Bad News/Good News & a Miracle at the Abortion Mill


It has been my recent habit to go to the abortion clinic right down the street to persuade women to reconsider murdering their babies.

Family Planning Associates has been in business since 1967, before Roe v. Wade was enacted, and thousands upon thousands of babies have been slaughtered. Edward Allred, an acknowledged racist and the founder of this clinic, which is California’s leading abortion provider,  boasted in 1980 that his clinics were aborting 60,000 babies a year. He admitted to personally aborting 250,000 human beings himself!

The clinic I go to performs third trimester abortions, one of the very few in the area. A friend of mine told me he’s seen women walk in fully pregnant and coming out thin.

That’s why I’m there.

I gently plead with the women, “Please don’t kill your child. Please don’t murder your baby. God has entrusted you with that life. There is forgiveness available!”

Last Thursday one young black woman looked at me, cackled loudly, then shouted “F— you! I’m getting an abortion!” I mention that she is black because according to the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion think tank, black women are five times more likely to get an abortion than a white woman. An Hispanic woman, 2.7 times more. A clinic worker told me to “F— off and mind my own business!”

The police arrived. Five squad cars. Ten officers hurriedly moved inside. The police wouldn’t tell me if there was a threat. A fight? Horrible unsanitary conditions like a lot of these Hellholes are? Or did someone die? Besides the babies, of course.

According to California Catholic Daily, more than a few women have died or have been injured at the hands of “doctors” at Family Planning Associates:

Just a few of the known cases in which a woman has died as a result of his handiwork include Patricia Chacon, a 16-year-old Hispanic girl; Denise Holmes, a 24-year-old Caucasian woman; and Mary Pena, a 43-year-old Hispanic woman. There is a long history of malpractice suits against Family Planning Associates for botched abortions, 76 civil cases in Los Angeles County Superior Court alone. Many of these women were left with serious and permanent damage.

The stakes are high when doing abortion ministry, the benefits few, but, sometimes, miracles happen.

A black couple hurriedly exited the abortion clinic. I shouted after them, “They murder children here! Please don’t kill your baby!” The woman looked sad, depressed, worried. They got in their car and drove off. All by myself on the sidewalk, I worshiped and praised the Lord in song outside the offices. I could see chairs in the waiting room. Someone may hear my voice shouting to Jesus and rethink their family-planning option.

Forty-five minutes later, the man whose girlfriend I pleaded with returned. Alone. He walked into the clinic and came out after five minutes declaring, “I got my money back. She changed her mind. She changed her mind.”

I reminded him, “That child may someday grow up to be President!”

Postscript: Allred is now very rich, retired and still involved in his horse racing interest. He has a herd of 500 quarter horses and is the nation’s largest breeder and racer of such horses. In 2010 he resigned as president of Los Alamitos Race Course and moved out of California. He is still on the track’s board of directors, however, and apparently still owns a controlling interest in the Race Course, as he has since 1998. —California Catholic Daily


Additional material from “Roe v. Wade Has Been Good to This Abortion Provider…”


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