The Everyday Club Report: For November


If you are part of The Everyday Club, a small cadre of dedicated evangelists who share their faith everyday, then now is the time to post your totals for November.

One person needed the help of her canine to help carry a load of Gospel tracts. And can you believe it? Some people don’t even believe there is a dog.

(Maybe you would like to make a goal, recommit to your original goal or create a new one. The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic commitment you have set for yourself, providing that it’s everyday. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the nearly 90 others who have already signed up by clicking here!)


  1. 28 out of 30. One of the days i missed because I was deer hunting and had no one but squirrels and trees and four bears (and the Lord) to talk to all day! I enjoy writing, and am still writing short accounts of my conversations at

  2. Never reported for October–witnessed about 50% of the days.

    November, much better. Don’t think I missed a day of doing something. I am also on track to have sent a gospel letter with MDB to every resident of my small town (2564 po boxes) by the end of December. Hooray! (Have yet to receive any email response from these letters, but Tony’s recent talks with Matt Johnson told me not to quit.)

  3. This month we were able to meet our goal of witnessing to one person or handing out 10 tracts, everyday. This is the only Club where the results will be known when we get to heaven. Praise the Lord.

    We distributed 1,835 tracts. We had 21, 1-2-1’s and did 13 open-airs, where there were 825 hearers.

  4. Boy, I am still struggling with the “every day” part. I try to hand out tracts daily, but seldom get into conversations.

    My wife and I had an Ambassadors Academy Friend come down over the Thanksgiving weekend, we handed out tracts, witnessed, and OA’d to small crowds. We also took part in the reading of the Bible, for Project Ezra.

    Been carrying the cross, and getting in conversations nearly every time I carry it, including “Angry Inebriated Jewish Atheist Missionary” sent to save me from Jesus.

    # Of tracts given out: No clue – hundreds including Black Friday crowds
    # of 1-2-1 conversations: Perhaps 5 (unsure)
    # of OA’s: one.

  5. I sprained my ankle so I did not do very well this month. I will try harder next month.

  6. November has been a tough month goal-wise. I started out meeting my goal, but, physically I have been having issues because of an auto wreck that happened a couple of months ago. I have had to miss quite a bit of work with pain issues, appointments and treatment this month. About halfway through I realized I was not going to be able to keep up. The toughest part was not beating myself up.

    Still going through issues, even now. Have more treatments coming up, too, so your prayers would be appreciated — also, for my wife as well. She wasn’t damaged physically but mentally, she is really having auto anxiety.

  7. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or share my faith personally with one person, and preach in the open air when I can.

    I fulfilled my commitment this month.

    Here are my stats:

    858 tracts handed out.

    39 1/2 people got the Gospel personally.

    3 1/2 times I preached in the open air.

    1 time preached in the inner air (at church).

    Started holding up the cross with the words, “Are You Ready?” emblazoned on the front.

  8. PTL!!! I have been faithful to getting out a tract a day in some way for the past several months!!! Thank you Holy Spirit!

  9. Missed two days this month.

    One-to-one’s and tracts: 78
    1x open air preaching to about 30 people

  10. May not be able to get a tract out everyday, but as for monthly giving out tracts, stuffing books at bookstores with tracts, and giving a Christian the experience of becoming an evangelist by giving him an unopened pack of Michael Jackson bills(see my blog by clicking on my name to get the full story.) Then giving out that months Billy Graham Decision magazine: the total I can recall is about 700.

    It will be unique for december because I have ordered some of the santa bills from Custom tract source and will be leading a team back in my home state of Joplin, Missouri. I will help a group 6-12 take the Gospel in the cold or in a mall(pray for my team and myself to become invisible to the “Paul Blarts” a.k.a. mall cops if we are in the mall.) So would I be able to take credit for tracts I purchased for them to give out?

  11. This month I did pretty well. I am not able to get out everyday but have added more days when I go out just to hand out tracts. I am a teaching leader in a Bible study and teach 7-8th graders. All are in public schools and each week they tell me about atheistic teachers they have, encounters with Unitarian Universalists, Muslims, Panentheists etc. It has been exciting having a little group every Monday night that are hungry for answers and I’m able to equip these kids to share the Gospel. They are really motivated they just don’t know how.

    I had more one-on-one’s this month than I have in the past which was an improvement.

