The Everyday Club Report: For April


What a ride! This is the club that gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic goal that you have set for yourself, providing that it’s an everyday goal. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the 50+ others who have already signed up by clicking here!)

Go ahead and post your totals for April in the comments section and state what your original goal was. You can either report that you made (or fell short of) your goal, or you can post the total number of tracts you gave out, personal witnessing encounters you had, or open air sessions you participated in. 


  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or do “personal work” at least once a day, and open air preach when the opportunity arises.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed three days last month. Completely forgot. Otherwise, here’s how I fared:

    I handed out over 2400 tracts.

    I personally witnessed to over 80 people (most of these were in small groups).

    I led a team at the Ambassadors’ Academy, so I open aired there and in other venues many times to hundreds of people.

    I preached “Inner Air” one time to about 50 unconverted. (I do the baptisms at my church.)

  2. My goal is to hand out tracts whenever I’m outside and in town. I failed on a few occasions (like today) but generally I get some tracts out. I hand out the Obama Millions and say to people: “Did you get your share of the Obama Stimulus Package?” while handing the tract to them. It never fails to lighten the mood because when people see the front they laugh. Then I tell them that the message on the back is worth far more than any money can buy and has eternal benefits.

  3. I missed one day since the begining of this january, I am passing out at least one tract or more everyday.

  4. Way off track this month mostly due to being out of commission for two full weeks with a pinched nerve in my back. With praise to God, I am now back on my feet, pain free.

    Tracts: 150

    One-2-One: 9

    Open Air: 3

    Hope to do more in May.

    (2,400 tracts? How does one do that? Way to go, Steve!)

  5. My goal has been to engage in at least 1 witnessing conversation a day. In March I think i missed 5 days and in April I also missed 5 days. However, in March I missed days because of fear, but in April it was more due to bad weather and a busy schedule, so i feel like I’m improving. I want to learn to just naturally look for witnessing opportunities throughout my day, so this goal has been very helpful in establishing a good habit of witnessing consistently.

  6. I was able to give out 600 tracts with fellow christians at an event and I was able to speak with at least 3 people. Some other’s i tried to engage in a conversation but they would say they were not good people hand me back the tract and that breaks my heart. I was also able to pass out about 500 tratcs with a fellow christian and about 40 with a group of chriistians on my way home..just bumped into them=)! I try to give out a tract a day but i fail at that due to fear sometimes. I was able to hand out a few..and im going to work on that for this month. I didn’t do any open air..yet and i’m hopeful with what April will bring..may God increase our efforts and those seeds and alow them to bloom from goats into sheep. Please pray for me in that i’m going to speak with a jehovahs witness..may he (pablo) be unblinded and come to the truth which is Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh and redeemer of sinners.

  7. I started out with a goal of distributing 1000 tracts in one year with at least 10 percent (100 tracts) of them being handed person to person. I thought that was a stretch goal, but since signing up and actually getting serious about it, God has really shown me how He will help me conquer my fears when I am in obedience to Him. Sharing the awesome gift of Salvation He has given to wretched sinners like me is my new favorite thing to do!

    I don’t get out in public every day, but I am switching my goal to handing out at least one tract every time I am out in public and leaving at least 5 for people to find. So far I have only missed that goal one or two times. I have also set up a blog that will hopefully be used to encourage other members of my Church and other Christians I know to pass out tracts and witness more often.

    Thanks Pastor Steve for the Every Day Club!

    For April:
    57 Tracts left laying around
    241 Tracts handed out

  8. I did well but did not keep my goal 100%. Spring Break here at Cocoa Beach Fla. has been bitter sweet. Spring Break has provided the opportunity to talk with many people about there eternal destination and hand out tracks and “open air” to large crowds of people. The sad part of it is the majority deny that God hates sin and punishes sinners with eternal torment. Most be for I spoke with them about where they were going to spend eterinity said they were going to heaven because they were basically good people.
    I missed four days where I did not hand out one tract or have a conversation. My comitment is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day. Have at least one conversation with someone about Salvation throuh Jesus alone. and “Open Air” when the opportunity rises.
    Here are my stats.
    1. I handed out 1425 Gospel tracts.
    2. Had 78 personal conversations mostly one to
    3. And ” Open Air” three times. Twice
    in the same night at or local Downtown
    Drunken Street Fest to a crowd of more than
    500 people

  9. sometimes i really feel like i’m not doing enough for the kingdom…but, i know better than to listen to THAT voice.

    for the month of april i…

    …went through at least 3-4 bunches of obama, celebrity, misc. Gospel tracts.

    3 open-air: tea party protest, Good Friday mission nearby town & nearby city area.

    local high school tracting w/my two sons. plus, spoke w/ 2 groups of 6-7 kids that heard the whole message.

    partically spoke to a co-worker but she put her guard up so this one might take a bit of time.

    i can’t go out everyday…i’m a wife & mom, so i just go when i can.

