The Everyday Club Report: For December, 2009


How did you do during the holidays? Post your totals in the comments section below.

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  1. I handed out more tracts than every this month as several events but did not reach my monthly daily goals once again.

  2. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or share my faith w/one person a day and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed one day.

    1,035 tracts were handed out.

    27 people heard the gospel 1-2-1.

    I preached in the open air for over anhour at a USC game to thousands of people. See “Corridor of Conversion.”

    I preached once “inner air.” That is, I gave a gospel message at the singles’ group I lead.

  3. If you click on my name that links to my blog I tell of my own National Lampoon Christmas Vacation to SW Missouri and Back to East Tennessee via the Greyhound Bus. Went to the mall back home and the local Books-A-Million. It was wonderful. Thanks Steve, for the info about supreme court cases on evangelism.

  4. I did not do well with my goal last month. I am hard of hearing with very little hearing in my left ear and severe loss in my right. Last month I had a ruptured eardrum in my right ear and that made conversations almost impossible. While the ear was healing, I couldn’t wear my hearing aid, so no help there 🙂

    My ear seems to be almost all healed now, so God willing I will be back at it next week!

    In the meantime, I have gotten a permanent location for my blog (, redesigned it and figured out exactly what the purpose of it was :).

    I’m looking forward to what God is going to do this year! I am renewing my goal to do something for God everyday this year!

  5. I have handed out alot of Miliion dollar tracts and 10 commandment coins.
    I have been weak in witnessing when I give money to someone in need . I
    have to stay focused and not back down when given an opportunity.

    Though I have been witnessing to many new co workers and people in my church that may not be saved.

    I will try to make an EXTREME effort this year!

  6. A Happy New Year brethren in Christ!

    Our totals in December 2009:

    tracts: 80
    1-2-1: 5
    oa/ia: 0

    I pray that this year will open more doors for us that God’s Name be glorified!

  7. My goal is to initiate at least one evangelistic conversation a day, and for the first time, by God’s grace, I’ve reached my goal. I can also say that over this year i’ve become more able and confident in witnessing, and the fear is starting to go away finally, and the other big reason – laziness – is less of an issue as witnessing has become easier. Its starting to become more natural to me, which was my reason for starting this in the first place! My new challenge is to try to encourage others to actively witness, so I started writing stories about my conversations in my blog, and taking people from church with me. I want to add this to my everyday goal – to bring along someone from church at least ten times each month. My witnessing posts are at .com

  8. Hey Steve,
    I have been remiss in my reporting. I have stayed close to my objectives all year.
    Only missing my objectives twice.

    For 2010, I will commit to One contact witness a day, and 5 tracks a day.

    All Glory is God’s, ours is to serve.

    Dan Harris

  9. in between all a wife and mother has to do i did the following…

    cross -2
    tracts -(lost tract on the numbers…no pun intended) mostly from out running errands, grocery stores, malls, gas stations, banks, restaurants, at the doctor’s office…the staff and to my own primary doctory, while deliberately meeting with like-minded friends to a nearby city and my biggest outting…our nearby town’s Christmas parade.
    1-2-1’s – several
    OA- 0

    Dei gratia (By the grace of God.)

  10. This is my first year with dealing with the winter weather. But here goes.
    11 days, nothing, maybe one day I talked to someone on the phone about them lying.
    160+ tracts
    Open air preach 2 times
    Open air read the Bible 3 times
    Carry cross 2 times
    Gave 1 Bible away
    Caught one fish for AA blog talk radio
    Missed one weekend no open air reading or preaching
    To me – it was a great month.
    Thank you Steve for doing this and sending the link to get to this page to comment. God bless you and may you have a blessed new year.

  11. Started off the month with a bang – and lost momentum in the middle of the month when a family member lambasted me from out of no where. Please pray for my commitment to handing out tracts and open air and 1-2-1’s. I am continuing to do it all but not nearly as much I before.

    Tracts: 400
    1-2-1: 5
    OA: 2

    Exceeded my goal in tracts which is awesome since I did most of that in the first 2 weeks of the month.

  12. It is tough in December this side of the country – even though Tony in CAL says 60 is cold there! Ha! He doesn’t know what cold is! 🙂

    Tracts 1000+

    No open air, but am warming up to the idea in the Spring 🙂

    God bless all the brothers and sisters out there attempting to be used by our Savior to share the Word. This is a great tool to keep us accountable. Thanks, Steve! God bless!

  13. Thank you Steve for putting this together. It has helped me to make sharing my faith a natural part of everyday life. December was a good month as far as tract distribution and having some good 1-2-1 conversations. I did not open air mainly due to frigid temps. January looks very exciting as our church meets in a high school and there are tournaments there evey Sunday this month which means lots of tracts. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to share with the youth in our church about sharing their faith and tract distribution.

  14. Personal goal–do something every day. I missed 5 days this month. I finished one goal for the year of mailing Tony’s letter and a MDB to all 2564 PO boxes in my small town.

    This year I want to do better, not let my fear of man rule.

    Thanks, Steve, for keeping me accountable.

  15. I was nailed with the flu this month and out of commission for a week. I missed 8 days in total 🙁

    Contacts: 47
    Rejected attemtps at conversations: 10

  16. I am changing my goal for 2010. My goal is to share the Gospel daily. It could be with a “Are You ready?” cross standing on a corner in town, a tract ( either handed out or left for someone to find), a one-2-one.

  17. Hello Saints

    I made it everyday but New Years Eve. Ouch

    Had a least 27 one to ones and passed out about 200-225 tracts.
    Time to re-up for January. I’m back in the Gospel Matrix. Take the red pill 🙂
    2010 Goal is 8 tracts a day or to initiate at least one spiritual conversation.

    4His Glory.

  18. I have no idea why I didn’t post my totals for Dec. until now. Good gravy! I thought I’d done it.

    Anyway, my goal was to hand out at least 3 tracts a day the whole month of Dec. I did EVERY single day UNTIL the 24th. Aaarrgh! I was going to try to drive to a truck stop on Christmas Day but that didn’t work out.

    Altogether I handed out about 200 tracts and had 2 one on ones. It was very difficult because everyone was in a hurry.

    Sorry it was so late, but I’m still in and truckin’ along.

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