The Everyday Club Report 2010: For February


Here’s another remedy for those who say that they can’t get out of the house to witness everyday: Send a funny email!

Ugly Pictures of Jesus gives you the top 10 ugliest portraits of all time of our Savior, with Scripture, and a Gospel message to boot.

Whether someone is a lapsed Catholic, back-slidden Protestant, New Age dolphin worshipper, or a too-smart Evolutionist, this image display is near-guaranteed to get even an atheist to smile (though he’ll say that he’s laughing at you).

Simply type something like this: Hey! I thought you’d like to see the top 10 ugliest pictures of Jesus ever. Then send it! If you wanna really get creative, add one of those ridiculous “threat” post scripts; something like: If you really love the Lord, you’ll forward this to 100 others.

Now you will never have another excuse to NOT share your faith, especially when SPAMgelism is right at your fingertips.

Click to go right now! (And don’t forget to post your totals for February in the comments section below.)


This is the opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) You can sign up by clicking here.


  1. For the month of February:

    Handed out about 600 tracts
    Witnessed to 12-13 folks
    Read Romans chapter one in public

    Missed four days

  2. Went to Planned Parenthood 2 times and preached the gospel and read for Project Ezra.
    Handed out tracts 13 days of 28 which is a huge improvement for me.
    Handed out over 500 tracts for the month.
    My goal for next month is 20 days for the month.

  3. Good Morning~
    February was a wild month; full of Blessings and challenges, and lessons.
    There were the regular witness and tract encounters and leave behinds.
    I have a been blessed with new Christian to work with in Ocala and Gainesville (James) and met someone for me to work with in Jacksonville (Met Ayron before but became closer through Christ). And then the fellowship with Len (an inspired worker for God even through his back surgery recovery).
    Then there were the days (they all seemed to run together) on the Super Bowl Outreach. The month ended with a witness encounter with James to a homeless man near Ocala.
    I feel these sound like brag sheets for me sometimes. Really they are praise sheets, Len made the SB Outreach happen for a couple of people (like me) God has taught me much in having ther opportunity to work with men like James and Ayron, now on the last day Nancy came with James and I – ‘No’ she took us out to witness. James has given out 10 times the tracts (Len and my tracts!) that I have this month and on the UF campus! Ayron on the UNF campus.
    For God’s Glory – always leaving me amazed in how the Holy Spirit moves through Men. Yes, I met my commitment this month – only through through Jesus and knowing that my witness itself is nothing without Jesus, the Holy Spirit moving throughout our work.

  4. Steve,

    “a too-smart Evolutionist, this image display is near-guaranteed to get even an atheist to smile (though he’ll say that he’s laughing at you).”

    What is that supposed to mean?

  5. Here are my totals:

    I missed 3 days.

    Personal witnessing: 32 people

    Tracts: 1550+

    Inner Air: 5 (4 sermons, 1 funeral)

    Open air: 4

  6. Did well in spite of the weather. Hit the malls on the week-ends and handed out too many tracts to count. I don’t know how you guys can do the counting, it’s so time consuming….

    Leaving tracts everywhere. Talked 1-2-1, 4 times – oddly, all by sitting in our local coffee shop.

    Have not been out every day but it is my goal.

  7. My goal is a Gospel conversation every day, and to have a family or church member along with me for at least 10 of those conversations. I was 27 for 28 with conversations, and 7 for 10 with having a partner.

  8. January and February were both struggles and there were glorious moments as well. I’m trying to hand out more tracts than just leaving them. So far going well! Please pray for me!

  9. hi brothers and sisters, I’m more like in the every month club…. i don’t keep tabs on numbers i’m not organized enough… lol but last month the most memorable witnessing encounters were with a group of South American men on the street who all stood there reading the Spanish Bibles they just got- right there on the street , a man on the street corner who was already convicted of his sin, and a professional professing chrisitan psychologist who was ashamed of the Gospel and of me and the idea of getting thrown in jail for preaching the Gospel open air. (at the DMV lol) .. that was a wow moment. Praise Jesus and thanks to God for all His grace.