    I was in town (for once) for Black Friday and joined 2 other friends. We handed out 2500 tracts total. My personal amount was only 400 of that and my total for the month was 440. BTW, those Custom Tract Source Santa Cash are my favorites. EVERYONE loves them! So, if you’ve been reluctant to hand out tracts or if you have someone that you are trying to encourage to begin handing out tracts, get a pack of these and start during Christmas. It’s like having training wheels on if you’re new at it. People are so cheery and happy to take them that you gain confidence quickly! See ya in December!

  12. I did not meet my goal this month. I was able to have 4 ono-to-one conversations this month, handed out about 120 tracts on Black Friday and did 1 1/2 OA.

  13. Hey Steve! My goals in the beginning were to always have tracts on my person; 1-2-1 once / week, 10 tracts / day; OA 1 / week. It was a wonderful way to get into the habit and have this become part of who I am and what I do, which is precisely what has happened.
    So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me through the Everyday Club!

    Having said that, I’m going to keep track this month just to make sure I’m still on track (or should I say tract?) 🙂

    God bless you all!

  14. 210 gospel tracts
    10 open airs
    6 one-to-ones

    …And a parrrrtriiidge in a peaarrrr treeeeeeeeeee!

  15. It was a good month. Participated in the Origins giveaway. There was a wrestling tournament at the high school where our church meets that drew 800 people many of which received tracts and some a personal witness. Although I am not positive I don’t remember missing a day in November. Praise God!

  16. My goal is to do something for God every day.

    For November, I missed 4 or 5 days. God willing, December will be better.

    I was blessed to be able to participate in the Origin Into Schools book distribution on the 18th! That was an awesome day of evangelism! It also got me in touch with other like minded evangelists in my area which is awesome!! I now have people I can go out to the college with on lunch, so I won’t always have to go out by myself.

    I was running the blog, because my original goal (before finding the everyday club) was to distribute 1000 tracts from April 1st 2009 to April 1st 2010. The bog was intended to help other people who had not witnessed that much to get out and do it. The more I have witnessed, the more I have wanted to, and finding time to do it is difficult for me. So after much prayer, I shut down (except I left a Gospel message on it) and move my posts to

    The new blog is called Finding Time For Evangelism and it is geared towards encouraging busy people to still find time for evangelism. The full purpose of the blog can be found on the “about” page ( The picture on the top of the blog is me passing out a book on the 18th 🙂

    I also plan to start some commentary on my take on Origin of the Species. I read through it before the book distribution and wow was it interesting! I also plan on reading Darwin’s “Decent of Man” and giving my take on it at some point.

    I am looking forward to the month of December!

  17. Hello Co-laborers:

    Missed two days in Nov. Passed out about 280 tracts 25 1 to 1’s and four in airs (church) . Got a call back from one of my homemade tracts. PTL. Looking to make it everyday this month, God willing (of course He is)


    4His Glory,

  18. Greetings from the Philippines!

    tracts: 140
    oa/ia: 0
    1-2-1: 1

    in Christ,
    gerry 🙂 & maricel

  19. Another great month though I didn’t get out everyday. Here is how it looked:
    Days missed, no tracts, nothing, zilch: 7
    1-2-1’s: 3 people
    Tracts: about 247
    Read Bible for Proj Ezra: 6 times
    Telephone witness: 1
    Carry cross: 3 hours, 2 different times
    Hand out Origins books personally: 425, my son: 425, group: 1000
    Open air preach: 9times
    I love serving the Lord this way. It helps me and revitalizes me each time I am out there. Knowing that I am accountable is a great motivation for me. Thank you very much.

  20. I am not doing as well as I want, but I did witness 6 times and once was told that people like me should not be allowed to drive. I do not get to talk to many people as I work in the bush alot, but this is an awesome ( setting a goal) way to remind me to be more active than I would be. Thanks

  21. I did not do very well.
    I did get 3 new people to read for Project Ezra.
    I read for Project Ezera 2 times.
    I handed out atleast 100 tracts every wednesday morning. and one Saturday.
    gave the gospel on yoville a few times.
    I preached infront of Planned Parenthood and was hecked.
    I witnessed to the lady at the UPS store.
    I witnessed to people on youtube by commenting on youtube videos with the gospel.
    I added the gospel to the leagion facebook page.
    I did spend lots of time preparing to do these things.

    ok For Febuary my goals are …

    Go to Pitt give out tracts every wednesday.
    Preach infront of Planned Parenthood two times during the killing hours.
    try to give out a tract or talk to someone on the internet 3 days a week other than Sat or Wednesday. I will have a lower goal this month and work up to every day next month so I can make the goal.

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