The Everyday Club Report for March


How did you do last month concerning your everyday commitment? Leave your record below in the comments section.

D. L. Moody was an amazing American evangelist in the 19th century. He made a resolution shortly after he was saved that he would not let 24 hours go by without speaking to one person about his soul.

Once, when walking down a certain street in Chicago, Mr. Moody stepped up to a man, a perfect stranger to him, and said, “Sir, are you a Christian?” “You mind your own business,” was the reply. Mr. Moody replied, “This is my business.” The man retorted, “Well, then, you must be Moody.” Out in Chicago they used to call him in those early days “Crazy Moody,” because day and night he was speaking to everybody he got a chance to speak to about being saved.

Have you yet read about D. L. Moody’s everyday goal to share his faith? Please click here and read about it.

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  1. I missed two days; ironically they were March 1st & 31st.

    Just for the record, I’m finished with evangelism I don’t plan on handing out any tracts in the future! Don’t forget, it’s April fools day! :<)

  2. I missed one day for March. March provided a lot of opportunities to share the gospel, what with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in the same month, great stuff.

  3. I missed 4 days.

    Thank you Pastor Steve and Righteous Richard for letting us join your

    Saturday Evangelism team last week. That was my mom’s first time

    handing out tracts! She handed out about 5. Yay for Grandma!!!

    from:Nicole, Joshua, Manuela, Toni

  4. Due to a conference and forgetting, I missed 5-7 days in March. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or personally witness to one person daily and preach in the open air when I can. I’m 100% on target for April!

  5. Fell short a few days, but things are looking good for April! No fancy goal, just some type of evangelism every day! Thanks Steve for the encouraging words about Moody.

  6. I missed my goal on about 7 days this month. I gave a lot of Are You Lucky? tracts with 48 on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day. I gave out and placed around 200 Hoppy Easter tracts. I had a great time with the Your Final Four Words tract at McDonald’s. I was able to get tracts out at prison ministry, also.

  7. It was an encouraging month because I was able to take several of my high schoolers out and pass out tracts. I took a brief trip to California and left tracts all along the way. These tracts and their message never gets old. Thanks for your faithfulness

  8. In March, I reached my goal on doing one-2-one’s and passing out gospel tracts.

  9. I was able to do 27 days of my everyday commitment for the month of March. Praise the Lord.

  10. Thank you Pastor Steve that was good on Moody, very convicting may my passion for lost souls grow and grow and grow! March was a good month! I probably missed a couple days of getting a tract out. Though I handed out a lot of tracts at a St. Pat’s Day Parade! Went out weekly with the “Are You Ready?/John 3:36” cross and Praise God I have started to get more bold at work by handing out more tracts!! Also my dad passed away and at his funeral Scriptures proclaiming the Law and the Gospel were read!! Overall it was a good month, may April be even greater for reaching the lost and for the glory of God!!!

  11. I might have missed a day or two when I did not get out of the house. Otherwise, I got the Gospel out to someone every time I left home.
    My friend and I were going to go door to door one morning and we did make it to about 30 houses. But before we even got out to the street, we lead the cashier at the restaurant where we met for breakfast to Christ. He was so over joyed. At one point in the conversation he even asked “what must I do to be saved.”
    On Easter Sunday, I had the joy of joining six others at an outreach before the NCAA South Regional game where we handed out 2500 Gospel tracts!

  12. I did good in February,ok in March. I plan to do great in april

  13. For March I missed 4 days. I was able to witness to a Co-Worker and give him a “Why Christianity” booklet from Living Waters. I gave a “Million Dollar” tract to a Walgreens cashier, and he said, “Wow, my friend in India sent me a picture of one of these!” I thought that was very interesting!! Maybe he will send his friend a picture back now!
    I especially like giving the “Spanish Million” tracts to the many Spanish customers that I encounter. They really appreciate the tract printed in their language. My Easter evangelism fell through because my entire engine in my car needed to be replaced. But I am still going to go ahead with those plans, just a little late. Better late than never!

  14. I missed a couple days.

  15. In March I missed 4 days. God is FAITHFUL. Thank you Pastor Steve for having this club.

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