The Everyday Club Report for January: Get Free Monthly Tracts


With great pleasure I get to announce that nearly 26 new people have signed up for The Everyday Club 2011. This, in addition to the over 150 previous members, brings our total up to almost 200 Christians willing to share their faith everyday! (Full disclosure: Not everybody continues to do it. Still, these people get my monthly email reminding them of their commitment until they tell me to stop.)

BUT HERE’S SOMETHING EVEN COOLER! I am now partnering with Bezeugen Ministries to provide everyone who signed up in The Everyday Club with 30 free high-quality business card-type  Gospel tracts a month delivered to your home! (Click here to sign up for your 30 free tracts.)

Bezeugen is German for…

…testify; to bear witness to; affirm as fact or truth; attest. And this great organization has the same goal for Christians as I do: To get Christians to share their faith daily.

So, may I encourage you to sign up for The Bezeugen Tract Club to receive your monthly supply of Gospel tracts by clicking here? And remember to post how you did with your evangelistic commitment in the comments section below.


Want to join The Everyday Club? The minimum goal is to hand out one tract a day and report on it monthly. To sign up, click here.


  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed my goal 2 days. Here’s how I did on the other days:

    3,420+ tracts handed out.

    27 personal conversations, a few of them in large groups.

    10 open air sessions

  2. My goal was to hand out 1 tract a day.

    The results:

    I handed out 285+ tracts and 7 1-2-1 conversations and a whole lot of rejections.

    I missed 5 days due to an auto accident. When I sat in the emergency room I couldn’t help but think about when I left the car a witness came running up to me saying if you need a witness, I saw the whole thing and she preceded to give her report to the police officer. When I think what Jesus calls us to be His witnesses to all the world. I feel greatly honored to be called to preach the Law and Gospel to all, everywhere!

  3. Steve – I am excited about our new partnership between the Bezeugen Tract Club and the Every Day Club. I’ve already received new tract club members listing you as the referral.

    I often write about my daily tract distribution and witnessing in my As You Go blog at My goal is to share the Gospel every day “as you go”. I beleive for January I was successful in sharing the Gospel every day. Since this is my first month in your club, I don’t have detailed records. But being snowed in today, I have not had a chance to go anywhere. I’ll have to share the Gospel online today to get February started.

    For January, we did a couple of witnessing events at the Cotton Bowl and at the NFL Experience. We did an outreach at the local community college where we handed out 150 copies of One Second After that Mark Cahill donated to us as well as tracts and a number of one on one conversations there. We also made regular weekly trips to the DART station in the Dallas West End as well as Stonebriar Mall, Valley View Mall and Grapevine Mills malls.

    In addition, I handed out at least one tract every day just in my daily going to and from stores, gas stations and restaurants.

    I thank God for you and the Every Day Club!

  4. My goal is to do something everyday. It could be handing out 500 tracts or one. It could be witnessing 1-2-1- to one person or it could be witnessing 1-2-1 to ten people. It could be preaching to 75 folks or to ten. The goal is to do something, something, something.

    So this month I missed 4 days. We passed out 870 tracts, had 19, 1-02-1’s, preached OA 11 times to 535 people, and did two inner airs.

  5. ok so i did not do so good this month. I only passed out about thirty tracts this month. that breaks down to about one a day. I’m still committed to my goal of passing out 3 tracts a day, 2 one on one’s a week and open air preach for the first time this month. will do a better job of keeping track of actual numbers too…

  6. Witnessing conversations all 31 days! Praise the Lord!

  7. The Lord blessed me with the opportunities to:

    hand out 50 gospel tracts
    and have 7 gospel conversations
    and 1 outing with the AYR cross

    What a wonderful God we serve!

  8. Hey there,

    January was an amazing month. I think I missed 1 day out of the 31 days this months.
    I had a lack of transport in January, so here what I did from home those days I couldn’t get around.

    I found livingwaters’ video: “Are You A Good Person” on youtube.
    Then I send mails to some of my old non-Christian friends on facebook.
    I told them that I wanted to show them this video. Add the link and ask them to watch it two times. First time they should just watch and second time they should put themselves in Mr. Nice Guys place and tell me their thoughts afterwards.

    I have had a GREAT time using the video as a Online Gospel Tract and the good thing is that I was able to follow up with people. It’s a really good ice breaker and since they get the full Gospel Presentation, whenever you talk with them afterwards, you make more sense for them.

    God is awesome!!

  9. Greetings everyone.

    My result for January:
    0 – 1-2-1
    179 – tracts

  10. Goal – share with at least one person a day.

    Missed 3 days.

  11. Here’s how I did:

    There was just one day that I missed my goal. Here are the results of the other days:

    200+ Gospel tracts distributed
    50+ one-to-one Gospel conversations
    5 open air sessions

    The most encouraging personal reward of the everyday club has been amping up the day-to-day consistency of my witness.

    I thank God for you, Steve! For pushing me off the fence into more faithful and consistent Gospel proclamation!

    In Christ,

  12. My goal is 1 tract a day which I missed on 3 days in January. I have been a part of the Everyday Club now for 1 year.

  13. My goal was one evangelistic encounter per day whether it be handing a tract to someone, one to one, or open air preaching.

    I didn’t meet my goal but I am pumped to report these results and encouraged by the rest of you!

    I fell short 13 of the 31 days of January.
    Open Air: 1 time
    121: 13 times
    tracts handed out: 19 directly to people

    Thanks to Steve and all of you for this encouragement and accountability to stay faithful to command to share the Gospel!!

