The Everyday Club Report: For March


How did you do this month? Did you keep your commitment? You never know who will get the Gospel when you share your faith everyday.

The man pictured with his daughter is Aaron Gryder, the jockey who rode the winner in the world’s richest horse race, The 2009 Dubai World Cup, with a purse of 6 million bucks. I gave him a million dollar Gospel tract when the evangelism team was down at the Del Mar Racetrack sharing their faith¬† with the thousands workers who live on the track. Visiting SoCal race tracks will now be a regular part of our evangelistic adventures. (See April’s schedule for further details.)

You really just never know who you’ll influence for eternity when you share your faith daily.


The Everyday Club is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) Wanna join? You can sign up by clicking here.


  1. My goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or have one personal conversation a day. I missed one day. Here are my totals:

    1150 tracts handed out.

    56 personal witnesses (a lot of them in groups, one of them a group of 20)

    Only one open air preaching opp

    Two “inner air” opps (inside my church)

  2. Handed out a tract or witnessed 25 days of the 31. my goal was 20.
    open Air 3 times
    Project Ezra 3 times
    My goal for next month is 28 days next month.

  3. Missed 2 days this month. Still did better than March 2009.

    Total contacts: 154

  4. 27 for 31 days with Gospel conversations. I also set a goal of ten times witnessing with a partner from church, and only did a few times.

  5. Man, I’ve been slacking. This is a good reminder Steve, thanks for your dedication and encouragement, I’m back!!!

  6. I did pathetic this month as far as counting what I did. I did something every day! I’ll do better next month at counting since I know I didn’ t hand out my 10 tracts per day. I really miss the urgency of doing that. Now that Spring has sprung and the snow is gone, it’ll be a lot easier to meet with people in the streets. I pray for an awesome report next month.

  7. I had the privledge to evangelize 25 of 31 days and got into at least one conversation each of those days. Several souls became converted as well and follow ups have been done! Praise God for the gospel and the law! It’s perfect in converting the soul to repentence, thanks Pastor Steve for this blog!

  8. a dear friend and i set up a prayer stop table near our local farmer’s market on 2 sundays in march.

    our first setup for 4hrs, didn’t really yield too many contacts. we did have a little run in with the law, but that all was resolved by the time we had our 2nd setup.

    2nd setup- staying out for 8hrs…The King of the Universe gave us a very fruitful day to pray and share the Gospel with several people. i also passed out Gospel tracts to those passing by.

    happy Resurrection Day to all my brothers & sisters-in-Christ!

  9. Tracts estimate: 235
    preached: once(via truckstop ministry)

  10. My goal is to hand out 10 tracts or have a personnal 1-2-1 everyday.

    I fell off the saddle while away on Vacation this month.

    We missed our goal 12 days

    Tracts: 1553
    Open-Air: 15
    1-2-1’s: 10

  11. Goal is at least 1 tract a day to engage in 1 conversation a day. Thanks for this encouragement and reminder Steve. March I passed out personally around 50+, and tracked cars about 300-400. Hope to keep going each day.

  12. IS IT APRIL ALREADY ??!!!??

    In March, the Lord was gracious to allow me the privilege of:

    open air 5 times,
    gospel conversations 15 times,
    and hand out 685 gospel tracts.

    For God’s glory alone!

  13. Attempted to give tracts out daily – only missed a few days. Tracts given out: approx 150

    One2ones: 3

  14. I dropped off in March but I did give out approx 250 tracts.

    Good start to April I was allowed to speak at our local prison. Better crowd than many Churchs that I have been to !

  15. Hello Everyone;

    My goal is 8 tracts a day or 1 conversation:

    22 one ton ones, approx 150 tracks.

    I missed 7 days last month. Thinking about the random webcame site that will allow me to witness to whomever I connect with.

    Be not weary in well doing….

  16. Hi Steve,
    I did not meet my goal of getting out every day and in fact I am changing my goal to WHEN I get out I will hand out at least 5 gospel tracts. With schooling at home it is just too much to get out of the house everyday.

    I am also not very well, and for the next 10 weeks I am “supposed” to take it easy.

    But for this month I did meet my goals as far as what I did.

    I gave out about 370 gospel tracts; most of which went in beer cases.
    5 times open air preaching
    1 time open air reading the Bible Ps 139
    1 drive thru evangelism ($6.00)

    And this month I hung out at the abortion clinic 3 times and God turned the heart of one young woman away from murdering her unborn baby.

    Thanks Steve for the love and work you put into this project. I am so blessed to know you and be part of street evangelists.

    God bless you.

  17. Almost forgot to write mine for March! I have done rather well in keeping my goal of getting at least one tract out a day or more. I know I missed maybe one or two days in there.


    P.S.—Pastor Steve and Richard, how do you guys keep track of everything you do? If you don’t write it down you guys have some great memory banks! PTL!

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