The Everyday Club Report: For June


I’m posting this a little late, but here’s your chance to report on how well you did with your evangelistic commitment for the month of June.

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Here’s a special re-post for those who would like to know what to do when when someone wants to hand their Gospel tract back to you:


What should you do when you hand someone a Gospel tract, they read it, then hurriedly try to hand it back in disgust? Go armless.

Stick your hands in your pockets; twirl around like a whirling dervish; duck out; walk away. There is no obligation on your part to take back what you’ve given away. What can they do? Most likely your recipient will stick the tract in his pocket to read on another day. As you leave, gently remind the person holding his offensive Gospel paper that it is illegal to litter.

(Note: If they shout at you to take it back, go deaf!)

Now read about the high school kid I frustrated when I went “armless” by clicking here.


  1. I met my goal (except for one day) of handing out at least 10 tracts a day or having at least one 1-2-1 conversation this month. During the move and all the excitement I forgot to write down the particulars.

  2. I was a little different for me this month since I went home to Joplin Missouri for two and half weeks. I was helping in the tornado relief. However I did take with me some new testaments to give away at the tent at church where clothes, food and toiletries were given to survivors for free. In all the bible, exception of a unopened case of bibles i gave to a friend who is an asst. pastor at a local church, I put in the new testaments a tract.
    So at the airports and in Joplin: over 500 bibles and 600 tracts.
    During the rest of the month I was in Knoxville: 150 tracts.
    Open air preached: 4 or 5 times(some during the same night just in different locations.

  3. my goal is to evangelize one2one every day or 10 tracts. I missed my goal 3 days. I had around 100 one2one conversations, preached to a few large crowds, passed out around 200 gospel tracts. June was a good month but July is gonna be better due to the numerous events and opportunities! Praise God!

  4. Aw, Steve-o! You want your Prayer Warriors to go into battle unarmed?

    (Sorry… just can’t help myself sometimes…)

  5. Good comeback Nameless! I would give you an applause, but I am armless.

  6. There is no obligation on your part to take back what you’ve given away. What can they do? Most likely your recipient will stick the tract in his pocket to read on another day.

    Really? I suspect it’s far more likely that the recipient will drop the tract in the nearest trash bin. That’s assuming that they don’t just drop the thing, regardless of the legality of littering.

    This looks to me like you’re preying on people’s standards of politeness, frankly. People do recognize that sort of thing, and they generally don’t like being taken advantage of that way. You know already that I don’t consider tracts to be a winsome approach to evangelism, but this seems to pass from the questionable to the outright impolite.

    Seriously, if someone doesn’t want the tract you just handed them, wouldn’t it do more good to take it back and pass it on to someone else who might be more open to its message?

  7. First, Nameless that is funny!

    Second, the month of June for me was a little weaker than usual. I believe I missed more than three days but I did get quite a bit of tracts handed out (instead of the usual just laying them out though I don‘t want to downplay the importance of still doing that). July has started off a little weak as I planned to try and find some 4th of July Parades but got I believe food poisoning. Though towards the end of the month I have a day especially planned just for evangelism! Lord willing it will work out and also traveling to Denver, Colorado for wedding praying for some opportunities when I get there.

    God bless!

  8. Very punny Nameless 😉

    I think I only missed one day in my goal of handing out at least three tracts a day.

  9. Thanks so much for the email, Steve. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to leave my report. Consequently, I haven’t reported in since February! I believe March and April were okay – met my goal of 1 tract per day about 3-5 days a week. However, I confess May was much less and in June my tracts hardly left my purse! The less I gave out the less it was on my mind. Please pray for me! Pray the Lord would give me a heart for the lost and His zeal to share truth with them. Thanks so much for your ministry and for caring enough to keep in touch and to keep us wanna-be goal keepers accountable. Trusting, with God’s help and by His grace, my next report will be better!

  10. I met my goal of handing out a tract or witnessing to someone every day. We had some amazing witnessing opportunities including breaking in a couple new resources, witnessing at the NBA Finals (twice), putting on some training in Dallas and taking that group out to evangelize. But all in all, it is just about witnessing “as you go” and I did that every day this month.

  11. Every Sunday we go to our local park in Frazier Park, , to share hot dogs and the Gospel!!!
    Just by going there weekly,and showing them, the love of God, freely , we will make an impact. We hand out stickers with the Gospel on them! So this is my goal this summer to effectively Love, the lost for Jesus Christ!!

  12. My everyday club report is as follows:

    > Shared the Gospel and passed at least one tract almost every day
    > 700+ total tracts passed
    > 100+ total people heard the Gospel one-to-one
    > 12+ open airs

    Please don’t be overly impressed by these seemingly “heroic” numbers, as the Ambassadors Academy I attended at the top of June really beefed up my stats:)

  13. This month I gave a lot of tracts, got to do some one2one but I missed a few days.

  14. Met my goal to pass out atleast 5 tracts per day reached, except for 2 days.
    Tracts 1200 +
    OA 6 +
    One2one 15
    God definitely is there for me – it is getting more difficult for me with my legs (having ms). Covet your prayers – anybody.