  14. This month for me was a little slow. The weather lately has been up and down but mainly very cold, also I live in a very small town, so between the weather and the small towness it makes for slow evangelism. I think I missed maybe two days in January. I continue to get at least one tract out a day, mainly laying them out for people to find. Also lately I have been getting a few more one-2-one’s with mormons that I have been speaking to me over the phone, so praise God for that opportunity. Overall God is good and I pray for more evangelistic endeavors in the month to come!

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  16. My goal was a min. of one tract a day, 1-2-1 encounters as the opportunity arose and laying out tracts for people to find.

    I didn’t actually join the club until a few days into the year so I missed a couple days right off the bat. So not counting those days that I missed, here are my results for Jan.

    I missed my goal 9 days

    I personally passed out 38 tracts

    I had 2 One-to-One witnessing encounters

    Layed out an unknown number of tracts in various places for people to find.

    God bless you all in your service to the King!

  17. I’ve got to improve on keeping better track of what I’m doing on a daily basis.
    I’ve always got tracts on me and have handed them out everywhere I go. I’ve shared the gospel 1-2-1, 3 times this month.

  18. For 2011, my goal is to evangelise everyday, it may include passing out tracts, 1-2-1, open-air preach.

    Last weekend, I was corrected by The Lord as we were evangelising in Anaheim, there were quite a few evangelists out there, and the foot traffic of people was slow. Yet, that night a man a man was Born Again, Repented and Believed The Gospel!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

    So, I was quickly corrected to be obedient to evangelise, regardless if I hand out 1 tract or 100 tracts, witness to 1 person or 10 people. But just to be obedient to God.

    In January, I was able to Evangelise everyday. From the big events of the Rose Parade, (2) Martin Luther King Jr. Parades, Hollywood 2 weekends, Anaheim another weekend… in between those events, I would always have tracts with me, my PA system, and my iPhone with the GM28 app. So far, with the GM28 app, I have shared with Chinese speaking people and Spanish speaking people.

    Also, I went to the DMV to preach twice solo, and another time with another brother in Hawthorne. A couple people helped me with the necessary forms for a permit to preach at the DMV, and starting the 16th of February I will be going every Wednesday there. Please keep me and the people I would speak to in your prayers.

    To see the GM28 application beng used go to brother Chris’ blog—>

    Thank you all for posting, it’s such an encouragement and we are living in a time when God is raising up more laborers to go into the Harvest. Let’s continue to be obedient and pray to The Lord of The Harvest.

    To God Alone Be The Glory!!!

  19. My goal was to give out three tracts per day.

    I exceeded the goal; however, the majority I carefully placed on drivers-side doors or in highly-traveled places where I knew the tracts would be discovered. I only handed out a few in person, but hopefully I’ll do more of that this month 🙂

    Thank you!

  20. Averaged about 90 tracts.
    Changed my blog from Savor the Savior(still available as an archive) will post my evangelism outings on Tractman “Facebook” fan page. So go to my fan page on Facebook to see the updates there.(Do a search on Facebook for Tractman….the pic should be a satchel(murse) of tracts.

    Have another page for devotional blogs:

  21. My goal: at least 5 tracts per day.

    January allowed all but 5 days to accomplish it. I pray that God allows Light to all those who did receive the gospel.

  22. My goal is to hand out 5 tracts or 1 one2one conversation a day. I missed 3 days but got into over 75 conversations, passed out about 200 tracts. Even though Ive been sick for a few days in Jan and Feb, God is still gracious towards me to allow people in my path to share his word, we are his warriors and must be bold for the gospel!

  23. I passed an average of 2 tracts per day and had 9 one2ones. I met my goal this month.
    I hope to have the opportunity to OAP at the next mission trip with my middle school class. Because I am only 12 years old, some people think that I am not qualified, but I think that is up to the Holy Spirit.

  24. My goal is to either pass out at least 2 tracts a day or witness to at least one person online.
    I witnessed to 8 of my facebook friends and family in January. I also gave out 50+ million dollar bills. I ask for prayer for one person in particular. A very old friend of mine named Eve. She is fighting very hard to not face her sin. She is a very loving person who will not face the truth.

  25. This past month was not a good month for me at all. Unfortunately, our family has been dealing with a lot of issues and they have been serious and overwhelming. I did pass out tracts throughout the month and I did have a 1-2-1, but nothing like the norm.

  26. I always forget to count. I need to have a paper and a pen with me… or maybe I should log it in my cell. There’s an idea.
    Well, off the top of my head for January:

    Open Air: 5 times
    One to one conversations: 2
    Tracts: Approx 750 tracts

    By the way, way to go Anthony Varon!! I can attest that he does have that many conversations in one month! He’s a gospel machine!

  27. My goal was “to hand out 1 tract or have one to one a day and 2 one to ones a week” I know that I have not been as intentional as I should be some days, just staying home only going out for work or school. I probably missed the goal 15 days, with the majority in the beginning of the year when I wasn’t in school. I did probably have 2 one to ones a week however.

  28. My goal is to hand out 30 per month in person. I gave away 19, and left others for people to find, and I also had 2 one-to-one conversations.

  29. My evangelism for January consisted of three Open Air events, handing out over 150 tracts; two services at the juvenile detention center, an “Are You Ready” crosswalk and one Sunday afternoon service at a home for the elderly.

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