The Everyday Club Report: For December


How did you do the last month of 2012? Post your totals in the comments below. And, are you ready to sign up for another year? If so, click here to recommit for 2013.


  1. I fulfilled my commitment of handing out at least 10 tracts a day or having a personal one-to-one conversation, or preaching in the open air everyday this month! Hallelujah!

  2. I am pleased to report with great humility that I had a perfect month and hope to repeat in Jan! PTL!!!!!!

  3. I missed five days this month. My everyday club goal is to do something evangelistic. Thanks Pastor Steve for continuing to keep our feet to the fire. Have a Happy New Year of fishing and planting seeds.

  4. I was able to share the Gospel every day. We had two big outreaches. One at the Dallas Children’s Parade and the other at a Dallas Cowboys game. We handed out thousands of tracts at those events. Also shared the gospel one on one with a couple of mormons that came through my neighborhood. Christmas time is the easiest time of the year to share the Gospel. Simply hand a tract and say “Merry Christmas”.

  5. I missed 11 days in December – boo! It was a lot of time with family and Christians. But I’m not giving up!

  6. December went well for me until about the end of the month 🙁 Praying that I can step out more and more for the glory of God in 2013!

  7. My goal is to hand out tracts (I only missed a few days) every time I go somewhere and have four one2ones

    I had the blessing of going to my local community college to
    hand out tracts and have one2ones. This was a great experience and
    I hope to keep going at least 3x per month for the new year.

  8. My goal was to share my faith in some way everyday, either by tracts or witnessing.
    My over all year goal for tracts this year was set at 10,000 tracts.

    I missed a couple of days of witnessing in December and for the year of 2012 only hand out a little over 4,500 tracts.

  9. I love months with holdays. It makes it so much easier to hand out tracts. You demonstrated that earlier with your “Happy Holidays” post. I make an effort to share my faith everyday and/or at least hand out tracts. Preaching once/week and standing on street corners with the “EVERY KNEE” cross. We’ve got a bullhorn too and aren’t afraid to use it! Now, we’re looking to get into prisons and to find the nearest abortion clinic. His day is approaching, so let’s do so more and more! Made my goals in December and looking forward to 2013!

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