The Everyday Club Report for June


How did you do with your EVERYDAY commitment?

Post your comments below!

And if you have never read this article by Charles Spurgeon, “OPEN-AIR PREACHING – A SKETCH OF ITS HISTORY AND REMARKS THEREON,” you will learn a lot.

Here’s a excerpt:

Once recommenced, the fruitful agency of field-preaching was not allowed to cease. Amid jeering crowds and showers of rotten eggs and filth, the immediate followers of the two great Methodists continued to storm village after village and town after town. Very varied were their adventures, but their success was generally great. One smiles often when reading incidents in their labors. A string of pack horses is so driven as to break up a congregation, and a fire engine is brought out and played over the throng to achieve the same purpose. Hand-bells, old kettles, marrow bones and cleavers, trumpets, drums, and entire bands of music were engaged to drown the preachers’ voices.

In one case the parish bull was let loose, and in others dogs were set to fight. The preachers needed to have faces set like flints, and so indeed they had. John Furz says: “As soon as I began to preach, a man came straight forward, and presented a gun at my face; swearing that he would blow my brains out, if I spake another word. However, I continued speaking, and he continued swearing, sometimes putting the muzzle of the gun to my mouth, sometimes against my ear. While we were singing the last hymn, he got behind me, fired the gun, and burned off part of my hair.

After this, my brethren, we ought never to speak of petty interruptions or annoyances. Click to read the rest.


  1. I want to thank you, Pastor Steve for your faithfulness in equipping and encouraging the saints for the work of the ministry of reconciliation entrusted to us by our Lord. As Paul has said “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” June was full with opportunities as our small team works food banks, demonstrates in front of Planned Parenthood (located directly across the street from a local high school), and open air preaches weekly. It is my personal practice to hand out at least one tract/day. Handing out 100 tracts in one day does not make up for missing any days, so I am striving to daily walk in obedience to the Great Commission. I may have unwittingly missed a couple of days; otherwise, it’s been a very fruitful month. God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, brother. LOOK OUT TEXAS!

  2. Missed a few days in June but hoping for a near perfect month in July 🙂 I say near perfect because I’ve already missed one day 🙁

  3. In June I missed 2 days because I was telecommuting and didn’t leave the house. I did make my goal of averaging 5 a day – I averaged 7.8 a day. This month, God has used me to impact Christians more and get them excited about sharing their faith with tracts – so that’s a big PTL!

    Thank you, Pastor Steve, for having this club!

    Tom in Redlands, CA

  4. WOW! June was a good month though I did miss probably 1 or 2 maybe even 3 days in there somewhere in getting a tract out. The big thing that happened is I have been taking the “Are You Ready?/John 3:36” cross out into my small town and a lady from my job saw me and was not happy! From what I was told by another source she has slandered, gossiped and done everything she can to hurt me behind my back but from it God has brought good (Matthew 5:11-12; Romans 8:28; I Peter chapters 4 & 5)! July has already started out good though I have missed 1 day already, but today on the 4th I was able to hand out Patriotic tracts to others at my job I had not handed a tract too yet! To God be the glory in the month of July!!!

  5. I missed 4 days.

    I visited a family planning clinic and had
    several opportunities to share the Gospel there.

    I feel really blessed that God is using me there, at the
    family planning clinic along other brothers and
    sisters that have the same love for the lost.

    Thank you Pastor Steve for your blog, it is an encouragement to me.

    4th of July went really well! Our group of 2 moms, 5 kids and 2 teenagers handed out over one thousand $1,000,000 4th of July gospel tracts at our town’s parade.

  6. June was a great month! I probably missed my goals for only two or three days. I was able to get tracts into the hands of a least seven homosexuals. One woman said that she repented when I saw her a week later after giving her a tract! I open-air preached once and held my Are You Ready cross on a corner for two days. July looks like its going to be a great month for evangelizing the lost!

  7. A great month! I got to OAP at my local abortion clinic, as well as another Christian. I preached about the gospel, and the evil of murder in the womb. I got several reactions. Mostly angry. Now, the people who were supporting me and the pro life movement are verbally attacking us for sharing th gospel. Incredible.

  8. Sorry, this is the first day that the post came to my email. I recently bought the new million dollar bills and are you good enough to get to heaven tract. I have handed out many of the bills but not as many as I should have. We are having our annual day in the park and I am planning on handing out both to some of the over 3000 people that show up for the event. Keep on keeping on Pastor Steve.

  9. Met my goal of getting at least one tract out every day. Some days it was handing a tract to a cashier at the store. Some days it was going door to door in the neighborhood and having in depth conversations. One day I made it to the Dallas West End to share the Gospel with a number of people and hand out a couple hundred tracts.

  10. Forgot to keep track this month. Just finished teaching a Basic Training Course to my church and recently went to Cleveland area to share about Living Waters and Biblical Evangelism. I’m sure I’ve missed a few days here and there for my goal, but God is gracious enough to give me another month to serve Him!

  11. Sorry to post so late, i Have been preocupied. I missed five days on my commitment.

  12. Hi Steve, Sorry I’m posting late, it was a bit of a tough month for June. Missed 7 days :p Need to step it up 🙂 I handed out/left out a variety of Money tracts, Ticket to Heaven, Are you a good person Comic, and also several Wallet tracts. I was able to have a one to one witnessing conversation with a co-worker of mine who is a Catholic. It was mostly an apologetic discussion about the Eucharist, the Saints, and Praying to Mary. I am hoping to speak to her more in depth about the falseness of Catholicism as soon as God gives me another opportunity. Please pray for Caroline as she is also in a troubled marriage along with her unsaved husband.

  13. Ooops! I forgot to post. I missed 3 or 4 days of my goal to hand out 10 tracts a day or have a one to one conversation.

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