Secret Service Seizure Suit Settled

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Four years ago, a ministry affiliated with Ray Comfort’s, The Great News Network, was busted by over zealous Secret Service agents who confiscated 83 packs of Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts. (Later on, a member of my own church was busted, too.) The ministry’s founder, Darrel Rundus, just sent me some good news about what happened when he took the Secret Service to court:

In June of 2006, The US Secret Service illegally confiscated 83 packs of the Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts produced by Living Waters. Without a warrant or court order, three agents demanded Tim Crawford release the tracts under the threat of arrest. (See video of the story below.)

After many long months, depositions, testimonies, interviews and 3 trials, Judge Solis found in favor of The Great News Network and has ordered the Secret Service to return the 83 packs of Gospel tracts to Darrel Rundus and The Great News Network! He also found the agents to have conspired to falsify their reports about what happened that day. Praise be to God for vindicating The Great News Network and for a good and just ruling by Judge Solis. Now the Judge has ruled these tracts are legal.

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