all), and 1/3 bushel of grapes to a friend. (Ok where did that come from?my backyard.:))

    Gave away 39 Origins books on IUSB campus, and gave 1 to a friend to give to someone on the same campus. So a total of 40 altogether.

    I also read the Horner’s Bible method every day. I also want to make myself accountable for this too, so I am putting it here for myself. So the next time Ray Comfort asks at a Conference who reads the Bible everyday, I will know that I have and can raise my hand.

    Thanks Steve for going through all this for us and helping us to be accountable to our goals. God bless you.

  19. Had a great month!

    Here’s something funny for ya: I thought my goal was to hand out 20 tract / day. I loaded up and handed out for a few days and then my daughter said, “Mom, your goal is 10 tracts / day.” Hahahahahahah.

    Thanks for doing this Steve. It keeps these priorities front and center in my mind all of the time!!!

    God bless you all!

  20. Missed 2 days
    handed out 1850 tracts
    shared 1-2-1 50 times
    open air preached 7 times
    read scriptures with Project Ezra 4 times
    Attended Mexico Independence Day, LA Greek Fest, Arabic/American Fest, Hermosa Faire

  21. Hello Team,
    my goal 10 tracts or 1 to 1 per day.
    I joined mid September.

    I missed one day.
    25 one to ones
    approx 50-60 tracks.

    Go get em team.

    Stay encouraged

    4His Glory,

  22. Hey Guys,
    Sorry I’m a little late. September went well. I was much more consistent on my daily goals. Handed out over 1200 tracts for September. Had around 7 or 8 1 to 1 conversations. No open air to speak of. Until next month. May God bless all of you.

  23. I passed out thousands of tracts. I had numerous one2one conversations. I missed 2 days passing out tracts. I have to do better. God has to add His Super to my natural!

  24. September was a good month. I was able to meet my goal of doing something to reach the lost each day by distributing tracts, 1-2-1 conversations and open air preaching. As I mentioned I really don’t count tracts, conversations etc. to avoid any temptation of personal pride but make sure that I take the opportunities given to me and recognize if I have been able to reach out each day or if I did somehow miss.

  25. September was a good month.

    I prayed for those I witnessed to, shared WOTM with other Christians, passed out roughly 2500 tracts and had conversations with ~50 people, and open-aired twice. God is good!
    I still missed about 5 days though.

  26. Hi! I’m sorry for posting late! This is my stats for September! I’m sorry to say that I DIDN’T give out a tract,etc. every day in September! 🙁
    Please pray for me! Health! Wisdom! However God leads you! K??? 🙂
    I love you all!!! xxxxooxxx

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