  15. Hey everyone! I missed my goal of handing out a tract to somebody each day by just one day! I was lower on my one to ones, only a couple dozen and most of that was at an open air session my brother and I were blessed to be a part of here in Jacksonville at the Global Day of Prayer gathering at the arena downtown. That was a wonderful time of proclaiming the Law and the Gospel to more than a thousand people. Sadly, many of the professing believers we spoke to in attendance could not give us a clear and true Gospel testimony or message. Broad is the way…but praise be to God they heard the true Gospel that day! I guess we were able to pass out probably 400 tracts or so (I really wasn’t counting) and we were able to engage dozens of folks in one to one exchanges. Adam and I were joined by a married couple from our church who went through The Way of the Master basic training course with us. It was their first time engaging such a number of people at one time. They said that they were blown away at what the Lord did through them, but also shocked at the false testimonies they heard. God bless you all! Don’t quit Christians!

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  17. Hi Steve!
    June was a great month for evangelism. I ordered 400 4th of July $1MM tracts with the goal to distribute all of them before the 4th. Goal accomplished! Also, our “Harvest Crusaders” fellowship here at Ocean Hills has been growing and we are currently teaching the “Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith” course. We plan to hit Hungtington Beach pier in 2 weeks and Dana Point Harbor on August 6th. This coincides with TX Gov. Perry’s call for fasting and prayer on that day! All this caps with the Harvest Crusades Aug 12-14. But, I’ve used that as bait to draw the evangelist out of our church. It’s working!

  18. By God’s Grace and for His Glory, in June I was able to Proclaim The Gospel everyday. I have been preaching at the DMV everyday and the Courthouse 3-4 times per week.

    The Lord connected me with a Biola Professor who has been going out everyday for the past few weeks to the DMV and Courthouse. We pass out tracts, open-air and offer to talk with people and pray.

    Last week with Kindred Church, we went to the Block of Orange and many great 1-2-1 conversations. Lot’s of youth over there and the Harvest is Plentiful.

    It is encouraging to read everyone’s testimonies on how The Lord is using you all. Continue to Proclaim The Gospel, and May God draw many unto His Son. Soli Deo Gloria!!

  19. Hm. It appears my comment got eaten. And maybe this isn’t the right place for it, in which case I apologize – but the “going armless” behavior strikes me as manipulative. You’ve asked people to take your tracts, and out of politeness they have. They aren’t interested and try to hand them back, and you refuse to take them? Why? If they aren’t interested, wouldn’t it be better to take the tract back (reciprocating their politeness) and give it again to someone who’s ready to hear its message?

  20. Michael Mock has a point. It seems like whether this tactic works well or not will depend on the “armless” evangelist. I can see it working well if the person has really good people skills and lot of charm and humor. But if the people you do this to are actually getting angry, then you’re not one of those evangelists that should be going ‘armless’.

    What are some of the other things evangelists can do when a person tries to return a tract?

  21. I passed out 54 gospel tracts and I did my first one2one. I shared the gospel with another 7 year old. We were at a piano recital waiting for for our turn. I was nervous about it, but I prayed and shared the gospel all by myself(of course God was with me!). The girl recognized she was a sinner:-)

  22. I had a great month passing out tracts and sharing the gospel.
    I passed out 208 tracts, most of those at Castle Park (a small amusement park).
    I shared the gospel several times with a third grade class I help out at VBS.
    I had 3 one2ones.

  23. Hi Steve!
    I forgot to mention that I shared the 10 commandments like you teach them, at a Talent Show of about 100 people (from a Christian park group I attend.) Here is the video website : , or click on my name. 🙂

  24. I had a slow month but was able to share the gospel with several people including a young boy at a gas station who asked if he could fill my car to earn money. I said I would do it myself but would sitll give him the money if he could answer a couple of questions for me. You know how the rest goes.
    Keep up the encouragement through your webpage.

  25. I haven’t posted my report for a few months. In all honesty, It has already been 7 months since I made this commitment and pledge to spread the gospel daily.
    “My goal is to hand out 1 tract or have one to one a day.

    My goal is also to at least have 2 one to ones a week.”

    I generally do have at least 2 one to ones every week (haven’t kept track). However I confess my laziness to get out on days I am not in the world already (not at school or anyplace), to spread the good news to at least one person. Just knowing I set a goal has helped this year grow as an evangelist. I have open aired for the first time (without a heckler style). My goal for this month is to be more aware (along with the original daily), being ready to talk to the people I meet for a minute in a line.

  26. Hello Steve,

    My goal was to hand out at least one tract a day, I managed to miss 5 days.
    I handed out 209 tracts and shared the Law and Gospel 1-2-1 four times.

  27. This Month I Have Done/Passed Out*:

    *523 Gospel Tracts.

    *11 one2one’s.

    I’m glad that I had the opportunity to go to an amusement park to pass out a lot of tracts. 😀

  28. I did better in June, only missed a few days. I am trying harder to keep track of the particulars, starting in July

  29. Oops – just noticed this was buried in a frenzy of e-mails that have come in. June was a struggle again – missed 7 days.

  30. 250 tracts handed out and shared the Gospel 2 times at the local prision. About 45 inmates per time.

  31. In June, I had the privilege of attending the Ambassadors’ Academy (along with Cory 😉 ). I missed 7 days, but in total, I gave away:

    724 tracts

    I also had 2 1-2-1 conversations,

    and I open air preached 3 times.

    God has shown the excellency of His power in this earthen vessel.

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