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On January 1, 2004, I made a commitment to share my faith every day. (Read about that here.) Making this commitment has taught me to be a more gracious Christian in the face of opposition, a more faithful evangelist in the presence of the unsaved, and a more thankful disciple of Christ. Thankful because I once was lost but now am found.

What is The Everyday Club?

This is an evangelistic Club where you make a goal to share your faith everyday through tracts, personal witnessing or open air preaching. You make your own personal goal and report on it at the monthly Everyday Club post I write on the first of each month. The minimum goal would be to hand out one tract a day, but you can make whatever goal you want.

The Club’s purpose is to allow you an opportunity to set an evangelistic goal and monitor your progress and faithfulness to that goal. This is not a legalistic prescription or a vow; it’s simply a personal goal. Sometimes you will fall short, other times you’ll hit it.

My own personal goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or have at least one personal witnessing encounter, and to open air preach when the opportunity arises. Because of my commitment to The Everyday Club I don’t want to miss a single day—and believe me, there are some days that I just plain didn’t want to share my faith.

(Read about evangelist D. L. Moody’s (1837 – 1899)
everyday commitment by clicking here.)

Remember, it’s not a vow, it’s a goal! You may fall short of that goal, but at least you’ll have one. Don’t be afraid. Have faith.

Too many times we wait for an “open door” or “that special person” to come along who God wants us to witness to. The early disciples didn’t wait, they moved! It’s my understanding that Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, which gives us carte blanche to speak anytime, anywhere.

As an extra bonus when you join, you may also enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club, an organization that will send you 30 free high-quality business card-type tracts a month! (Click here to sign up for your 30 free tracts.)

What more can I say to convince you?

Please sign up with your goal in the comments section below!

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  1. Count me in, Steve. I am already a member of the Bezeugen Tract Club. I am addicted to witnessing and giving out Gospel tracts!

  2. great time with you all at Rose parade.

  3. I’m in!! Thanks for doing this.

  4. Everyone who participates is invited to join the Bezeugen Tract Club ( and we will send you 30 FREE Gospel tracts per month so that you can share the Gospel Every Day!

  5. I will witness to at least 1 person everyday for the year of 2013.

  6. This is truly what I needed. Thank you so much for starting this. I handed out a tract yesterday as i was out shoveling snow, yes snow in Dover,NH. Well, anyhow, God Bless.

  7. Thanks for the invite. It seems to go in seasons for me here. Some seasons provide many opportunities to do evangelism, while others are a little more scarce, but it is a good goal to have, and should be in our lives.

  8. In 2012 my goal was to hand out/leave 3 tracts a day and I averaged 3.9. In 2013 my goal is to hand out/leave 5 tracts a day. I also want to commit to having 1 conversation at least each week. May I be open to the Lord’s leading in this endeavor for Him and through Him. May the LORD be praised forever!

  9. I am a member of the Bezeugen Tract Club, and strive daily to be a more faithful servant of Christ. This is a much needed ministry Brother, God bless your work!

  10. I’m making my commitment for 2013! I plan to get a tract out each day in some way! Once a week I travel to a bigger town and go to the local Wal-Mart to put tracts in the beer and/or the soda. My goal now is to hand out at least one tract and/or have a one-to-one with someone along side placing the tracts for people to find. Praying by the power of the Holy Spirit I can meet this goal monthly this year!!!

  11. Count me in!

    Have a blessed Year!

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  13. Count me in again for 2013 brother! (One substantial conversation or 10 tracts per day)

  14. I am ready for another year. There is no greater joy and privilege than to share the gospel with the lost either face to face or with a gospel tract. December was a slow month at the beginning and then picked up towards the end when I would do my Christmas shopping and pass out tracts at the same time. Thanks for your faithfulness Pastor Steve, keep on keeping on and holding us accountable.

  15. Yes! I’ll participate.
    I’ll hand out at least 30 tracts per month

  16. I am in. This is going to be a great year for evangelism.

  17. When not able to be where people are, I commit to continue to use the internet and social media to share the gospel. When I am able to be where people are at, I will hand out tracts, leave tracts, and engage in conversations, use my cross and pray to faithfully be a Herald of the gospel. If your circumstances prevent you from getting out each day, may I suggest, sharing a pic of a tract via the above mentioned means. One day at a time, One person at a time, One soul at a time.

    Thank you Steve for doing this.

  18. Yes Steve, count me in. For 2013 my goal is to take and make opportunities to share my faith more by handing out more tracts, talking 1-2-1, or what ever else I can find to use.

  19. Going out after lunch for a walk. Loading myself with tracts.

  20. I may not remember to check-in every month, but I do want to evangelize every day, so count me in! God bless you Steve!

  21. I have seen your video about the Everyday Club on the show “On the Box” a couple of years ago. Since that time, I started giving out tracts once a week. Now, I hand them out everyday! My personal goal is to hand out at least 2 tracts a day. But I am hopeful to top that as much as I am able to.

    Thank you Steve for your encouraging videos and blog posts. I have been truly Blessed by them! God Bless your Ministry!

  22. Yes, as Goal, Yes. Claudette and I were blessed to street preach outside the Daytona 500 and expect to do so again. Two friends and I got out over 5,000 tracts this past year at various parades, Biketoberfest, Bike Weeks, and Speed Weeks in Daytona Beach, FL. Tracts were self-purchased, but in December, a church member gave us a check for $1,000 out of the blue for 2013 tract work.

  23. Sorry for the late reply…in for life!

  24. I joined, its great ! Thanks Steve

  25. I know that it’s already almost 2 months into 2013, but I would like to join. My goal is to get the gospel out through a tract, the internet, or social media once a day. Last night I was reading an excerpt about Hudson Taylor’s conversion through a gospel tract, very encouraging!

  26. I’m going to jump on the late train as well and commit to standing on the street corner and waiting for people to run up to me for no reason and ask me to tell them about the hope that lies within me.

    Just kidding…I commit to reach out and share the gospel to at least 1 person (via tract, personal interaction, or street preaching) per day.

  27. My health makes everyday very difficult, but I’m in as much as I can be. Have already gotten trained to do ministry and evangelism is always in my heart and prayers. This is a good reminder to make a conscious effort as often as possible. I’m in!

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