  10. Greetings from the Philippines!

    I don’t know if we still qualify for the ‘Everyday’ Club. My wife and i have made our witnessing to a weekly basis. And there are weeks that we are not able to do this. Last month was a fruitless month and this month, we are only able to handout 30 tracts.

  11. oh i forgot in Jan (i know wrong month) the Lord let me preach the Gospel to a
    room full of unbelievers and the universalist “Reverend/minister” at my grandmother’s memorial at a funeral home. praise God for that. i was so nervous- this was family and my mother’s friends etc.

  12. I just estimate. One way I know is partial of the amount tracts sent to me by Carl Kalebfliech from Bezeguen ministries plus the ones I have in my tract box(milk carton and my car glove compartment boxes).
    I estimate around 475 tracts.
    I went out once this month to the Knox County Detention Center to visit men in lockdown.
    I preached twice at a truck trailer converted into a chapel at a Truck Stop in Knoxville.(I am apart of a ministry called Truckstop Ministries).
    If you are interested in ministering to truck drivers, this organization is a wonderful ministry. Truck Drivers are on the road all the time and rarely get the chance to attend their church back home or are unsaved and dont have a church at all. If you want to evangelize with this organization find out on the website to see if they have a chapel in your area and if you do not mind please mention my name: Robert Moss in Knoxville, TN so they know how you found out about them.

  13. Gave out 323 tracts & witnessed to 2 people. My goal is to start including some open air speaking for March. Jenny I have a pocket calendar that I write my totals in. If you know how many you start with just count how many you have left and write it down 🙂 Even if you don’t keep count the fact that you are out there is what counts !

  14. Missed 5 days this month 🙁 But I did better than last February.

    Total contacts: 76

  15. 1 – cross outing
    1 – preaching engagement
    5 – gospel conversations
    250 – gospel tracts

  16. I missed 6 days this month but I’m coming back strong for March. My goal is 8 tracks a day or 1 1-to-1 a day.

  17. Thanks for clearing that up Steve, I thought you were implying that you’d stopped beating your wife for a minute there, but I know you’d never admit to that.


  18. this image display is near-guaranteed to get even an atheist to smile (though he’ll say that he’s laughing at you)

    Although I’m not an atheist, plate-head Jesus was the only one to make me smile. The others seemed more like bad art than anything else…

  19. For those just tuning in, ExPatMat is our resident atheist/critic. And i appreciate his humor! 🙂

  20. For those just tuning in, Steve Sanche is our resident strawman beater.

  21. This month was better than last month, but not by much.

    187 tracts – 180 of these tracts went into liquor cases.
    1 – 1-2-1
    Read Bible Psalm 148 to friend in mental clinic
    20 days nothing

    Hope to do better in March.

  22. By the way What does ExPat stand for Matt?

  23. Robert,

    Thanks for asking. While Nohm is correct that ‘expat’ is usually an abbreviation of expatriate, my use of it is because my former name was Patricia. Now it’s Matthew, hence ExPatMatt.

    Any other questions?

    PS. Steve, I appreciate my humour too. 🙂

  24. Thanks Nohm. Now for my next question, What is Nohm stand for? Have a great week.

  25. “Nohm” is short for “Nohm Sane”, which is supposed to be “Know What I’m Saying?” said really quickly.

    “Nohm” rhymes with “home”, and “Sane” rhymes with “gain”.

  26. Thanks to you both for explaining your nicknames. I usually go by Petemoss…..because my last name is Moss and Peat Moss is a fertilizer(leave me in a lump and I stink spread me out in a garden and stuff grows.)

  27. I need to do better at keeping track with what I do. All I can say at this point is that when I had the opportunity I shared Christ with a tract. Didn’t keep track of my tracts – but I gave alot of them out – over 100 🙂

    Thank you, Lord, for being patient with me.

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