    **to my brothers & sisters-in-Christ, it’s family like you that keep me going.

  10. Missed my personal goal two days in April.

    Led the “Mission Good Friday” effort to read Matthew 26-28 in the open-air. Hit San Fernando, Norwalk, Burbank, Santa Clarita, and Glendale.

    Led another Ambassadors’s Academy.

    Started setting up a “Prayer Station” on Saturdays, at my local Super Wal-Mart.

    Open-aired at Cal State Northridge in the midst of a Jewish Student luncheon. Also present were Muslim, pro-palestinian, and JW groups.

    Continued my weekly open-air at San Fernando Superior Courthouse.

    It was a pretty good month.

    Open-air preached in Glendale, Hollywood, Huntington Beach

  11. Pastor Sanchez~ Yes, I am answering back finally. :- )

    I have been so blessed to see you in action and you are the Tract King!
    AA #9 still has me breathing hard, and running. Since the day I got back I just realized that i have witnessed to many each day and I am running out of tracts.
    Our 1st responder ministry is getting off to a great start, I witnessed to a Deputy Sheriff about 40 minutes ago, leaving a 10 commandment coin for law-enforcement from Ten Four Ministries (Thanks to Tony and Travis Yates) and one of Tony’s books take up the shield with a tract as a bookmark. May will be a month that God’s is moving all around, I am just a puppet and can’t wait to see what he beings each day. Met my personal goals this month and through a blessing from God, and in his will exceeded all of my own expectations, a reminder not to cut short what God can Do!
    In Jesus Name

  12. Hi,Everyone! 🙂 Don’t be discouraged if u missed a day or two! Just keep pressing on!!!! 🙂 Keep Sowing Seeds! God will give the increase!! 🙂
    In April…I either handed out tracts to people or put them in high traffic areas! 🙂
    Praise God! This month I didn’t miss a day!!! 🙂
    This is a good start!!
    Pray for me!! All areas of my life! However.. God leads you!! K??? 🙂
    Have a great day!!! I love you all! xxxooxxxx

    A Servant of Jesus Christ,Craig

  13. My goal was to pass out at least 10 tracts a day or witness do a 1-2-1. I missed a few days.

  14. Over a hundred Gospel tracts and have now officially shared the gospel to all of my co-workers and managers. Still working on getting more tracts out at days I don’t work at the bank. Those days are very successful…as the people love the Obama Million Dollar Bill. Also, after some good conversation, One of my co-workers finally bought a bible and is reading it with another co-worker when they hang out, outside of work… I pray this leads to something!!!

  15. Praise the Lord, I was able to miss 2 days of my goal to either hand out 10 tracts or witness to one person every day. I handed out tracts along Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills while on jury duty this month.

    Tracts: 1,635

    Personal Business: 22

    Open-airs: 8

    Hearers: 420

    To him all glory and honor for ever and ever.


  16. Witnessed on a Saturday morning in a park to men in a halfway house type situation (with other believers). Handed out 100 tracts and one2one’d Friday night of Fiesta in San Antonio. Mailed out 200 tracts/letters to Lytle residents, and day to day met about half my goal of daily witnessing. Taught a Crash Course today.

  17. I have to say, I was agressive at all this month. There were defintely a few times a week that were just flat out obvious opportunities and I took advantage of those but with Gods help I will be more active on my daily track.

  18. Personal encounters: 47
    tracts: 3500
    OA: 3
    teaching a Basic Class and an Intermediate Class

    May the Lord be glorified-He is Worthy!

  19. I have passed out several tracts with my kids in our neighborhood. I joined The Way of the Master Biblical Evangelism online. I have learned so much. I have had one on one witnessing conversations with family members. I think they are the toughest.

  20. I look at what I did over the month instead of everyday. I work from home and don’t go out everyday as I used to. With the events around Brevard County FL, having our Are You a Good Person booth at a local street fest, beach witnessing, etc. I was able to hand out over 850 tracts and 39 one2one conversations.

  21. Personal goal to hand out at least 1 track & 1 personal witness per day. Missed 3 days. Numbers approx. Handed out 1600 tracts, 60 1to1’s & small groups , 2 open airs. Lead groups to Thai, Persian, Burmese, Cambodian New Year celebrations. Groups handed out 12,000 tracts. Also tracted & witnessed with groups in 2 local parks and Long Beach Grand Prix. “Inner air” at Convalescent homes 4 times

  22. I need to resign from the publicity. However, I’m still with you.

  23. Hi Fellow evangelists and Pastor Steve,

    Have been passing out a lot of MDB’s and other tracts in my daily life. my goal is at least one a day, and have met that most days. Really enjoy reading all the posts and ideas!

  24. It was a tough month as I missed my goal on five days, however two of those I was in bed sick for the first time in years. So I came up short on three days that I was upright. That is dissapointing but the other 25 days were very good often exceeding my goal of 3 tracts and/or 1 personal witness per day.

  25. My goal is to average doing something at least once a day to sow the seed of the Gospel. Exceeded the goal for April.

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